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The Rockefeller Archive Center is a repository of historical materials and a research center dedicated to the study of philanthropy and the many domains touched by American foundations, individual donors, and the civil society organizations they support. It was established in 1974 initially to gather, preserve, and make accessible the records of the Rockefeller family and their far-reaching philanthropic endeavors, such as the Rockefeller Foundation, and Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The Archive Center today holds the archives of major foundations, cultural organizations, research institutions, and many individuals associated with these organizations.

Collection Sampling

Robert H. Kokernot papers, 1955-1975

Films documenting Robert H. Kokernot's scientific work in Africa for the Rockefeller Foundation.

Collection ID: FA1407

Commonwealth Fund records, Accession 2003:033, SG 2

Contains publications, grant records, documentation of surveys and symposia, as well as materials pertaining to Harkness Fellowships.

Collection ID: FA777

Ford Foundation records, International Division, Office Files of Robert H. Edwards, 1968-1977

Robert H. (Hazard) Edwards joined the Ford Foundation as a program officer for the International Division in 1965. In 1968, Mr. Edwards served as the Foundation's Representative in Pakistan. He later transferred to the Middle East and Africa (MEA) Program in the early 1970s where he would serve as Deputy Head under William Fredericks. In 1973, he succeeded Fredericks as MEA Head. Mr. Edwards left the Foundation in 1977 to accept an appointment as President of Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. The Office Files of Robert H. Edwards span from 1968 to 1977 and comprise the files that Mr. Edwards kept as Head of the International Division's MEA Program. The collection is organized into three series: program management files, subject files, and chronological files. The program management files primarily consist of memoranda but also correspondence, notes, reports, and papers relating to the work of Mr. Edwards's program officer Lowell S. Hardin. Mr. Edwards's subject files contain memoranda, correspondence, papers, speeches, reports, meeting materials, and background primarily pertaining to the Foundation's programs in the Middle East and Africa. His chronological files of correspondence and memoranda from the year 1968 and the years between 1972 and 1977 are also available.
Collection ID: FA566
Collection ID: FA732H

John D. Rockefeller, Sr. papers, 1855-1942 (bulk 1879-1894), bulk bulk

Material in this collection primarily documents John D. Rockefeller's activities during the 19th century. The collection is made up of correspondence, financial material, scrapbooks, and letterbooks ans audiovisual materials.

Collection ID: FA002

Commonwealth Fund records, Division of Health Studies, SG 1, Series 11, 1931-1944

The Commonwealth Fund established the Division of Health Studies as a separate division on April 1, 1931. The purposes of the organization were 1) to make periodic studies of the health conditions in the various communities in which the Commonwealth Fund worked, 2) assist in the development of division programs through the planning of administrative records and the appraisal of results, 3) conduct special studies in the field of health as from time to time seemed important in the development of the work of the Fund or would be of broad application.

Collection ID: FA283

National Committee on United States-China Relations records, RG 8, Accession 8, 1958-2014

RG 8 contains records of the U. S. - China Teachers Exchange Program, 1996-2014, including files on program and funding, American teachers, and participating schools in the U. S. and China. Other significant materials include Board of Directors Minutes Books from 1966-2007 and individual Members' files; as well as correspondence files for NCUSCR presidents Douglas Murray and John Holden, 1997-2004. There is also a small series of Clippings files, primarily concerning Chinese relations with the U. S., the U. S. S. R., and other Asian countries, mainly for the 1970s- mid-1980s.

Collection ID: FA1190

Ford Foundation records, Peace and Social Justice Program (PSJ), Governance and Civil Society, Deputy Director, Office Files of Urvashi Vaid, 1982-2005

Ford Foundation President Susan Berresford established the Peace and Social Justice program in 1996 with the mission of improving government performance and accountability, fostering a thriving independent civil society, and promoting human rights. It was comprised of two global units: Governance and Civil Society, and Human Rights. Social activist, attorney and foundation executive Urvashi Vaid joined the Ford Foundation in 2000 as a Program Officer, and in January 2001, was appointed Deputy Director of Governance and Civil Society. Ms. Vaid launched the Collaborations that Count Initiative in 1998 to support cooperation among state-level organizations working for social and economic justice. She also played a role in the State Fiscal Analysis Initiative and oversaw grants to support gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights organizations. Ms. Vaid left the Ford Foundation in 2005 to head the Arcus Foundation. The Office Files of Urvashi Vaid date from 1982 to 2005 and document her work as a program officer and later oversight of the Governance and Civil Society unit. A portion of the records pertain to the Community Organizing Initiative. Other records include her subject files and records from meetings she attended. Also included in this collection are records from the Peace and Social Justice program's work in Russia and Eastern Europe, which date from before Ms. Vaid joined the Foundation. The records illuminate the Foundation's work promoting local governance and democracy in Russia and Eastern Europe following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Also illustrated is a policy discussion on whether and how to evaluate the success of the Foundation grants issued to Eastern Europe.
Collection ID: FA592

Ford Foundation records, Logistical Services, Office Files of Robert Williams, 1956-1980

Collection contains the office files of Robert Williams who occupied different records management related positions in the Ford Foundation's Logistical Services unit between 1969 and 1974. Logistical Services operated within the Foundation's Division of Administration, and Williams was hired as a Records Analyst before becoming Records Services Manager. The collection consists of one series of subject files. Williams' staff subject files include a lot of material that originated from before he joined the Foundation and some material that appears to have been created by Robert Mayer who was Officer-in-Charge of Logistical Services. This material may have been collected by Williams or may have been mixed in with his subject files at some point by the Foundation's archives.

Collection ID: FA1718

Mary M. Kritz papers, 1976-1988

Types of records include: correspondence, memos, reports, diaries, and interviews.

Collection ID: FA269