Canisius College, Rev. J. Clayton Murray, S.J. Archives & Special Collections

Canisius College, Rev. J. Clayton Murray, S.J. Archives & Special Collections

Andrew L. Bouwhuis, S.J. Library
2001 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14208, United States
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The Rev. J. Clayton Murray, S.J. Archives serves as the institutional memory of Canisius College, founded in 1870 by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in Buffalo, NY. Archives identify, acquire and maintain historic records that chronicle the development of the College, and ensure an accurate, well- maintained record of decisions that impact its history. Special Collections contain unique and rare items including books, manuscripts and collections related to the history of Canisius, Jesuits and local and regional history of western New York. Additions to the collection relate to the disciplines or special interests of the College, and local organizations with similar interests.

Recently added Collections

Mss. 4.0: The Collection of Rev. Ludwig Bonvin, S.J., 1860 - 1939

Rev. Ludwig Bonvin (1850-1939) was a Swiss-born Jesuit composer, musician, scholar and teacher. His talents were an important contribution to Canisius College, the Roman Catholic Church worldwide, and musical performances internationally and especially, in Buffalo, NY. His extensive scholarship in the areas of Gregorian chant, hymnology, and mixed-choral performance made him an international authority in both liturgical and secular music.

Kyd "Pickwick" Water Colors, ca. 1912

Eminent 19th century water colorist, J.Clayton Clarke ("Kyd") was commissioned in 1912 to create a series of watercolors to celebrate the centenary (100th Anniversary) of the birth of British author, Charles Dickens. These watercolors were found in the Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library, ca. 1978.