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Schidlovsky, George (1927-2009)
This collection contains documents and materials acquired by George Schidlovsky (Iurii Iliodorovich Shidlovskii) over the course of his life, and pertains to his involvement in Russian Cadet Corps organizations in the diaspora, as well as his involvement in the Russian Orthodox Church.
7.1 cubic feet, 19 manuscript boxes, and 3 oversize boxes
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Scope and Content:

This collection consists of materials acquired by George Schidlovsky over the course of his life. The material in this collection relates to Schidlovsky’s involvement in Russian Cadet organizations in the diaspora, including the journal “Kadetskaia Pereklichka;” his work with the Fund for Assistance; his involvement in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia; and his interest in Russian history in general.

The biographical file contains documents pertaining to the families of George and Sofia Konstantinovna Schidlovsky, including a number of typescript memoirs.

The subject file contains documents pertaining to Cadet organizations, including information on the Emperor Nicholas II Cadet Corps, the journal “Kadetskaia Pereklichka,” and various assemblies and conferences organized by the Association of Russian Cadets Graduated Outside Russia. Schidlovsky served as an editor of “Kadetskaia Pereklichka,” and had close associations with his fellow editors; in this capacity, he inherited the correspondence and notes of a number of his co-workers, including Evgenii Evgenievich Girs.

The subject file also contains documents pertaining to the Russian Orthodox Church, both at the macro level of official Synodal decrees and correspondence, and at the micro level of parish life at Schidlovsky’s local churches in Glen Cove and Sea Cliff, New York.

Further, the subject file contains a file of essays, photographs, and printed matter pertaining to Transcarpathia during the interwar period.

The photograph series contains, among other subjects, prints of Cadets Corps events, Cadet Corps schools, and church life,

The postcard series contains late-nineteenth and twentieth century postcards depicting pre-Revolutionary Russia, the Imperial Russian Army, churches, and artworks.

The oversize file consists of a subject file containing letters of thanks written by White Russian refugees to Anna V. Mitchell, a philanthropist, as well as two albums of photographs of the Akhtyr Hussar Regiment. The audio-visual material contained in this file consists of a commemorative vinyl record from the 3rd Conference of the Association of Russian Cadets.

Biographical / Historical:

George (Iurii) Iliodorovich Schidlovsky was born in Kenitra, Morocco on January 27, 1927, to Iliodor Nikolaevich and Ksenia Iurevna (nee Baroness Meyendorff). Following the death of Iliodor Nikolaevich in a car accident in 1928, Ksenia Iurevna took her children to Paris in search of work. In 1941, Schidlovsky entered the Emperor Nicholas II Cadet Corps in Versailles, France, graduating in 1945. In 1947, Shidlovsky moved to the United States, and in 1951 he was drafted into the 82nd Airborne Regiment and served two years in a medical division during the Korean War.

Following an honorable discharge in 1953, Schidlovsky married Princess Sofia Konstantinova Engalicheva. In 1954, Schidlovsky graduated from New York University with a degree in microbiology. He retired from a career as a scientist in 1992. Upon his retirement, Schidlovsky became the president of the Fund for Assistance of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, while also remaining an active member of various Cadet organizations, serving as editor of the journal “Kadetskaia Pereklichka” from 2002 to 2009.

George Schidlovsky died in his home in Glenn Head, New York on September 19, 2009.



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