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The Archives (60,000 documents) comprise manuscripts, ephemera, documents, prints, and maps.

Recently added Collections

Martha Matilda Harper papers, 1888 - 1968, bulk 1920 - 1960

This collection consists of the records of Rochester, New York based beauty pioneer and entrepreneur, Martha Matilda Harper. The materials are dated between 1888 and 1968, with the bulk of the materials between 1920 and 1960. The materials consist of photographs, Harper Method Progress newsletters, publications, newspaper articles, moving images, shop directories, training publications, and advertisements.

Nydia Padilla-Rodriguez and John Rodriguez Family Collection, 1953 - 2006, bulk 1980 - 2006

This is the collection of Nydia Padilla-Rodriguez and John Rodriguez’s personal papers. They were activists and entrepreneurs in the Rochester, New York Latinx community. The bulk of the collection consists of the records of the Borinquen Dance Company and Padilla-Rodriguez’s master’s thesis. The collection dates from 1953 to 2006, with a bulk of the materials between 1980 to 2006. There are photographs, broadsides, brochures, posters, correspondence and newspaper clippings from the election campaign of Nancy Padilla and papers from the Hispanic Democratic Committee.

Howard W. Coles Collection, 1839 - 1996

This collection consists of the personal papers of Rochester, New York based, African American community activist, Howard W. Coles. The materials date between 1836 and 1996. The papers are comprised of newspapers, correspondence, photographs, manuscripts, records, and recorded broadcasts.

Anne Weaver Teabeau and Roland B. Scott Jr. Collection on Frederick Douglass, 1847 - 2014, bulk 1863 - 1898

This collection consists of the papers of the Frederick Douglass family collected by Anne Weaver Teabeau and Roland B. Scott Jr., descendants of Frederick Douglass. The materials date from 1847 to 2014; the bulk of materials are dated between 1863 to 1898. The collection consists of photographs, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, event programs, film, correspondence, and a scrapbook.

Sue Costa papers, 1968 - 2006, bulk 1980 - 2002

Community activist Sue Costa's papers document her work in the Hispanic/Latino affairs and in human and health services in Rochester and Monroe County, New York. The collection also contains records from numerous Rochester area human service and Hispanic/Latino organizations and agencies which she was involved and documents her avid interest in and research on the demographics of the Hispanic community from 1970 to 2007.

Thomas Wilson Boyde Jr. papers, 1901 - 1993

The collection consists of the papers of Thomas W. Boyde Jr., a Rochester, New York based architect. The materials span several decades with gaps in between, from 1901, 1928 to 1970, and 1993. The papers consists of newspaper clippings, architectural drawings, photographs, one copper profile, magazines, greeting cards, code book for architectural Barriers Legislation, object list for Thomas Boyde Jr. exhibit, awards, and Dodge reports.

Pilgrim and Patricia Black Family Collection, 1850 - 2015, bulk 1935 - 1975

This collection consists of the papers of the Black family, an agricultural laborer family from Sanford, Florida. The materials date between 1850 and 2015, with a bulk of the materials between 1935 and 1975. The collection is comprised of correspondence, tax returns, receipts, personal documents, photographs, newspaper articles, audio-visual materials, and 3-D objects.

Susan B. Anthony papers, 1837 - 1998, bulk 1890 - 1945

This collection consists of papers about Susan B. Anthony, the Rochester, New York based women’s rights activist. The materials date between 1837 and 1998, with a bulk of the materials dated between 1890 and 1945. The materials are comprised of photographs, correspondence, newspaper articles, pamphlets, scrapbooks, and ephemera.