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The Keene Valley Archives Manuscript Collection contains personal reminiscences, official correspondence, excerpts from published materials, materials relating to regional and local organizations, biographical information, programs of local presentations and other materials relating to the Keene area. Much of the collection focuses on the mountains in the region, hiking and other outdoor sports as well as hotels and camps of the area.
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MsAdiA: Felix Adler, by Helen Adler, 1939 MsAllA: Letter to My dear Mr. Carson by Frederick Allen, describing a fishing trip with guide Mel Trumbull MsAllA History of the Keene Valley Hose and Ladder Company, by Susan Allen, 1983 MsAtkA2: Dr. and Mrs. Normand Smith by Maria Atkinson, n.d. MsAtkA2: Notes on Keene Valley summer homes built prior to 1912 by Maria Atkinson MsByrB: The history of the Keene Valley, a bicentennial lecture series, ed. by Margaret Byrne, 1975-76 MsBahB1: History of Keene by Martin Bahler, n.d. MsBahB1: Personal reminiscences of Keene Valley by Martin Bahler, n.d. MsBarB1: Poems by Barrett Scoville, 1988-1990 MsBraB1: Horace Bushnell: Heretic, liberal or orthodiz? by Mary Bushnell Cheney Bratti, 1984 MsBriB1: Camping out in the Adirondack Mountains by S.W. Bridgham, 1863 MsBroB1: Memoir by Lulu Freydburg Brown, 1992 MsBicB2: History of Keene Valley, Festival lecture program (manuscripts of lectures) by Bicentennial committee, 1975-76 MsBOUB4: Haystack, Basin, Saddleback by Christine Bourjade MsCadC: Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait, artist in the Adirondacks by Warder H. Cadbury, 1981 MsCroC: Six journals of mountain climbing, by Ralph Manning Crowley, 1946-1984 MsClaC1: Local planning in the Adirondack Park, by Sarah Adele Clarkin, 1991 MsCooC1: The Adirondack house by Linda Coolidge, 1967 MsCheC2: The Hamersleys, by Emily Cheney Learned, 1941 MsComC2: The AuSable River: its name and what it means by Frederick Comstock, 1904 MsCheC3: The lay theologian's doggerel poem by Timothy Cheney, n.d. MsCorC5: Experiences in teaching, a district school by Ethel Cornwright, 1903 MsColtC6: A few memories, by Amy Lee Colt, 1987 MsCouC1: John Brown: terrorist, by Bill Coughlin MsDic: The old Cedar Point Road by Thorn Dickinson, n.d. MsDikD: Notes on a trip to the Adirondacks made July 20, 1871 by James Dike MsEdmE: Tales of the Valley by Adrian Edmonds, n.d. MsFieF: Keene Valley, N.Y. by Anna Field, 1881 MsFigF: Journal of a "grand tour" visit to Europe by Roberta Figuet, 1929 MsFoeF: Sigmund Freud's visit to America by Eugene Foerster, 1992 MsGleG: Remarks prepared for...Forest Preserve Centennial Symposium by Robert Glennon, 1985 MsGleG: State acquisition in the Adirondacks, by Robert Glennon, 1982 MsGolG: Poems by Josephine Goldmark, 1958 MsGolG: Keene Valley Artists by Pauline Goldmark, 1940 MsGooG: And gladly guide by James Goodwin, n.d. MsGooG1: Recollections of Keene Valley in 1920-21 by James Goodwin MsGooG1: Lumbering in the town of Keene by James Goodwin, 1990 MsGooG1: Transcript of interview of Jim Goodwin by Joe Burchenal and Rosemary Coffin, 1995 MsH: A memoir of Richard Hodgson, 1855-1905 by M.A. DeW, 1906 MsHolH: Notebook by Monroe Holt, 1871 MsHolH1: Adirondack and Main by Charles Holt, ca. 1986 MsHolH1: Journal of Nettie Holt, Kirkville, N.Y., 1874 MsHarH2: Melvil Dewey: an appreciation by Joseph Harrison, 1932 MsHatH2: The Keene Valley Neighborhood House by Charles Hatfield, 1935 MsHicH2: The Lake Placid Club: an experiment in intelligence, by Harry Wade Hicks, n.d. MsHolH2: The Holt family of Keene/Keene Valley, N.Y. 1806-1984 by F. Burton Holt, n.d. MsHubH2: Essex County at war: 2 history reports given...1944 at...Keene Valley Country Club by Hustace Hubbard, 1944 MsIrwI: "Ad majorem amicitiae gloriam" read to the Pundit Club 1987 by Robert Irwin MsIshI: Artists of the early days by Blanche Isham, 1963? MsIsh: The Keene Valley Congregational Church 1828-1978 by Blanche Isham, 1978 MsIshI: Early days in Keene Valley by Blanche Isham, n.d. MsJanJ: Random recollections of the early days of the Adirondack Mountain Reserve and the AuSable Club by Eleanor Janeway, 1951 MsJanJ: St. Huberts' reminiscences by Eleanor Janeway, n.d. MsJucJ: The development of education in Keene Valley, 1813-1937 by Edwin Juckett, 1937 MsKelK: Tints of a vanished past: John Francis Murphy by Emerson Kelly MsKniK2: The Merle-Smith family in Keene Valley by Anita Merle-Smith Knight, n.d. MsKniK2: Reminiscences of Old Keene Valley by Anita Merle-Smith Knight, 1943 MsKirK8: The ABC of camping by Joseph Kirkbride, 1898 MsLeaL: Mrs. George Notman, by Emily Cheney Learned and Charles J. Hatfield MsLeCL: History of the Keene Public Library by Helen LeClair MsLeeL: A little about Northwest Bay by Mary Lee, 1938 MsLooL: Adirondack literature by John True Loomis, n.d. MsLowL: The bridge, not somehow but triumphantly by Sarah Dickson Lowrie, 1956 MsLowL: For always by Sarah Dickson Lowrie, 1954 MsLowL: Appreciation of Emily Cheney Learned by Sarah Dickson Lowrie, 1943 MsLowL: Challenge and response by Sarah Dickson Lowrie, 1944 MsLowL: Firsts in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia by Sarah Dickson Lowrie, 1952 MsLowL: So that he who runs may read: tales of history by Sarah Dickson Lowrie, 1954 MsLowL: Address, by Sarah Dickson Lowrie, 1953 MsLowL: Reminiscences of Dr. Charles D. Laight by Sarah Dickson Lowrie, 1928 MsLowL: Spoken at the Keene Valley Library by Sarah Dickson Lowrie, 1948 MsLowL: The Lowries of hills, Keene Valley, 1937 by Sarah Dickson Lowrie, 1937 MsLowL: Mountain climbing in Keene Valley in the latter part of the eighties and later by Walter Lowrie, 1933 MsLeaL3: The letters of Mary Bushnell Cheney and Frank Woodbridge Cheney, ed. by Eileen R. Learned MsLeeL3: Adirondack Mountain Reserve, a timeline by Nancy M. Lee MsLooL3: Correspondence, 1972-1980 by John W. Nason MsLeeL5: Christmas in St. Huberts by Nancy Lee, 1960's MsLeeL5: The history of the Loomis Room by Nancy Lee, 1981 MsLeeL5: In memory of the Great Flood by Nancy Lee, 2003 MsLeeL5: Keene Valley Industries by Nancy Lee, 1992 MsLeeL5: Nina Winkel: sculptor by Nancy Lee MsLeeL5: Putnam Camp by Nancy Lee, 1998 MsLeeL5: Susan Mary Lee by Nancy Lee, 1999 MsMcM: Ninety-one years of The Essex County Agricultural Society by Harry McDougal, 1939 MsMcIM: Early days at Putnam Camp by Elizabeth Putnam Mciver, 1941 MsMcMM: A century and a half of development behind the Adirondack iron mining district by P.J. McMenammann, 1945 MsMilM: Conservation easements by Bernard Miller MsMilM: Memorandum as to source of name of Johns Brook by Borden Mills, 1947 MsMitM: Old Mountain Phelps by Frederica Mitchell MsMurM1: The Adirondacks by William Henry Harrison Murray MsM2: Memorial Chapel of All Souls, St. Huberts MsMemM4: Felsenheim, a brief history, 1883-1983 by Bunny Apthorp MsMurM4: A follow-up survey of the graduates of the Keene Rural School during years 1930-1938 by Gladys Murphy MsMethM5: Methodist Episcopal Church of Keene NY MsNeiN: The Beede House becomes the St. Huberts Inn by Lewis Neilson MsNeiN: The great fires of 1903 followed by floods compiled by Lewis L. Neilson MsNeiN: St. Huberts Inn and St. Huberts Cottage, the first season, 1890 compiled by Lewis L. Neilson MsNeiN: Verplanck Colvin: excerpts taken from the Colvin surveys compiled by Lewis L. Neilson MsNeiN: William G. Neilson and the AMR compiled by Lewis Neilson, 1987 MsNesN: My first vacation in America, 1921-22 by Karl Nesslinger MsNesN: Reminiscences of Keene Valley, 1930-1950 by Ralph Nesslinger, 1998 MsNotN: A history of the Keene Valley Neighborhood House and Hospital, 1910-1956 by Arthur Notman MsNotN: Eaglestoe, 1887-1932, Notman guest register MsO'BrO: Artists whose work is in the Keene Valley Library by Peggy O'Brien MsO'BrO: Artists in Adirondacks, 1st draft of introduction by Peggy O'Brien MsO'B: Give us tears by Margaret O'Brien, 1947 MsO'BO: Some climbing artists by Margaret O'Brien MsO'BO: Notes on historic Keene Hotels by Margaret O'Brien MsO'BO: Transcription of interview with Jim Goodwin 1976 MsO'BO: Text of slide talk by Peggy O'Brien, 1976 MsO'BO: Women artists, by Margaret O'Brien, n.d. MsPayP: Civil War--men who died in service who are listed as from Keene Township by Lucy Payne, 1865 MsPen: "My dear Kate" on Adirondack House stationery by Emil Pensel, 1896 MsPheP: Mountain song by Orson Phelps, n.d. MsPriP: John Barrow, by David Prince, 1983 MsPRIP: Biography of Winifred Notman Prince by George Notman Prince, 2001 MsPriP: The first thirty years of the Keene Valley Country Club by Winifred Prince, 1936 MsPPur: Elm Tree Inn by Stacey Purdy, n.d. MsPutP: Sketch of Putnam Camp by Charles Putnam, n.d. MsPayP2: Essex County, N.Y. Town of Keene cemeteries 1954-1957 compiled by Lucy Payne MsRanR: Keene Valley in 1864 by Anna Pennington Ranney MsRanR: The beginning of the Keene Valley Library by Sarah Pennington Ranney, 1932 MsRanR: The old Keene Valley homes by Sarah Pennington Ranney, n.d. MsRanR: A midsummer history by one who was there by Joseph Pope Ranney, 1890's MsRanR: Reminiscences of Keene Valley 1866 to 1881 by Joseph Pope Ranney, 1933 MsRanR: The second chapter, the 1880's by Joseph Pope Ranney, 1935 MsRawR: Diary of a camping and hunting trip in the Adirondacks by Edward Rawson, 1872 MsRusR1: Material about Keene Valley in the diaries of Elizabeth Baldwin Camp Russ, n.d. MsShuS: Recollections of Keene Valley by Roswell Shurtleff MsSmiS: The Smith family in Keene Valley by Fedor Smith 1990 MsSmiS: Letter to his sister...describing the forest fires on Adirondack Mountain Reserve by T. Max Smith, 1903 MsSum: Reminiscences of Old Mountain Phelps by Diana Sumner, n.d. MsShuS5: Ephemera relating to the artist by Roswell Shurtleff MsTayT: The delights and rewards of learning more about Keene Valley by James Taylor, 1946 MsTayT: Anna Townsend van Santvoord by William Rivers Taylor 1930 MsTayT: Life of Roswell M. Shurtleff by William Taylor, n.d. MsTayT: Pioneer Holt family by William Taylor, n.d. MsUmsU: The lure of the lakes by James M. Umstattd, 1987 MsVinV: A treasury of great Adirondack stories as told by John Vinton, 1990 MsVanV: The Heald-Hale family of Essex County by Diane Van Wormer, 1977 MsWasW2: History of the schools of the Keene Township from 1820 to the present time by Lucille Washbond, 1986 MsWelW: Dating from 1857: paper read at Keene Valley by Mary Weld, 1895 MsWhiW: Information on Holt family and their relatives by Nettie Holt Whitney, n.d. MsWhiW: Reminiscences by Margaret Whiting, 1944 MsWhiW: Reminiscences of Keene Valley by Nettie Holt Whitney, 1925 MsWhiW: Holt family history by Nettie Holt Whitney, n.d. MsWolW: An attempt at a history of the Keene Valley Congregational Church by Paul Austin Wolfe, n.d. MsWolW: Anna Elizabeth Ranney by Paul Austin Wolfe, 1955 MsWEEW1: Polly tells her life story and other poems by Nellie Weeks, n.d. MsWesW1: Freedom in the wilds by Harold Weston MsWeaW2: Records of Keene Valley weather kept from Feb. 1964 to June 1984 by Frederic House MsWebW2: Notes of conversations with Nina Winkel, 1987 to 1989, transcriptions by Sally Webb MsWinW2: Concentration camp; Nine in Paris, transcription of taped interview, Nina Winkel 1988 MsWinW2: Early childhood and illness, transcriptions of taped conversations of Nina Winkel with Sally Webb, 1988 MsWinW2: George in the Foreign Legion, transcription of taped interview by Nina Winkel, 1988 MsWinW2: Mother, transcription of taped interview by Nina Winkel, 1988 MsWinW2: Leaving France and coming to America, transcripts of tapes by Nina Winkel 1988 MsWinW2: Meeting George, transcription of taped interview by Nina Winkel, 1988 MsWinW2: Spring, 1973, transcription of taped interview by Nina Winkel, 1989 MsWinW2: Visits, transcription of taped interview by Nina Winkel, 1989 MsWinW2: The crucifix, transcription of taped interview by Nina Winkel, 1989 MsWinW2: 1942-1944, transcription of taped interview by Nina Winkel, 1989 MsWinW2: Animals, transcription of taped interview by Nina Winkel, 1989 MsWinW2: Nina Winkel lecturing in Myers Fine Arts building MsWinW2: Dedication of Winkel sculpture court, transcription of taped interview, n.d. MsWooW2: The ideal working landscape, or Life under the sun by Nick Woodin, 1992 MsYouY: Birthday poems for Henry Goddard Leach from his daughter Annis, Annis Leach Young, 1960

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