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Center for Inquiry Libraries

3965 Rensch Road
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Amherst, NY 14228, United States
The Archives at the Center for Inquiry Libraries (CFI Libraries) contain materials that relate to scientific skepticism. The business papers of the Center for Inquiry, the Council for Secular Humanism, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, and the Richard Dawkins Foundation reside in our Amherst, NY offices. Additionally, historical papers from such luminaries as Thornton Page, Patrick Romanell, Martin Gardner, and Martin Orne are part of these archives. A collection of materials relating to the “Memory Wars” of the late 20th Century are part of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation Archives, and the collection of materials from Mark Pendergrast.

Recently added Collections

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation Collection, 1992 -present

This collection was accumulated over the course of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation’s existence, 1992 – 2017. It is broken into three series: FMSF Records, Correspondence, and Family Surveys.

The Martin T. Orne Collection, 1954 - 2000

This collection was accumulated during the course of Dr. Martin Orne’s career as a professor, consultant, therapist and researcher. It includes five series: correspondence, business records, legal files, Anne Sexton materials, and False Memory Syndrome Foundation.