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100th Regiment, New York Volunteers Veteran Association Records, 1894 - 1953, bulk 1911 - 1951

Includes minutes from annual reunions (1911-1951); general membership records and correspondence kept by the secretary; some materials related to veterans of 8th N.Y. Heavy Artillery Regiment; clippings related to the organization's activities; and official documents, including a muster roll (Co. B, 1865) and appointment of Edwin Nichols as Captain, 1864.

Absalom Bull papers, 1776 - 1881, bulk 1815 - 1857

Collection primarily consists of correspondence, legal documents and other papers. The second series chiefly pertains to Peter B. Porter, whom Bull represented.

A. Conger Goodyear Papers, 1683 - 1964, bulk 1885 - 1964

14.5 linear feet
Collection of Anson Conger Goodyear, a buffalo local business man, major general, and patron of the fine arts and collector; includes family correspondence, diary and scrap books, his speeches and writings, business papers, and military related correspondence.

Adam, Meldrum & Anderson Company Historical Files, 1867 - 1984

This collection was assembled in anticipation of the store’s 100th anniversary in 1967. It consists mainly of promotional materials, including newspaper inserts, merchandise catalogs, and advertisements. There are also several books and some sheet music published by the store; clippings, 1867-1981; a scrapbook documenting the downtown move, 1960; and some photographs of AM&A’s stores and employees.

Adeline Levine Love Canal Collection 1893-1995

54 boxes
Contains research, reports, papers, and articles, 1978-1990; newspaper clippings, 1978-1999, with index, 1978-1995; photographs and slides, 1978-1989; audio and video cassettes, 1978-1986; personal interviews and field notes, 1978-1987; correspondence and materials relating to environmental activists and organizations, including Lois Gibbs and the Citizen's Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes, Inc., 1978-1989, 1995.

Albert E. Minns, Jr. papers, 1910 - 1972, bulk 1938 - 1961

Records pertaining to Minns' military career in the Medical Service Corps, 1941-1961,including commissions, commendations, diplomas, Bronze Star citation, Second Oak Leaf Cluster citation, clippings and photographs. Also, deeds and mortgages, 1910-1912, pertaining to property at 151 High St. in Buffalo owned by Albert Minns, Sr.

Albert G. Preston papers, 1914 - 1965

Transcripts of hearings held in Mayor Louis P. Fuhrmann's office for Commission Charter, 1914; transcripts of committee meetings, draft speeches, memoranda, messages and other papers of Mayor Charles E. Roesch, 1930-1934; and papers of the New York State Commission for the Revision of the Tax laws, including transcripts of public hearings and executive sessions, 1930-1931.

Allentown Survey Sheets and Photos, 1970 - 1974

This collection contains survey sheets, data sheets, and some photos from the Landmark Society of the Niagara Frontier’s surveys of the Allentown area in 1970, and the New York State Division for Historic Preservation in 1974. A list of streets surveyed is included in the box and folder list.

American Red Cross Greater Buffalo Chapter Records, 1915 - 1995

These records contain most minutes, 1915-1971, of the Board of Directors and its Executive Board, including those from preceding organizations. Administrative materials and bequests files reflect various periods of the Greater Buffalo Chapter’s history. Between 1976 and 1979, the Greater Buffalo Chapter held a huge fund raising campaign to build a new Blood Center building, for which most of files were kept. The Red Cross is a supporter and beneficiary of the United Way, so there are files reflecting the relationship between these two organizations over the years. The rest of the materials were found in the defunct Public Relations office. The Public Relations department while in existence (mid 1970s - early 1990s) wrote press releases for the other departments within the Chapter, and therefore kept files, scrapbooks, clippings, and photographs on the staff, volunteers, events, fund raisers, disasters, training classes, service provided to military families, and other community involvement. Over the years, several people have tried to summarize the history of the Greater Buffalo Chapter of the Red Cross. These historical summaries are also held in this collection. Early Chapter by-laws had a section that listed the type of records that the Chapter should keep: board minutes, official correspondence, national directives, and emergency case files (which had a special confidentiality clause attached). however, this section of the by-laws disappeared during the early 1990s. Therefore, during a mass house cleaning effort, the official correspondence and the national directives were apparently discarded. Also, the American National Red Cross now requires the Chapter to shred all non-current emergency case files. Each series has its own box numbering scheme to allow for the addition of later accessions to this collection without the constant need to renumber.

Benedict and Smith Family papers, 1849 - 1929

General family correspondence, 1859-1929, mostly to A.L. Benedict; correspondence of A.L. Benedict as superintendent of the Division of Ethnology and Archaeology of the Pan-American Exposition, 1900-1902, as well as a map of the exposition grounds and notes on exhibits and concessions. Other papers of A.L. Benedict include writings on archaeology by Benedict and others, 1886-1909, medical and military certificates, and miscellaneous receipts and notes. Papers of N.G. and Gracia S. Benedict include estate papers, real estate records, and receipts for house construction, 1875-1912; estate papers of the Smith family, 1849- 1911, including papers of Lucy S., Sara M. and Kate M. Smith and others, and records of real estate in Buffalo and Clinton, N.Y. Also, notebooks of Charles W. Dobbins concerning archaeological and geological discoveries in Western New York, 1882-1886.

Bennett Riley papers, 1818 - 1888

Includes letters thanking Riley for his assistance to the Santa Fe Company, 1829; bounty land certificate issued to Riley for his father's service during the Revolutionary War, 1838; invitations to public dinners in Riley's honor; an offer of a bounty for males captured or killed at Riley's post in Florida, 1841; letters and resolutions regarding presentations of swords and other commemoratives to Riley for his gallantry, service, and good conduct; two letters written to his parents by Bennett I. Riley while in military service, 1853; cadet appointment of Edward B. D. Riley, 1853; a letter and poem sent to Mrs. Bennett Riley on her husband's death; a letter to Edward B. D. Riley regarding a cane made by Bennett Riley; and biographical information on Bennett Riley. Also, eight military commissions of Bennett Riley, signed by various presidents and secretaries of war, 1820-1851.

Birge Company Records, 1887 - 1980

Papers and records of the Birge Company, a Buffalo-based wallpaper company.

Boundary Commission, 1816 - 1828

Correspondence, invoices, records from the Boundary Commission between 1816 and 1828.

Brainard E. Prescott Collection, 1866 - 1935

Erie County Survey Commission for reorganization of county government (Kenefick Commission): hearing transcripts and allied material, 1933-1935; letters and broadsides by Gerrit Smith, 1866-1869; letters of Booker T. Washington from the Tuskegee Institute, Alabama, 1908-1911; and letters and papers, 1932-1933, about the life of Jonas Harrison.

Buffalo Baptist Association papers, 1836 - 1935

Collection includes histories of various Baptist Churches and prominent figures involved in the Baptist Church in the Western New York area.

Buffalo Chamber of Commerce Records, 1863 - 1951

Records of the Buffalo Board of Trade, 1863-1867 and 1880-1937, including membership lists and contracts; records of the Buffalo Merchants' Exchange, 1883-1910, including letters, notices and membership lists; records of the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, 1903-1951, including minutes, letters, and membership lists; and records of the Buffalo Manufacturers' Club, 1908-1912.

Buffalo Comptroller's Office Contracts and Accounts, 1851 - 1935, bulk 18631910

Includes city contracts, 1850-1915, for such work as dredging the Buffalo River, canal dredging, street lighting, and bridge construction; accounts and claims, 1863-1875, and powers of attorney and other documents, 1909-1910, concerning improving Elmwood Ave. and Morgan St.

Buffalo Corrugated Container Company-Fibre Factory Company Records, 1912 - 1947

Company records for the Buffalo Corrugated Container Company-Fibre Factory.

Buffalo Federation of Women’s Clubs Records, 1907 - 1996, bulk 1960 - 1996

Includes minutes, 1930-1996; committee reports, 1936-1996; convention files, 1907-1996; Federation Days files, 1938-1996; bulletins, 1944-1996; rosters, 1926/27-1993/94; photographs, undated and 1965-1992; scrapbooks, 1958-1980; and clippings, undated and 1924-1990. Also included in series I are materials of the Bicentennial Committee (1976), including a tape cassette of a program, correspondence with Congressman Jack Kemp, and a greeting from President Gerald R. Ford.

Buffalo Lumber Exchange Records, 1958, bulk 1880 - 1943

Minutes of the Buffalo Lumber Exchange, Jan. 1880-Jan. 1887, Mar. 1889-Feb. 1905, April 1907-Dec. 1924, Jan. 1930-May 1950, and Dec. 1952-Nov. 1956; correspondence, including meeting notices, receipts, and industry notices, 1904-1955; luncheon registers, 1921-1931; account books, 1880-1908, and 1935-1946; memorial fund register, 1927- 1928, and memorials, 1934-1942; papers concerning the Lumber Exchange’s participation in home shows, 1953-1958; a history of the Western New York lumber industry; and obituaries and other papers concerning H. Shumway Lee and Harrison B. Mixer, members of the Lumber Exchange, 1925 and 1952.

Buffalo Police Department general order books minutes and scapbooks, 1872 - 1959, bulk 1872 - 1948

General order books, 1872-1878, 1885-1892, 1902-1906; telegraph blotter, 1883-1884; board of police minutes, 1915-1916; and two scrapbooks, ca. 1934-1948.

Buffalo protest collection 1969-1972, 1969 - 1972

Collection of materials related to civil rights activism in the Buffalo area in the late '60s and early '70s.

Buffalo Public School 22 records, 1922 - 1979, bulk 1922 - 1962

Notebook of Mother's Club, 1922-1927; treasurer's notebook, minute books, and scrapbook of the Parent-Teachers Association, 1925-1941; inventory of Department of Industrial Arts, 1935-1948; minute books of Hospitality Club, 1949-1962; guest book pages, 1979; lists of Ketchum Medal winners, 1927-1947; and several reminiscences, ca. 1971.

Burwell-Glenny Family Papers, 1824 - 1955

Personal and professional papers from the Burwell-Glenny Family, who worked in Buffalo in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Butler Aviation Papers, 1918 - 1990, bulk 1940 - 1970

Technical papers, newspaper clippings, articles, photographs and correspondence from and about the Curtiss-Wright Corp. and its personnel. Includes materials on several Curtiss-Wright and Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Co. aircraft including the B-2 Bomber, the NC-4, the June Bug and the Curtiss Racers. The technical papers contain information on the forming of various metals into airplane parts, procedures on methods of welding and published procedural manuals from the Curtiss-Wright Corp. chiefly from 1940 to 1945. Other materials collected by A.G. Butler are patents awarded to him, and materials on aircraft, aviation museums, the Aero Club of Buffalo and the OX-5 Aviation Pioneers.

Butler Metcalfe Houses Collection, 1979 - 1999

Materials compiled during the restoration of the Butler mansion and Metcalfe house on North St. and Delaware Ave.

Carlos E. Cummings papers, 1867 - 1964

The collection includes correspondence, 1897-1961; school papers, 1867-1941, mostly from Carlos E. Cummings’ undergraduate years at Syracuse University, with diplomas of various Emmons and Cummings family members; invitations, programs, and other papers regarding lectures given by Cummings and others at the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences and elsewhere, 1900-1934; reviews of his book, East is East and West is West, 1941, and biographies from various publications, 1929-1951; travel diaries and other travel papers, 1908-1914; membership cards and papers from various clubs and associations, 1903-1934; certificates and citations, 1870-1964, mostly of Dr. Cummings, but also of his father, Lowell M. Cummings, his wife Gertrude Voss Cummings, and his daughter Virginia L. Cummings. Also, Western New York Preserving & Mfg. Co. stock certificates and transfer, 1881-1896; photographs, including two albums, one devoted to sailing, the other to the Pan-American Exposition exhibit In Darkest Africa, in which Dr. Cummings was involved, and clippings concerning his life and career, 1901-1964.

Central and Hutchinson-Central Alumni Association Records, 1882 - 1961

Lists of members of graduating classes of Central High School, 1861-1914, and of Hutchinson-Central High School, 1914-1954; lists of life members of the Central and Hutchinson-Central Alumni Association; a list of faculty members of Hutchinson-Central, 1914-1953, and of Frederick A. Vogt Memorial Scholarship recipients, 1925-1961. Includes some issues of the "Alumni News," 1933, 1939-1954, and a photograph, programs and clippings.

Charles D. Tuppen Erie County Stadium Papers, 1967 - 1989

The collection includes correspondence, reports, resolutions, contracts, notes, maps, cost estimates, and other financial data, architectural and engineering specifications, and speeches concerning plans for a domed stadium for Erie County, 1967- 1975; notes and printed materials about stadiums built in other U.S. cities; newspaper clippings; and records of Kenford Company et al. vs. the County of Erie, a suit in State Supreme Court regarding breach of the county’s stadium contract, 1971-1989.

Charles M. Olmsted family papers, 1839 - 1940, bulk 1904 - 1940

Personal and business correspondence of Charles M. Olmsted, 1909- 1940, including letters from his children and correspondence of C.M.O. Physical Laboratory, Inc. and the W.P.A. Federal Writers' Project; diary, [1934?]; sketches and blueprints for aerodynamic and solar research, ca. 1921-1935; papers from the record book of the University of Buffalo Physical Science Club, 1923-1929; and bills, receipts, checkbooks, tax records, insurance policies, leases of property owned by Charles Olmsted, and city court papers. Also, correspondence of Mrs. Charles M. Olmsted (Elizabeth Hamlin Macniel), mostly from her children; and ca. 13 letters of the Hamlin and Macniel families, 1839-1881, including letters to D.R. Hamlin.

Civil War Collection, 1840 - 1929, bulk 1861 - 1865

5 boxes
Contains civil war period documents and materials reflective of the Western New York area.

Darwin D. Martin Papers and Larkin Company Inc. Records 1857-1960

2.5 linear feet
The records of Darwin D. Martin Papers and Larkin Company Inc. consist of Martin's personal papers and the company's activities between 1892 and 1960.

Duane Lyman and Associates, Architects, Records 1923-1975, 1952 - 1963

3 boxes
Chiefly reflects the schools and other public buildings, office buildings, and church structures which were designed by Duane Lyman for clients in Buffalo and Western New York State.

Herbert A. Appleton Collection, 1935 - 1962

Collection includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, awards and certificates and other miscellaneous materials of H. A. Appleton.

James, Meadows and Howard, Records: Airport Renovation and County Stadium Projects, 1963 - 1978

5 boxes
Correspondence, specifications, notes, contracts and architectural plans for the renovation of the East Terminal building of the Greater Buffalo International Airport and for the construction of Erie County Stadium (Rich Stadium) in Orchard Park, N.Y.

James, Meadows & Howard Records, 1893 - 1974, bulk 1951 - 1971

135 boxes
The records of the architectural firm of James, Meadows & Howard represents the accumulated archives of a firm dating back ninety years.

Marian De Forest Papers, 1910 - 1961, bulk 1910 - 1935

2 boxes
De Forrest's drama-related personal papers.

Maris B. Pierce papers, 1787 - 1884, bulk 1833 - 1874

1.0 linear foot

Correspondence with government officials, census officials, Indians, Quakers, friends and relatives, 1834-1874; sermons, speeches and other writings; copies of New York State and federal laws and bills concerning Indians, 1850-1874; and papers concerning the Seneca Nation, including Council minutes, 1833-1865, treaties and agreements, 1787-1844, financial reports, letters, and mss. written by whites about the Senecas, 1807-1874. Subjects include Indian emigration, timber sales, schools, self-government and relations with the Ebenezers, Quakers and the Ogden Land Company.

Niagara County Records, 1808-1830, bulk 1808 - 1820

4 boxes
The Niagara County Records represent the accumulated archives between 1808-1830.

Pan-American Exposition Company Records, 1899 - 1908, bulk 1899 - 1902

5 boxes
The records of Pan-American Exposition Company consist primary of the company's activities between 1899 and 1908.

Richard Z. Goehle Personal Papers and Esenwein & Johnson Records, 1852 - 1942, bulk 1882 - 1942

17 boxes
The records of personal papers of Richard Z. Goehle and family between 1852-1966, and the architectural firm of Esenwein & Johnson represents the accumulated archives of the firm between 1891 and 1966.

Roberts-Sidway-Spaulding Papers, 1850 - 1936

4 boxes
Personal papers and correspondence of James A. Roberts, Franklin and Frank S. Sidway, and E.G. Spaulding.

Talbert Family Papers, 1872 - 1938

2 boxes
The records of personal papers of Anna Maria Talbert and family between 1881 and 1938, and legal documents of the inheritance issues between 1872 and 1927.

William Clement Bryant Papers, 1778 - 1898

Personal and professional papers of William Clement Bryan, an attorney who came to work in Buffalo in 1854.

William J. Donovan Papers, 1913 - 1920

3 boxes
The correspondence and printed material relating to Captain (later Colonel) William J. Donovan's military service, his legal career in Buffalo with O' Brian, Hamlin, Donovan & Goodyear, and his involvement with the American Legion and Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Association.

Works Progress Administration Historical Records Survey, 1936 - 1942, bulk 1936 - 1937

37 manuscript boxes
Survey forms, field notes, bulletins and correspondence for a survey of state and local historical records (government and church records, manuscripts, maps and photographs) conducted initially by the State Historical Society but after 1935 by the Works Progress Administration.