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Ege, Otto F.

Sold as Otto F. Ege'sOriginal Leaves from Famous Bibles: Nine Centuries, 1121-1935 A.D.(Cleveland: Otto Ege, circa 1950), this collection consists of more than 60 original Bible leaves in folders. Four items are manuscript pages, while an additional 56 are printed. The leaves range in age from circa 1150 to 1935. During the years 1938-1950, Ege published portfolios under this title with 37, 50 and 60 leaves.

Feinstone, Sol, 1888-1980.
Collection of signed letters from notable individuals ranging from King Charles II to J. Robert Oppenheimer. Collection also includes two printed leaves (four pages) from the Decretals of Pope Gregory IX (ca. 1473) and a print of an illustration of the siege of Yorktown (ca. 1862).
Mary, Queen of Scots, 1542-1587.
Letter from Mary, Queen of Scots, to a Lord Grey, concerning religious tolerance in her realm. Accompanied by several engravings of portraits of her, the earliest dated 1729.