Participation Fees

In an effort to allow archival repositories in libraries, museums, and free standing or non-academic archives to participate equitably, there are five tiers (very large, large, medium, small, and very small) in the fee schedule for EmpireADC. Once the tier is determined, there are two fees associated with participating: a one-time setup fee, paid the year joined, and an annual fee. The fees collected are used to help offset the costs associated with developing, supporting, and managing this site. 

Organizational Tier

An organization's tier is determined by the following: 

Empire ADC Tier
Academic Libraries by Materials Budget
Public Libraries by Service Population
School Libraries by # of Students in the District
Museums, Cultural Heritage Organizations, or free standing archives by *FTE Staff
Tier 1 Very Large
Tier 2 Large
100k- 499k
Tier 3 Medium
25k - 99k
Tier 4 Small
10k - 24k
300 - 499
Tier 5 Very Small
Any single building or district <300

*The FTE staff thresholds apply to the organization as a whole, not only the archives. For non-cultural heritage institutions (for example, the department of records and archives within a local government or the library of an orchestra), however, these levels apply to the part of the institution responsible for the cultural heritage mission. The intent is to reflect institutional capacity for information management and cultural heritage, not just archive capacity.

Set-up Fee

A one-time set-up cost paid by the institution.

Empire ADC Membership Level
Set-up Fee
Tier 1 – Very Large
Tier 2 – Large
Tier 3 – Medium
Tier 4 – Small
Tier 5 - Very Small


Annual Fee

An annual fee paid by the institution. Tier 5 organizations have their fee underwritten by the larger members.
ESLN member institutions receive a 20% discount.

Empire ADC Membership Level
Annual Fee
20% ESLN Member Discount
Tier 1 - Very large
Tier 2 – Large
Tier 3 – Medium
Tier 4 – Small
Tier 5 - Very Small
$0 ($50 value)
$0 ($40 value)


Invoices will come from the Empire State Library Network or your regional library council.
Your repository needs to pay the annual fee, otherwise we will remove your finding aids.