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The Research Library supplements the diverse and world-renowned collections at Fenimore Art Museum and The Farmers Museum. Our broad focus includes New York State with an emphasis on Otsego and nearby counties, American, and Native American history, art, and material culture. The Library Special Collections include rare books, manuscripts and archival collections, trade catalogs, pamphlets, broadsides, and ephemera.

Collection Sampling

Stuyvesant Fish Papers, 1828-1949-

This collection contains primarily business, as well as personal, papers of Stuyvesant Fish and his son, Stuyvesant Fish Jr. It includes 30 letterbooks from father and son, 1903-1944, which contain name indexes and subject indexes (after 1923). The Stuyvesant Fish letterbooks contain business and personal letters sent, including a substantial amount of discussion of political, historical, business, and cultural issues with various people in government, industry, and other occupations. The Fish, Jr. letterbooks focus more on the day-to-day running of the Nochpeem Corporation, a real estate and financial company, and his other business interests. Charles H. Wenman, secretary and treasurer of the Nochpeem Corporation, wrote a substantial number of the letters in the Fish, Jr. letterbooks. Additionally, there is an abundant amount of correspondence (8 folders) discussing the construction, furnishing, and maintenance of Stuyvesant Fish's mansion at 25 East 78th Street in New York City, 1896-1903; along with correspondence connected to Stuyvesant Fish, Jr.'s book, 1600-1914. The collection also contains 5 volumes of household expenses of Stuyvesant Fish and son; Nochpeem Corporation records, particularly receipts, invoices, and rents collected from 19-20 Gramercy Park in New York City by H.W. Fenniman Real Estate; records from the Stuyvesant Fish [Jr.] et. al. vs. Demotte, Inc. et. al. court case involving the 25 East 78th St. property; genealogy of the Fish, Anthon, and related families; Fish Land Corporation records; Fish family photographs, including an album from Stuyvesant Fish's trip(s) to Europe and North Africa in the early 20th century; and Hamilton Fish estate papers, along with his diary notes on "conduct" in Congress.
Collection ID:

Roger Butterfield Print Collection, 1722-1990-

This collection consists of illustrations of American topics, mainly prints from various sources. It contains individually printed pieces and prints taken from books and magazines. Other illustrations include newspaper and magazine clippings, transparencies of works of art and other printed materials, advertisements, and photographs.
Collection ID: Coll. No. 444

Abraham Lincoln Autopsy Notes Collection, 1864-1865-

Scope and content: Examination notes taken by Dr. Robert King Stone, family physician of President Abraham Lincoln, after Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth on April 14, 1865. Includes autopsy notes of J.J. (Joseph Janvier) Woodward, another physician who examined Lincoln. Additionally, there is an 1864 sheet containing autographs of Lincoln and his cabinet (William H. Seward, Salmon Chase, Edwin M. Stanton, Gideon Welles, J.P. Usher, M. Blair, and Edward Bates).
Collection ID: Coll. No. 041

Legal instruments of the Niles and Taber families, 1791-1970, bulk 19th century

Contains assorted legal instruments pertaining to the Niles and Taber families Otsego County, NY and others: Allen, Bull, Comstock, Gile, Mack, Miller, Latimer, Lyon, Heaton, Sleeper, Reed, Tickner Thayer, Thomas, and Smith.

Collection ID: Coll. No. 472

Mary L. Austin Photographic Slide Collection

This collection of 654 color photographic slides taken between 1973-1976 documents the vernacular architecture of rural and small town central New York State.
Collection ID: Coll. No. 465

James Byard, Jr. Papers, 1832-1939

Scrapbooks (7) of newspaper clippings relating to Byard's career. Two of them contain clippings of the Eva Coo murder case, 1934. In addition there are family papers, 1832-1870, mainly deeds and legal papers.

Collection ID: Coll. No. 5

Van Cleaf Bachman Papers, 1890-1977, bulk 1965-1977

This collection is the by-product of Van Cleaf Bachman's research into the Low Dutch language -- which he describes as a form of Holland Dutch spoken in parts of New York State and New Jersey by the early nineteenth century -- and the preparation of a Low Dutch dictionary.

Collection ID: Coll. No. 2

Maria Campbell Smith correspondence, 1882-1907, bulk 1882-1884

Contains letters from Maria Campbell Smith written to her son, Charles Evelyn Smith, while she lived in Europe, New York State, and Washington, DC. Letters discuss health, activities, marriages, and deaths of family members and friends, and social activities and gossip of the place she happens to be staying. She also comments on Charles’ attempts at business, his love affair, and his marriage to “Sue” and their eventual troubles. But the most consistent topic throughout is Charles’ gross mis-management of the money she has entrusted to him, her desperate need for him to send her money to live on, and real estate dealings he is supposed to be managing for her. Despite these difficulties, her letters are always addressed, “My dear Charley.”

Collection ID: Coll. No. 467

William Martin Beauchamp collection, 1847-1908, bulk 1847-1889

This collection contains the drawings, paintings, sketches, and woodcut prints of William M. Beauchamp included in bound volumes (sketchbooks and scrapbooks) and on loose sheets. Taking landscapes with water features as his primary subject, Beauchamp captured New York State’s lakes (especially Skaneateles Lake and environs), waterways, countryside, mountains, and small towns with graphic detail.

Collection ID: Coll. No. 462

American Canoe Association Collection, 1879-2009, bulk 1879-1966

The American Canoe Association Collection consists mostly of photographs, scrapbooks, and printed materials, which span the years 1879 to 2009 (bulk 1879-1966). Most of these materials relate to the early years of the ACA and document the annual meets and camps.

Collection ID: Coll. No. 1