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Titov, A. A. (Aleksandr Andreevich), 1878-

The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, several photographs, documents, financial records, subject files and printed material. The correspondence is chiefly from the period 1925-1958 and includes letters from Mark Aldanov, Anton Denikin, Ivan Shmelev and one or two items each from Ivan Bunin, Pavel Mili︠u︡kov, Alekseĭ Remizov etc. The documents and financial records are primarily personal and the subject files include materials on a number of commemorative celebrations and on various exile organizations in France.

Arkhangelʹskiĭ, Alekseĭ Petrovich, 1872-1959

Papers of General Alekseĭ Petrovich Arkhangelśkiĭ, consisting of correspondence, manuscripts, financial records, membership lists, photographs and miscellaneous printed materials. Most of the documents in the collection pertain to the activities of ROVS and its divisions and member organizations, especially its Fifth Section (Belgium), in the late 1920s and the 1930s and 1940s. The correspondence (1924-1954) is primarily between Arkhangelśkiĭ and other military officers, including A.I. Denikin, P.P.N. Krasnov, E.K. Miller, P.N. Wrangel, V.K. Vitkovskiĭ, I.A. Kholḿsen, P.A. Kusonskiĭ, P.K. Kondzerovskiĭ, E.S. Imnadze, etc. The manuscripts encompass official orders and pronouncements, information bulletins, speeches, announcements, manifestos, emigre military course instruction manuals and reports. Many of the latter deal with Soviet internal affairs and foreign policy. The collection also includes photographs, chiefly of White Army personnel in Yugoslavia in the early 1920s, miscellaneous printed materials, ROVS financial records for the period 1924-1926, various membership lists as well as 24 separate subject files, including materials on the founding of ROVS Fifth Section, ROVS activities in North America, Australia, and the Far East, the ROVS Court of Honor, the Russian Defense Corps (Russkiĭ Okhranyĭ Korpus) in Yugoslavia in World War II, the "Vnutrenni︠a︡i︠a︡ Linii︠a︡" and others.

Baĭkalov, Anatoliĭ, 1882-1964

Correspondence, manuscripts, and documents created during Baikalov's sojourn in England, from about 1918 on. There is correspondence with major Russian emigres such as Aleksandr Guchkov, Aleksandr Kerenskii, Boris Nikolaevskii, and Marc Slonim, and with British figures such as Malcolm Muggeridge, the Duchess of Atholl, Sir Bernard Pares, and Sidney Webb.

Denikin, Anton Ivanovich, 1872-1947

The papers include correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, and printed materials. Among the correspondents are Boris Bakhmeteff, Pavel Mili︠u︡kov, Ivan Shmelev, and Petr Wrangel. There is a manuscript of General Denikin's entitled, "Ocherki russkoĭ smuty," and of some of his other writings. Subject files deal with the Civil War and the emigration. Extensive printed materials include General Denikin's library and a collection of chiefly Russian emigre periodicals. Boxes 51, 52, 56, 61 have been integrated in the SEEC periodical collection.

Nikolśkiĭ, Boris Alexandrovich, d. 1969

The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, subject files, questionnaires, photographs, and printed materials. Cataloged correspondents are Ilín, Anton Denikin, Ivan Shmelev, Boris Zaĭt︠s︡ev, and Kirill Zaĭt︠s︡ev. Correspondence primarily concerns the Russian embassy in Stockholm through 1920 and the Russian Christian Labor Movement (1931-1940). Manuscripts are mostly by Ivan Ilín on anti-Communist topics. Subject files generally concern conferences of the Russian Christian Labor Movement, and also contain information on the Conference Economique des Allies a Paris (1916), the Russian embassy in Stockholm, and Witte's visit to Norway in 1894. Questionnaires, photographs and printed materials mostly deal with the Russian Christian Labor movement. Printed materials contain issues 7-91 of the periodical "Novy put"́ of the Bureau of Russian Christian Workers. The great majority of this collection concerns the Russian Christian Labor Movement.

Tikhobrazov, Dmitriĭ Nikolaevich, 1886-1974

Correspondence, manuscripts, documents and printed materials of Tikhobrazov. The correspondence dates from 1963-1974 and includes letters from Vera Mikhailovna Borel', daughter of General Mikhail Vasil'evich Alekseev. There is one manuscript by Anna Nikolaevna Alekseeva, the General's widow, while the rest are by Tikhobrazov. These include two lengthy versions of his autobiography and a number of shorter essays. The topics Tikhobrazov treats include his own military education, the history of the Imperial family, Rasputin, the 1917 Revolution and the Civil War. With regard to the Civil War, Tikhobrazov describes his experiences under General Briggs. The documents include Civil War military orders, an 1859 diploma awarded to B. I. Ianushevich and Arkadii Pavlovich Levitskii's service record, dated 1915. The printed materials include clippings, illustrations and two copies of "Miroir de l'Histoire" (1964 and 1967) in which articles by Tikhobrazov appeared. There is a photograph album entitled "Russkaia armiia na Balkanakh" with many photos of White units in exile in the 1920's.

Savchenko, Ilʹi︠a︡ Grigorʹevich, 1889-

The papers of Il'ia Grigor'evich Savchenko (1889-1961). The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, caricatures, and materials relating to a number of Russian émigré organizations. The materials relating to émigré organizations include correspondence, financial records, and mimeographed textbooks prepared by the professors of the Russkii iuridicheskii fakul'tet v Prage (Russian Juridical Institute in Prague), and correspondence and printed materials of the Soiuz ob"edinenii russkikh okonchivshikh vysshie uchebnye asvedeniia (OROVUZ; Union of Societies of Russians Who Have Graduated from Institutes of Higher Education), which Savchenko headed. In addition, there are materials relating to other émigré groups in Europe and the United States with which Savchenko was associated.