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Tyrkova-Williams, Ariadna, 1869-1962
Correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, subject files and printed material of Russian émigré writer, journalist, and Kadet Party leader Ariadna Vladimirovna Tyrkova-Williams. The collection also contains material by her husband, Harold Williams, and her son, Arkadiĭ Borman.
14 Linear Feet and 33 manuscript boxes
Russian , English .


Scope and Content:

Correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, subject files and printed material of Ariadna Tyrkova-Williams (1869-1962). The correspondence, spanning the period 1919-1960, consists of letters written by Tyrkova-Williams, primarily to her husband, Harold williams and her son, Arkadiĭ Borman, and letters received by her. There are one or a few letters each from Leonid Andreev, Boris Bugaev (Andrey Bely), Ivan Bunin, Zinaida Gippius, Jan Masaryk, H.G. Wells, and there are numerous letters from Samuel Hoare (Viscount Templewood), Anton Kartashev, Ekaterina Kuskova, Pavel Mili︠u︡kov, Sofii︠a︡ Panina, Mikhail Rostovt︠s︡ev, Boris Vysheslavt︠s︡ev, and from her husband. The manuscripts are chiefly the writings of Ariadna Tyrkova-Williams (memoirs, short articles, notes) and Harold Williams (novel, short articles). The photographs are primarily portraits of military and literary figures, and include a mid-19th century photograph of the poet Petr Vi︠a︡zemskiĭ. The subject files contain extensive material, dating from 1919-1921, on the Russian Liberation Committee located in London. Among the printed materials are many clippings, including of articles written by Tyrkova-Williams and Harold Williams.

Biographical / Historical:

Ariadna Vladimirovna Tyrkova-Williams (Ариадна Владимировна Тыркова; 1869-1962), was a Russian émigré writer, journalist, and leader of the Russian Kadet Party (Konstitut︠s︡ionno-demokraticheskai︠a︡ partii︠a︡).

Ariadna Tyrkova was born in 1869 in St. Petersburg. She was a daughter of Vladimir Alekseevich Tyrkov, a justice of the peace, and Sofiia Karlovna Gaili. One of seven children, Tyrkova spent her early childhood on the family estate, "Vergezha," in Novgorod Province. While she was a secondary school student in St. Petersburg, her older brother was implicated in a plot to assassinate the tsar and was sentenced to 20 years of hard labor in Siberia. Expelled from the Obolenskaia gimnazia, Tyrkova finished her studies attending the "Vysshie зhenskie (Bestuzhevskie) kursy."

In 1890 Ariadna Tyrkova married Alfred Nikolaevich Borman, an engineer. They had two children, Arkadii and Sofiia, and after seven years of marriage they were divorced. It was after the divorce that Tyrkova began to earn her living as a writer and journalist.

In 1903 Tyrkova was arrested on the Russo-Finnish border for possession of the outlawed liberal journal Osvobozhdenie. Condemned to a prison term, she fled to Germany, residing chiefly in Stuttgart with the family of Petr Struve. In 1905 Tyrkova returned to St. Petersburg and to her career as a journalist, writing first for the newspaper Rus', and after 1911 for Russkaia molva. She became actively involved in the newly formed Kadet Party, served as a member of its Central Committee and headed its delegates to the Petrograd City Council.

It was at this time that she met and married the British journalist Harold Williams, a native of New Zealand. In 1918 she left with him for London where she helped to establish the London based Russian Liberation Committee and later the Paris centered Russian National Committee. She returned to the South of Russia briefly in 1919 accompanying her husband on assignment, but by the end of 1920 Harold and Ariadna Williams were permanently settled in London. Harold Williams was appointed foreign editor of the Times and Tyrkova-Williams resumed her writing career. She contributed articles to Vozrozhdenie, wrote an account of the first year of the Russian Revolution entitled From Liberty to Brest-Litovsk (London, 1919), collaborated with her husband on the novel Hosts of Darkness (London, 1921), and worked on the first of two volumes of The Life of Pushkin.

After the death of Harold Williams in November 1928, Tyrkova-Williams devoted her time to writing her husband's biography, which was published in 1935 under the title A Cheerful Giver. Obliged once again to earn her living as a writer, she contributed articles to the English press and wrote regularly for the Riga Russian language periodical Segodnia.

Tyrkova-Williams spent the war years in France with her son Arkadii and his family; it was at this time that she began writing her memoirs. In 1951 she emigrated together with her son's family to the United States, residing first in New York and then in Washington D.C., where she died in 1962 at the age of ninety-two.

Arkadii Borman, Aug. 31, 1891 – May 20, 1974

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Papers: Source of acquisition--Arkadiĭ Borman. Method of acquisition--Deposit; Date of acquisition--1965.

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Papers: Method of acquisition--Purchase; Date of acquisition--1969.

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Journalists, Russian
Clippings (Information Artifacts)
Letters (correspondence)
Manuscripts (documents)
Notes (documents)
Russkīĭ nat︠s︡īonalʹnyĭ komitet (France)
Bely, Andrey, 1880-1934
Bunin, Ivan Alekseevich, 1870-1953
Gippius, Z. N. (Zinaida Nikolaevna), 1869-1945
Masaryk, Jan, 1886-1948
Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866-1946
Andreyev, Leonid, 1871-1919
Templewood, Samuel John Gurney Hoare, Viscount, 1880-1959
Kartashev, A. V. (Anton Vladimirovich), 1875-1960
Kuskova, Ekaterina
Mili︠u︡kov, P. N. (Pavel Nikolaevich), 1859-1943
Panina, Sofii͡a Vladimirovna, grafini͡a, 1871-1956
Rostovtzeff, Michael Ivanovitch, 1870-1952
Williams, Harold, 1876-1928
Borman, Arkadiĭ, 1891-1974
Aleksandrova, Vera, 1895-1966
Amfiteatrov, Aleksandr, 1852-1938
Arsenʹev, Nikolaĭ Sergeevich, 1888-1977
Astor, John Jacob, 1864-1912
Astor, Waldorf Astor, Viscount, 1879-1952
Astrov, N. I. (Nikolaĭ Ivanovich), -1934
Bakhmetev, B. A. (Boris Aleksandrovich)
Barrie, J. M (James Matthew), 1860-1937
Bell, G. K. A. (George Kennedy Allen), 1883-1958
Bulgakov, Sergeĭ Nikolaevich, 1871-1944
Burt︠s︡ev, V. L. (Vladimir Lʹvovich), 1862-1942
Cecil of Chelwood, Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, Viscount, 1864-1958
Chernov, V. M. (Viktor Mikhaĭlovich), 1873-1952
Denikin, Anton Ivanovich, 1872-1947
Dobuzhinskiĭ, Mstislav Valerianovich, 1875-1957
Dolgorukov, Pavel Dmitrīevich, kni︠a︡zʹ, 1866-1927
Dolgorukov, P. D., kni︠a︡zʹ (Petr Dmitrīevich), 1866-1951
Evlogiĭ, Metropolitan of Western Europe, 1868-1946
Fedorov, Mikhail Mikhaĭlovich, 1858-1949
Philosophoff, Dm.
Gessen, I. V. (Iosif Vladimirovich), 1866-1943
Gorky, Maksim, 1868-1936
Grigorʹev, Boris, 1886-1939
Guchkov, Aleksandr Ivanovich, 1862-1936
Gulʹ, Roman, 1896-1986
Hu, Shi, 1891-1962
Ilʹin, V. N. (Vladimir N.)
Ivanov, Vsevolod Vi︠a︡cheslavovich, 1895-1963
Jabotinsky, Vladimir, 1880-1940
Karpovich, Michael, 1888-1959
Karrik, Valerian Vilʹi︠a︡movich, 1869-1942
Khodasevich, V. F. (Vladislav Felit͡sianovich), 1886-1939
Krasnov, P. N. (Petr Nikolaevich), 1869-1947
Kutepov, Aleksandr Pavlovich, 1882-1930
Lansere, E. (Evgeniĭ), 1875-1946
Lʹvov, Georgiĭ Evgenʹevich, kni︠a︡zʹ, 1861-1925
Lukash, Ivan, 1892-1940
Maklakov, V. A. (Vasiliĭ Alekseevich), 1870-1957
Melʹgunov, S. P. (Sergeĭ Petrovich), 1879-1956
Merezhkovsky, Dmitry Sergeyevich, 1865-1941
Miller, Evgeniĭ Karlovich, 1867-1939
Nabokov, K. D. (Konstantin Dmitrievich), 1872-1927
Nabokov, Vladimir , 1869-1922
Narokov, Nikolaĭ
Nicolaevsky, Boris I., 1887-1966
Nolʹde, B. Ė., Baron (Boris Ėmmanuilovich), 1876-1948
Obolenskiĭ, V. A., kni︠a︡zʹ (Vladimir Andreevich), 1869-1950
Olʹdenburg, S. S. (Sergeĭ Sergeevich)
Paget , Muriel, 1876-1938
Remizov, Alekseĭ, 1877-1957
Savinkov, B. V. (Boris Viktorovich), 1879-1925
Sazonov, Sergeĭ Dmitrievich, 1861-1927
Semenov, I︠U︡liĭ Fedorovich, 1877-1947
Schakovskoy, Zinaïda, princesse, 1906-2001
Ioann, Archbishop of San Francisco and Western United States, 1902-1989
Dioneo, 1865-1935
Shmelev, I. S. (Ivan Sergeevich), 1873-1950
Sikorsky, Igor Ivan, 1889-1972
Stellet︠s︡kīĭ, D. S.
Struve, Gleb
Struve, Petr Berngardovich, 1870-1944
Mirsky , D. S., Prince, 1890-1939
Swinnerton, Frank, 1884-1982
Tėffi, N. A. (Nadezhda Aleksandrovna), 1872-1952
Teslenko, Nikolaĭ V., 1870-1942
Tkhorzhevskiĭ, Iv. (Ivan)
Tolstoy, Alexandra, 1884-1979
T︠S︡urikov, N. A.
Sedykh, Andreĭ, 1902-1994
Ulʹi︠a︡nov, N. (Nikolaĭ), 1904-1985
Varshavskīĭ, S. I.
Vernadsky, George, 1887-1973
Vishni︠a︡k, M. V. (Mark Venʹi︠a︡minovich), 1883-1977
Vysheslavt︠s︡ev, B. P. (Boris Petrovich), 1877-1954
Veĭnbaum, M. E. (Mark Efimovich), 1890-1973
Weizmann, Chaim, 1874-1952
Vrangel', Petr Nikolaevich, Baron, 1878-1928
Zaĭt︠s︡ev, Boris, 1881-1972
Zaĭt︠s︡ev, K. I.
Zaret︠s︡kiĭ, Nikolaĭ Vasilʹevich, 1876-1959
Zeeler, Vladimir Feofilovich, 1874-1954
Alekseev , Mikhail Vasilʹevich, 1857-1918
Kolchak, Aleksandr Vasiliyevich, 1873-1920
Kornilov, Lavr Georgievich, 1870-1918
Vi︠a︡zemskiĭ, Petr Andreevich, kni︠a︡zʹ, 1792-1878



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