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Russian History Museum

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The archival collection, measuring 450 linear feet, contain documents dealing with the history of the Russian emigration as well as materials from Imperial Russia. These include papers relating to the activities of political, military, and social organizations; the correspondence of various prominent Russian intellectuals; the correspondence of notable leaders of the Orthodox Church; and several collections containing photographic material that documents life in pre-revolutionary Russia and the Russian diaspora.

Recently added Collections

The Sviatoslav Varlaamovich Denisov Papers, 1900 - 1966

These papers contain the correspondence and writings of Sviatoslav V. Denisov, Major General of the Don Cossack Army and participant in the Don Cossack uprising of 1918. In emigration, Denisov was president of the Cossack Union in the United States, and an active member of various Cossack organizations, especially the All-Cossack Union.

The Agnes M. Diterichs Papers, 1919 - 1922

These papers contain the detailed investigative report of the assassination of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, and his family. The report was prepared by Nikolai Alekseevich Sokolov, and includes the typescript of “Dielo ob ubiestvie tsarskoi sem’i v Ekaterinburgie,” and related documents, including correspondence, illustrations, and minutes.

The Elena Iur’evna Iavorskaia Papers, 1882 - 1970

These papers contain the family files of Elena Iur’evna Iavorskaia, a Russian émigré, who lived in Switzerland after the Russian revolution, and include educational documents, genealogical files, and various certificates.

The Reverend Stefan Liashevskii Papers, 1935 - 1982

This collection contains the correspondence and writings of Stefan Liashevskii, an geologist in the Soviet Union, an archpriest in the Russian Orthodox Church, a biblical scholar, and historian.

The Petr Nikolaevich Krasnov Papers, 1884 - 1969

This collection reflects the literary activities of General Petr Nikolaevich Krasnov, and contain his correspondence and writings.

The Ivan Alekseevich Poliakov Papers, 1942 - 1969

These papers contain the correspondence, and writings of Ivan Alekseevich Poliakov, participant in the Don Cossack uprising of 1918, and ataman of the Don Cossacks in emigration since 1947.

The Vladimir Konkordovich Abdank-Kossovskii Papers, 1916 - 1961

This collection consists of materials collected by Vladimir Konkordovich Abdank-Kossovskii for an exhibit titled "Zarubezhnaia Rus,'" which displayed the life of the Russian emigre community from 1916 to 1961.

The Natal'ia Apollinarievna Logunova Papers, 1943 - 1978

This collection contains the correspondence and writings of Natal'ia Apollinarievna Logunova, a writer in the White Russian diaspora.

The Bishop Daniel Alexandrow (Aleksandrov) Papers, 1647 - 2003

This collection consists of materials collected by Bishop Daniel Alexandrow, born Dmitrii Borisovich Aleksandrov, and pertain to his life, his career as the leader of the Old Believer Communities within the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, and his interests in iconography, art, architecture, literature, and languages.

The Vladimir Sergeevich Khitrovo Papers, 1910 - 1967

These papers contain the correspondence and writings of Vladimir Sergeevich Khitrovo, a graduate of the Pazheskii korpus and participant of World War I and member of the White Army