State University of New York at Buffalo. Music Library

State University of New York at Buffalo. Music Library

112 Baird Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260, United States
The history of music at the University at Buffalo is documented through several archival collections, including programs and clippings generated by Music Department events, audio recordings of concerts and lectures dating back to 1956, and personal archival collections of several music faculty members. Visual documentation includes extensive collections of photographs of local events as well as a large collection of flyers and posters.

Recently added Collections

Slee Lecture Recital Recordings 1957-1975, 1957-1975

The collection of Slee Lecture Recital Recordings contains 94 reel to reel tapes of lectures by the named Slee Visiting Lecturer in the Music Department at the State University of New York at Buffalo.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 62

Leo Smit Slide Collection, circa 1966-1991, circa 1966-1991

The Leo Smit Slide Collection contains approximately 13,705 35 millimeter slides taken by American composer, Leo Smit. The contents include images of notable musicians, images used in his lecture recitals, and images taken during his many journeys in the United States and abroad, including Central and South America, Italy, and various other European countries.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 6.4

James B. Coover Interviews with William Arnold Reeves 1985-1992, 1985-1992

The collection contains 7 audio cassettes of interviews James B. Coover conducted with William Arnold Reeves at his workplace in London, England, 1985-1992.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 90

Pamela Gearhart Collection of Photographs 1946-1983, 1946-1983

The Pamela Gearhart Collection of Photographs contains 216 photographs, including images of Pamela Gearhart and her parents, Russell and Martha Gerhart. Almost one hundred photographs are of Pamela Gearhart and her family during summers spent in Chautauqua, New York, where Pamela performed with the Chautauqua Institution's Student Festival Orchestra. Other musicians included in the collection include her husband Livingston Gearhart, Budapest String Quartet members Alexander and Mischa Schneider, conductor Skitch Henderson, Howard Hanson, Edward Murphy, Mischa Mischakoff, Franco Autori, Leslie Parnas, Claudette Sorel, Jack Benny, Michael Tree, and Judit Jaimes.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 33.1

Livingston Gearhart Collection of Photographs 1896-1969, 1896-1969

The collection contains 192 photographs from the personal collection of composer, arranger, and pianist, Livingston Gearhart. They include photographs of Nadia Boulanger and her summer class of 1938 at the Conservatoire Américain de Fontainebleau, Gearhart and his first wife and duo-piano partner, Virginia Morley, Darius Milhaud and his family, and the Budapest String Quartet. The collection also includes four photographs of composer Johannes Brahms in 1896.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 23.3

Friedrich Otto Trautmann Collection of Manuscript Scores circa 1880-1918, circa 1880-1918

The collection contains scores and parts of twenty original compositions by Friedrich Otto Trautmann, a composer and organist who lived in Germany and England in the late nineteenth to early twentieth century.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 82

Irene Haupt Photographs of June in Buffalo 2007, 2007

Contains 248 digital images (tiff files) of musicians who participated in the June in Buffalo Festival 2007 at the University at Buffalo.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 38

Hilda Schieder's Drum Corps Records 1938-1940, 1938-1940

The records of Hilda Schieder's Drum Corps include meeting minutes, its constitution and bylaws, business correspondence, and three black and white photographs.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 61

North American New Music Festival Archive 1983-1995, 1983-1995

This archive contains documents related to the planning and production the North American New Music Festival, a series of annual festivals of contemporary art music sponsored by the University at Buffalo Department of Music from 1983 to 1993, in 1995, and in 1996.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 13

Pearl Radcliffe Lindal Papers 1938-1947, 1938-1947

Collection consists of 1 scrapbook of clippings about Pearl Radcliffe Lindal's career as a songwriter and eleven of her songs as published in collections. Material inserted into the scrapbook includes correspondence and additional prose writings by Lindal.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 43