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The Rockefeller Archive Center is a repository of historical materials and a research center dedicated to the study of philanthropy and the many domains touched by American foundations, individual donors, and the civil society organizations they support. It was established in 1974 initially to gather, preserve, and make accessible the records of the Rockefeller family and their far-reaching philanthropic endeavors, such as the Rockefeller Foundation, and Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The Archive Center today holds the archives of major foundations, cultural organizations, research institutions, and many individuals associated with these organizations.

Collection Sampling

Nelson A. Rockefeller personal papers, Politics - Oscar M. Ruebhausen, Series J.3, 1967-1970

This series contains a portion of the files of Oscar M. Ruebhausen. They were created primarily during Ruebhausen's service as head of DNA, a research organization for Nelson Rockefeller founded by Roswell Perkins that Ruebhausen headed during Governor Rockefeller's run for the Republican presidential nomination in 1968. Some of the materials also cover Rockefeller's gubernatorial reelection campaign in 1970. The majority of these documents may also be found in other Nelson Rockefeller-related series, specifically within Series G: DNA of Rockefeller's personal papers Series 17: Issue Books of Rockefeller's Gubernatorial records.

Collection ID: FA347

Ford Foundation records, Education and Culture Program, Office Files of Linn F.C. Cary, 1962-1985

Files span Cary's career at Ford and the variety of roles and activities.

Collection ID: FA533

Nelson A. Rockefeller gubernatorial records, Counsel's Office, Series 10, 1958-1966

The primary responsibility of Counsel to the Governor was to translate the Governor's programs into law. The counsel's staff ensured that bills were correctly drafted, and helped to stop bills that were antithetical to the Governor's programs from being enacted. Bills in the Governor's annual legislative program were drafted by the Counsel's Office to ensure that they reflected the Governor's views. Drafting work was divided among assistant counsels, roughly according to subject matter. The Counsel's staff also reviewed bills drafted by other agencies. Governor Rockefeller was not directly involved in this work, concentrating instead on broad policy matters. During Governor Rockefeller's administrations, the Counsel was one of three people, along with the Secretary to the Governor and the Budget Director, on whom he relied most heavily for administration and program development.

Collection ID: FA358

Russell Sage Foundation records, 1879-2002, bulk 1907-2000, bulk 1907-2000

The Russell Sage Foundation records consist of correspondence, office files, reports, grant proposals, publications, photographs, and some digital media materials documenting the Foundation's activities during the years 1879-2002, with the bulk of the material from 1907-2000.

Collection ID: FA015

William E. Davis photographs, Series 1068, 1956-1982

The William E. Davis photographs include portraits, candids and informal images of Winthrop Rockefeller and his immediate family, as well as Winthrop Paul Rockefeller and his immediate family. There is a small selection of images of conferences attended by Winthrop Rockefeller. The collection also contains extensive images of Winrock Farms including buildings, crops, employeees, parties, and cattle sales and receptions.

Collection ID: FA463

Commonwealth Fund records, International Program in Health Care Policy, (IHP), SG 3, Series 14, 1925-2006

This series documents the administration of the International Program in Health Care Policy (IHP) including records documenting symposiums, conferences and workshops, program planning, correspondence and reports and chronological files, as well as records of the associated fellowship programs including the Harkness Fellowships, Atlantic Fellowships and Ian Axford (New Zealand) Fellowships. The bulk of the material represented in this series spans the 1990s through the early 2000s.

Collection ID: FA1475

John Lesh Jacobs papers, Accession 2014:025

Primarily contains reprints, articles and biographical material.

Collection ID: FA1273

Stacy May papers, 1919-1972, bulk 1940-1965

This collection documents Stacy May's career as an economist and more particularly, as an economic consultant and advisor to the Rockefeller family. It includes personal letters, correspondence, papers, speeches, reports, bound reports, and publications.

Collection ID: FA442

Ford Foundation records, Overseas Development, South and Southeast Asia (SSEA), Office Files of George Gant, 1962-1967

The Office Files of George Gant were transferred to the Archives in 1978 with other material from the International Division/Asia and Pacific. The papers were originally described as "conference files." The correspondence, agendas, working papers and reports were actually generated in connection with various seminars, meetings and study groups that Mr. Gant either attended or helped to organize. These files may not represent all the seminars/meetings that Mr. Gant participated in between 1962 and 1967 but only those retained in his office files. Researchers should be aware that there is additional Gant material in the Archives. There is approximately 50' of field office records from Bangkok, Thailand. These field office records include files that were created and maintained by Mr. Gant but continued by his successors and interfiled with their papers. This material was sent to the Archives when the Bangkok office closed in 1981.
Collection ID: FA723