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Unbearables papers, 1985-2019

The Unbearables Papers includes both personal correspondence and public media relating to the New York City-based group. The collection contains advertisements and materials for shows, galleries, and readings involving The Unbearables as well as their individual members, from the mid-1980s to early 2019. There are also various reviews and articles on the work of members, ranging from underground magazines to the American Book Review and The New York Times. The correspondence contains emails between members that discuss poetry and publication endeavors.

Collection ID: D.374

Treasurer: Construction Expense Records, 1928-1929

Expense accounts for construction of the new buildings on the River Campus. Also accounts for work at the Prince Street Campus and Strong Memorial Hospital.

Collection ID: UA315
Collection ID: MAG Miscellaneous files

Office of Planning and Institutional Studies: Floor Plans, Architectural Renderings, etc., 1920s-1940s

Includes copies of architectural renderings for River Campus buildings, floor plans and statistics for River Campus and Prince Street Campus buildings, and an "Analysis of Functions of Building and Grounds Department" personnel.

Collection ID: UA255

University of Rochester Press Papers, 1952-1968

Correspondence, reports, etc. of the first University of Rochester Press, which existed from 1953-1968.

Collection ID: UA342
Collection ID: MAG Education files

Lyman Chandler family papers, 1825-1905

The Lyman Chandler Family Papers contain approximately 150 letters, 1825-1895, and manuscript essays, financial material, teachers' certificates, and legal documents.

Collection ID: D.64

Hope Reports Collection

The Hope Reports Collection documents the film and audiovisual industry from the 1970s-1990s. Notable companies represented in the collection include Eastman Kodak Company, Fuji, and Polaroid. The collection includes product release information, quarterly reports, and information about industry standards.

Collection ID: D.480

Metzdorf Victoriana Collection, undated

The Collection consists of correspondence written by Victoria and members of her family and circle; documents and warrants signed by the Queen and her ministers; printed ephemera, including those related to coronations and funerals, menus, programs, souvenir booklets, broadsides and sheet music; portraits; coins and medals, journals, sketch books, photograph albums and textiles.

Collection ID: D.62

Rochester Prize Scholarships, 1940-1942, 1940-1942

Material related to Rochester Prize Scholarships for the year 1941-1942. Includes letters of inquiry about the scholarships, application forms of successful candidates who latter withdrew and unsuccessful candidates, and related correspondence.

Collection ID: UA278