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The Center for Jewish History serves as a collaborative home for the American Jewish Historical Society, American Sephardi Federation, Leo Baeck Institute, Yeshiva University Museum, and YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. The archival collections held at the Center for Jewish History constitute the world's most comprehensive documentation of the modern Jewish experience outside of Israel, with more than five linear miles of papers, publications, recordings, films, and photographs, and over 60 terabytes of digital assets.

Collection Sampling

Elizabeth Strauss Plaut Collection, 1738-2006, bulk bulk 1973-1999

This collection contains the genealogical research of Elizabeth Strauss Plaut. Papers to be found here include extensive correspondence, family trees, and research notes on the genealogy of the Plaut and Strauss families.
Collection ID: AR 25309

Susanne Schall Collection, undated, 1913-1971

Susanne Schall née Oliven (1916-1999) was the daughter of librettist Fritz Oliven (“Ridemaus”). She left Berlin, Germany with her family in 1939 for Porto Alegre, Brazil and later immigrated to the United States. This collection consists of the personal papers of the Oliven, Schall, and Meyer families. Personal correspondence makes up the bulk of the collection. Other materials include biographical and autobiographical writings, wedding invitations and poems, obituaries, genealogical tables, notes, a few balance sheets, and a drawing.
Collection ID: AR 11055

Papers of Simon Dubnow (1860-1941), 1589-1938, 1961, bulk bulk 1700-1900

This collection consists of materials of Simon Dubnow, a historian, political thinker, educator, collector of historical and ethnographic documents in Russia and Poland, writer, and an activist. These materials include community registers (pinkasim) and other communal documents, historical documents relating to restrictions and privileges issued by governments to Jewish populations, blood libel trials and the Chmielnicki massacres of 1648-1649, documents from the Russian Justice Ministry and Senate, materials on pogroms in the Russian empire, and Dubnow’s family and general correspondence. The collection demonstrates Dubnow’s importance in helping to establish the idea of Jewish ethnographic history.
Collection ID: RG 87

Julie Braun-Vogelstein Collection, 1743-1971

This collection contains correspondence and other materials related to the Braun-Vogelstein family.
Collection ID: AR 25034 / MF 473

Ernst Kantorowicz Collection, 1908-1982

Correspondence on various topics, including emigration to the United States and Cuba; relocation in academic jobs; denazification and conditions in Germany after the war; and Kantorowicz's scholarship. In addition to family members, correspondents include Ernst Curtius, Ludwig Edelstein, Bernhard Flexner, Felix Frankfurter, Sidney Hook, Robert Maynard Hutchins, Ernst Kitzinger, Theodor Ernst Mommsen, John Ulric Nef, Kurt Riezler, Hans Rothfels, Fritz Saxl, Percy Ernst Schramm, Edward Sproul, Gerd Tellenbach, Paul Tillich, Edward Tolman, Helen Waddell, Earl Warren, and Stanley Weigert.Unpublished manuscripts, and offprints of articles and reviews by Kantorowicz, largely on medieval cultural history; a brief biography of him by Ralph Giesey.Manuscripts, correspondence, legal briefs, clippings, and other material on the loyalty-oath controversy; material on Kantorowicz's tenure at the University of Frankfurt, and on his dismissal.Manuscripts, correspondence, and other papers of family members; an art history essay by Gertrude Kantorowicz and a pamphlet of poetry from Theresienstadt; genealogies; and a manuscript on Simon Kaliphari of Posen; manuscript by Kaete Ledermann, A Memorial of Angi ("Esther") Kantorowicz, c. 1904-1944, 1954, including transcript compiled by Guenther Roth.Photos of Kantorowicz and of family members.Papers of Richard Kandt (1867-1918), an African explorer and, from 1908-1914, administrator of Ruanda: poems, letters, maps, and obituaries.Addenda: Original lectures by Kantorowicz. Photocopies for reader service.The following individuals and families are mentioned in this collection: Curtius, Ernst R.; Edelstein, Ludwig; Flexner, Bernhard; Frankfurter, Felix; Giesey, Ralph; Hook, Sidney; Hutchins, Robert Maynard; Kaliphari family; Kaliphari, Simon; Kandt, Richard; Kandt, Richard; Kantorowicz, Angela (Angi, Esther); Kantorowicz, Gertrude; Kitzinger, Ernst; Ledermann, Kaete; Lieeschuetz, Hans; Mommsen, Theodor; Nef, John Ulric; Riezler, Kurt; Rothfels, Hans; Saxl, Fritz; Schramm, Percy Ernst; Sproul, Edward; Tellenbach, Gerd; Tillich, Paul; Tolman, Edward; Waddell, Helen; Warren, Earl; Weigert, Stanley.
Collection ID: AR 7216 / MF 561

Stefan Zweig autographs collection, 1915-1942

The collection consists mainly of correspondence from the famous Austrian writer Stefan Zweig with various friends and acquaintances, acquired by the Leo Back Institute in New York through donations and auctions. Also included are copies and a few printed materials.
Collection ID: AR 834