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Braun-Vogelstein, Julie,
This collection contains correspondence and other materials related to the Braun-Vogelstein family.
35 linear feet.
This collection is in German, French, English, Italian, Hebrew, Judeo-German.


Scope and Content:

A. Heinrich and Lily Braun:

Correspondence of Heinrich Braun with individuals, including Victor Adler, August Bebel, Eduard Bernstein, Lujo Brentano, Benedetto Croce, Kurt Eisner, Sigmund Freud, Wolfgang Heine, Benno Karpeles, Karl Kautsky, Isolde Kurz, Friedrich Meinecke, Paul Natorp, Heinrich de Man, Walther Rathenau, Werner Sombart, Ferdinand Toennies, and Max Weber.

Correspondence of Lily Braun with individuals, including Mathilde von Colomb and Heinrich Braun.

Manuscripts, clippings, by and about Heinrich Braun and his political and journalistic activities, including minutes of the party court of the Frankfurt an der Oder-Lebus branch of the SPD concerning charges brought against him; related material from the SPD Congress in Dresden, 1903.

Photo; resume; clippings; script of radio speech on Heinrich Braun.

B. Otto Braun:

Juvenilia, memorabilia, and childhood and wartime correspondence of Otto Braun; material concerning Julie Braun-Vogelstein's biography of him, including correspondence and Lily Braun's diaries.

Otto Braun’s diaries are available on microfilm (1904-1911 on MM 91 and 1911-1914 on MM 102; 1904-1914 also on MF 473 Reel 40).

C. Ludwig Vogelstein:

Family and business correspondence; speeches on metallurgy and Jewish affairs; and photos of New York City in the early twentieth century, and of his business.

D. Julie Braun-Vogelstein:

Correspondence with family members and other individuals including Hasso von Seebach, Hannah Arendt, Ludwig Dehio, Henri de Man, Friedrich Meinecke, Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, Toni Stolper, and Adam von Trott zu Solz.

Essays, research notes, manuscripts, and clippings on art history, politics, and philosophy, by Julie Braun-Vogelstein and others; proofs, drafts, and other material for her autobiography, and for biographies of Heinrich Braun, Otto Braun, and Ludwig Vogelstein.

Material on resistance to the Nazis, including a manuscript by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and lists of individuals executed after July 20, 1944.

E. Heinemann and Rosa Vogelstein

Correspondence, including letters of Heinemann Vogelstein's wife, Rosa Vogelstein, as well as letters from other family members, colleagues, including Josef Heinemann, Siegmund Maybaum, Claude Montefiore, and N. A. Nobel, and organizations such as the Liberaler Rabbiner-Verband.

Sermons, pamphlets, and speeches concerning Zionism and other topics; autograph album; records of the Vereinigung fuer das liberale Judentum in Deutschland, and of the Liberaler Rabbiner-Verband.

Religious documents, including shechita certificates, marriage contracts, rabbinical court decrees concerning divorce, and eighteenth-century manuscript commentaries on the Bible and the Kabbalah.

F. Von Kretschman/Von Gusted Branch

Correspondence, including letters of Hans von Kretschman to his wife and letters of Jenny von Gustedt to individuals, including the German Empress Augusta, Ottilie von Goethe, and Wolfgang von Goethe.

Autobiographies, wills, genealogies, and diaries of members of the Gustedt and Kretschman families; the autobiography of Lily Braun's sister Maria von Kretschman (alias Maria de Victorica), and photocopies of the files of her trial for espionage by the U.S. Department of Justice after World War I.

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The following individuals are mentioned in this collection:

Adler, Victor; Arendt, Hannah; Augusta, German Empress; Bebel, August; Bernstein, Eduard; Bonhoeffer, Dietrich; Braun, Otto; Brentano, Lujo; Colomb, Mathilde von; Croce, Benedetto; Dehio, Ludwig; Eisner, Kurt; Freud, Sigmund; Goethe, Ottilie von; Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von; Gustedt, Jenny von; Haas, William S.; Heine, Wolfgang; Heinemann, Josef; Karpeles, Benno; Kautsky, Karl; Kretschman, Hans von; Kretschman, Maria von; Kurz, Isolde; Man, Heinrich de; Man, Henri de; Maybaum, Siegmund; Meinecke, Friedrich; Montefiore, Claude; Natorp, Paul; Neumark, Yisroel (Ernst); Nobel, Nehemias Anton; Rathenau, Walther; Rosenstock-Huessy, Eugen; Seebach, Hasso von; Sombart, Werner; Stolper, Toni; Thimme, Friedrich; Toennies, Ferdinand; Trott von, Adam; Trott zu Solz, Adam von; Victorica, Maria de (see Kretschman, Maria von); Vogelstein, Ludwig; Vogelstein, Heinemann; Vogelstein, Rosa; Weber, Max

Biographical / Historical:

Born in Stettin (now Szczecin, Poland) on January 26, 1883, Julie Braun-Vogelstein became active in the Social Democratic movement, and was Heinrich Braun's secretary and his wife following the death of Lily Braun in 1916. Active as an author, art historian, and journalist, she emigrated to the United States via France in 1935-1936. She was a member of the board of the Leo Baeck Institute, and she died in New York City on February 6, 1971. She assembled and preserved the papers of various members of her family, which are included in her collection.

Heinrich Braun and Lily Braun: Born in Budapest on November 23, 1854, Braun studied law and economics at the Universities of Vienna and Strasbourg. He joined the Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD) and worked as an editor and journalist, becoming a leading representative of the party's revisionist wing. Braun died in Berlin on February 9, 1927. Born Lily von Kretschman in Halberstadt on July 2, 1865, Lily Braun was a social worker and author, active in the German feminist movement and the SPD. She died in Berlin-Zehlendorf on August 9, 1916.

Otto Braun: Born in Berlin on June 27, 1897, the son of Heinrich and Lily Braun, Otto Braun died in combat in Marlecave, France, on April 29, 1918.

Ludwig Vogelstein: born in Pilsen, Austria-Hungary (now Plzen, Czechoslovakia), on February 3, 1871, Ludwig Vogelstein, the older brother of Julie Braun-Vogelstein, emigrated to the United States in 1896, becoming a successful entrepreneur and prominent American Jewish philanthropist. He died in New York City on September 23, 1934.

Heinemann Vogelstein: Born in Lage on February 13, 1841, Julie Braun-Vogelstein's father was a rabbi in Pilsen and Stettin, a leader of the liberal tendency in German Jewry, and a noted opponent of Zionism. He died in St. Moritz, Switzerland, on August 4, 1911.

Hans von Kretschman and Jenny von Gustedt: Lily Braun's father, Hans von Kretschman, was a general in the Prussian army. He was born in Berlin on August 11, 1832, and died there on March 31, 1899. Jenny von Gustedt, Lily Braun's grandmother, was born in Kassel on September 7, 1811, the illegitimate daughter of Jerome Bonaparte, king of Westphalia. She died in 1890.

  • Series I: Heinrich and Lily Braun
  • Series II: Otto Braun
  • Series III: Ludwig Vogelstein
  • Series IV: Julie Braun
  • Series V: Hermann and Rosa Vogelstein
  • Series VI: von Kretschmann and von Gusted Families
  • Series VII: Addenda

Indexed Terms

Braun, Julie (Vogelstein), 1883-1971
Vogelstein, Heinemann, 1841-1911
Vogelstein, Ludwig, 1871-1934
Braun Otto, 1897-1918
Braun, Lily (von Kretschman) von Gizycki, 1865-1916
Kretschman, Hans von, 1832-1899
Female author
Anti-Nazi movements in Germany
Anti-Nazi movements outside Germany
Domestic life; 19th cent.
Domestic life; 20th cent.
Emigration and immigration; 1871-1933
Emigration and immigration; 1933-1945; USA
Germany--Politics and government--1871-1918
Germany--Politics and government--1918-1933
Germany; history; Allied Occupation; 1945 -
Internment of aliens
Reform Judaism
Jewish law
Nazi Germany; political repression
Autograph albums
Professions and occupations; art historians
Professions and occupations; authors
Professions and occupations; industrialists
Professions and occupations; journalists
Professions and occupations; politicians
Professions and occupations; rabbis
Restitution and indemnification claims (1933- )
Theresienstadt (Concentration or internment camps)
Women; politics
World War, 1914-1918
World War, 1914 - 1918; espionage
World War, 1939 -1945; resistance
Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD)
Liberaler Rabbiner-Verband
Vereinigung fuer das liberale Judentum in Deutschland
New York (City)
Wills and testaments
Concentration or internment camps
Military service; World War, 1914 - 1918
Business and economic history
Philosophy, Jewish
Professions and occupations; lawyers
Professions and occupations; historians
Professions and occupations; editors
Professions and occupations; economists
Family trees
Christian-Jewish dialogue
Vital statistics
Voyages and travels


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