Oskar Diethelm Library

Oskar Diethelm Library

DeWitt Wallace Institute of Psychiatry: History, Policy and the Arts
Weill Cornell Medical College
525 East 68th Street, Box 140
New York, NY 10065, United States
Founded in 1936, the Oskar Diethelm Library houses, preserves, and provides access to printed books and serials, archives and manuscripts, photographs, prints, sound and video recordings, and other ephemera and is part of Weill Cornell Medical College's DeWitt Wallace Institute of Psychiatry: History, Policy, & the Arts. The library’s rare book collection contains approximately 35,000 titles dating back to the 15th century dealing with psychiatry, psychology, psychoanalysis, mesmerism, spiritualism, phrenology, witchcraft and related topics. World-renowned individuals and organizations are also represented in the approximately 1500 linear feet of archives, including Donald W. Winnicott, Thomas Salmon, and the American Psychoanalytic Association.

Collection Sampling

Frankwood Williams MD Papers, 1879-1983

This collection contains the papers of Frankwood E. Williams, an American psychiatrist who focused on the prevention of mental illness and was concerned with the science of human nature. The collection has 12 series: Personal Papers, World War I, National Committee for Mental Hygiene, Professional Correspondence, Conferences and Programs, School Related Records, Lectures and Research Notes, Publications, Miscellaneous, Photographs, Emily Martin, and Reprints and Manuscripts of Other Authors.
Collection ID: 1968.0003

Robert Mumford MD Papers, 1950 - 1984

The Robert Mumford MD Papers contain his publications and research notes, presentations, and professional activities with St. Luke’s Hospital, Roosevelt Hospital, the William Alanson White Institute, American Psychiatric Association, American Academy of Psychoanalysis, and American College of Psychoanalysts. The collection has no series and needs to be reprocessed.
Collection ID: 1983.0003

Arthur Carr PhD Collection, 1960 - 1988

The collection is comprised of letters and photographs from four individuals sent to Arthur Carr and a reel-to-reel audiotape of an interview by Arthur Carr with the adult Little Hans, Herbert Graf. The collection has no series and needs to be reprocessed.
Collection ID: 1988.0001

George Henry Rickard Papers, 1885 - 1915

In 1885, George Henry Rickard was admitted to a workhouse in Middlesex, England and found to be of unsound mind. The collection is legal in nature and consists primarily of documents pertaining to Rickard’s estate, and for the most part, handled by his brother Richard Rickard through legal channels. The collection has no series and needs to be reprocessed.
Collection ID: 1969.0002

World Psychiatric Association Records, 1967 - 1989

This collection contains records from the World Psychiatric Association. The collection has 4 series: World Psychiatric Association Headquarters, Section on the History of Psychiatry, Newsletters, and Publications.
Collection ID: 1989.0004

American Psychopathological Association Records, 1910-1989

This collection contains records from the American Psychopathological Association. The collection has 8 series: Constitution, Certificate of Incorporation, Officers and Councilors, Committees, Publications, Awards, Audiotapes, and No Series. The collection has some materials without a series or unprocessed and needs to be reprocessed.
Collection ID: 1980.0002

Joseph Wortis MD Papers, 1920 - 1995

This collection contains the papers of Joseph Wortis... The collection has 8 series: Correspondence; Study, Treatment, and Research Materials; Writings; Teaching Materials and Lectures; Artifacts and Memorabilia; Other Biographical Materials; Professional Interests and Affiliations; and Audio-Visual Materials.
Collection ID: 1995.0001

Henry Phipps Psychiatric Clinic Records, 1926 - 1968

This collection contains records from the Henry Phipps Psychiatric Clinic. The collection has 3 series: Staff Conferences, Psychic Research, and Teaching and Course Material.
Collection ID: 1936.0001

Smith Ely Jelliffe MD Papers, 1890-1891, c. 1975

The Jelliffe Papers consist of biographical information and letters written by Jelliffe to Helena Dewey Leeming during a year’s journey to Europe in 1890-1891. The collection has no series and needs to be reprocessed.
Collection ID: 2004.0001

Alfred Freedman MD Papers, 1936 - 2011

This collection contains the papers of Alfred M. Freedman, who was president of the American Psychiatric Association when the board of trustees changed the listing of “homosexuality” to “sexual orientation disturbance” in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders II (DSM-II). The collection has 10 series: Abuse of Psychiatry, Death Penalty, Ethics, Treatment of the Mentally Ill, Subject Files, Organizations, Writings, Correspondence, Photographs, and Memorabilia.
Collection ID: 2011.0001