State University of New York at Buffalo. Music Library

State University of New York at Buffalo. Music Library

112 Baird Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260, United States
The history of music at the University at Buffalo is documented through several archival collections, including programs and clippings generated by Music Department events, audio recordings of concerts and lectures dating back to 1956, and personal archival collections of several music faculty members. Visual documentation includes extensive collections of photographs of local events as well as a large collection of flyers and posters.

Collection Sampling

Morton Feldman Papers 1950-1999, 1950-1999

The Morton Feldman Papers comprise personal and business correspondence, writings by and about Feldman, clippings, programs, and photographs.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 2.1

Irene Haupt Photographs of June in Buffalo 2000, 2000

Contains 71 photographs of musicians who participated in the June in Buffalo Festival 2000 at the University at Buffalo.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 18

Recordings of Evenings for New Music 1964-1980, 1964-1980

The collection contains recordings of 93 of the approximately 173 concerts presented at the Evenings for New Music concerts from 1964-1980. Approximately 464 works were recorded as well as some spoken introductions to works by their respective composers. The original recordings were made on reel-to-reel tapes. The contents were transferred to cassettes in the 1980s and then digitally reformatted in 2007 onto CDs (service and in-house masters) and DVDs (preservation masters).
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 31

Yvar Mikhashoff Collection of Tangos 1983-1991, 1983-1991

The collection contains photocopies of musical scores for 127 tangos for solo piano from 127 composers. The collection also documents the process by which Mikhashoff commissioned and performed the tangos. It includes correspondence, Mikhashoff's research into the history of the tango, and performance materials (i.e. programs and reviews). Composers commissioned for this project include Milton Babbitt, Lukas Foss, Otto Luening, Conlon Nancarrow, Luis de Pablo,and Nils Vigeland.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 1.10

Leo Smit Papers 1939-2000, 1939-2000

The Leo Smit Papers comprise works lists compiled by Leo Smit, articles written by Smit, personal correspondence (chiefly photocopies of letters from Aaron Copland), programs, reviews, and lecture materials.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 6.2

Carol June Bradley Music Librarianship Oral History Recordings 1973-1988, 1973-1988

Music librarian Carol June Bradley conducted interviews with 37 music Librarians from various institutions in the United States to research the history and practices of music librarianship.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 76

Irene Haupt Photographs of June in Buffalo 2012, 2012

Contains 132 digital images of musicians who participated in the June in Buffalo Festival 2012 at the University at Buffalo, including guest composers Fred Lerdahl, Steven Stucky, and Robert Beaser.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 60

Joseph Chouinard Papers 1926-2008, 1926-2008

The collection contains personal documents, correspondence, concert programs, and clippings that document the life of singer and librarian Joseph Chouinard.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 71.1

Yvar Mikhashoff Collection of Annotated Scores, 1828-1993, 1828-1993

The collection contains approximately 1300 scores, half of which bear markings entered by Mikhashoff or his colleagues in preparation for performance. The collection includes manuscripts and print publications, both originals and reproductions.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 1.7

John Myhill Collection of Manuscript Scores and Papers circa 1967-1984, circa 1967-1984

The collection contains scores of five compositions by John Myhill in varied states of completion and a folder of sketches and musical analyses. The collection also contains a folder of prose writings and a single piece of correspondence to Myhill.
Collection ID: Mus. Arc. 83