Historic Geneva

Historic Geneva

Geneva History Museum
543 South Main Street
Geneva, NY 14456, United States
The Archives consists of the two-dimensional paper portion of our collection. We have 1,300 cubic feet of archives material, which includes 50,000 images. Geneva’s stories are captured in letters, diaries, ledgers and minute books, and photographs. Inventory of our material is ongoing, please contact us or visit our website for further information.

Recently added Collections

SA Gilbert Jewelers, 1932-2012

This collection contains material from the jewelry business of SA Gilbert and his family who continued on the legacy.
Collection ID: 2012.0021

WF Humphrey Press Collection, 1885-1984

This collection consists of publications both about and by the WFHP, including a newsletter, as well as various other publications from around the Finger Lakes area. Also included are a few photos, articles, and a scrapbook compiled by J. Andrew Foster.

Collection ID: 2007.0017; 2003.0060

JW Smith Dry Goods Collection, 1852-1974, 1994-2000

This collection encompasses material related to the JW Smith Dry Goods Company which was in business from 1852 through 1976, the longest running department store of its time.

EE Miller, Flour and Feed Store, 1924-1936, 2008

This collection represents the flour and feed store of EE Miller, and later the hardware store continued on by his descendants.
Collection ID: 2005.0029

Indian Splint Manufacturing Co., 1909-1911, 1984-1995

This collection contains correspondence, patent records, articles, photos, and catalog (both original and reproduction) collected by the Geneva Historical Society.

Chase Family, 1890 through early 1900s

This collection consists of a single photo album created by a member of the Chase family.

The National Bank of Geneva Collection, 1817-2005

This collection consists of currency, photos, slides, newspaper articles, and ephemera produced by the bank from 1817 to 2005. Additionally, the collection includes original Norman Kent drawings; Kent was commissioned by the bank in the 1940s to produce a number of woodcuts to be used in calendars published by the bank. The drawings are currently housed with the Norman Kent Papers.

Collection ID: 2006.0010, 2006.0051

Patent Cereals Collection, 1880s-1970s

This collection of papers covers the history of Patent Cereals who produced brewery products, wallpaper paste, and food products as well as the Rex line in Geneva.

TC Maxwell & Brothers Nursery, 1848-1907

This collection represents a wide variety of the business and personal interests of Thompson C Maxwell and his brothers Joshua and Henry who were in the nursery business from 1848 until their deaths. It includes correspondence, photos, stock certificates, and many deeds related to their land purchases across the country.
Collection ID: Coll. No. 99

Geneva Optical Company Collection, 1873-1974

This collection includes material related to the Geneva Optical Company, Standard Optical Company, and Shuron Optical as the companies evolved from the AL Smith & Co Spectacle Manufacturers.
Collection ID: Collection Number 92