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Dr. Joseph Janvier Woodward
Scope and content: Examination notes taken by Dr. Robert King Stone, family physician of President Abraham Lincoln, after Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth on April 14, 1865. Includes autopsy notes of J.J. (Joseph Janvier) Woodward, another physician who examined Lincoln. Additionally, there is an 1864 sheet containing autographs of Lincoln and his cabinet (William H. Seward, Salmon Chase, Edwin M. Stanton, Gideon Welles, J.P. Usher, M. Blair, and Edward Bates).
Kohlhofer, Adolf J.

Field notebook for RPI's Junior Class Hydrographic and Topographic Survey, kept by Adolph Kohlhofer, Class of 1912. The notebook includes sketches of surveys, tide gage readings, level notes, notes on the Hudson River, various computations, and related information. Kohlhofer also listed the surnames of other students who worked on both surveys with him.

Powell, Ambrose V.

Ambrose V. Powell's (RPI Class of 1868) diary, dated 1865. Powell describes his college experience as a student at Rensselaer, and writes about news of the Civil War. The most noteworthy diary entries describe Powell's reaction to President Lincoln's assassination, how the city of Troy mourned the passing of the President, as well as mentioning his visit to Albany to view President Lincoln's casket.

Petrizzi, Jennie

This collection covers the entirety of American Can Company’s years of business, from 1901-1989, with a large number of photos (many duplicates of the same company distributed photos). It also includes personal reference books of former employees, publications distributed by the company, and tools of the trade. Blueprints, correspondence, articles, and photographs make up the bulk of the collection.

Amos Parrish and Company, New York
The workbook that comprises this collection was used during the Amos Parrish Fashion Merchandising Clinic, held in New York City, January 6-10, 1930. The clinic was offered once and at times twice annually from the 1920s through 1955 to forecast the year's fashion industry trends. This workbook belonged to Howard Phillips, merchandise manager for Ernst Kern Department Store, Detroit, Michigan, and was annotated by Phillips.
Cary, Edward Richard

RPI Professor Edward R. Cary's "A Short Lecture Course on the Construction of Diagrams for The Div. B - C.E. Students at R.P.I." Cary was RPI Professor of Surveying and Railroad Engineering, and his typescript lists the kinds of diagrams presented in the course, such as comparison and conversion diagrams, alignment diagrams, and logarithmic diagrams.