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Golit︠s︡yn, Aleksandr Dmitrīevich, kni︠a︡zʹ, 1874-1957

The memoirs are in two series: Golit︠s︡yn's typescript "Vospominanii︠a︡" (453 p. in 17 notebooks), which cover his childhood and youth, his "period of social and political service (1900-1917)", in World War I, and the Revolution and Civil War; and a manuscript in two notebooks entitled "Vtoroĭ god Russkoĭ Revoli︠u︡t︠s︡ii: Bolśhevizm na Ukraine; Getmanskiĭ perevot; Petli︠u︡rovshchina" (410 p.), which discusses the Civil War in the Ukraine.

Girs, A. F. (Alekseĭ Fedorovich), 1871-1958

One letter, manuscripts, and printed materials of Aleksei Fedorovich Girs and of his wife, Liubov' Aleksandrovna Girs. The letter, dated 1914, when Girs was governor of Minsk, is addressed to N. A. Maklakov. Aleksei Gir's memoirs cover such topics as his service in Estland; Petr Stolypin; the "Jewish question;" Tsar Nicholas II; and independent Estonia, where he lived in 1918-1924. There are also two reports by Girs from the time of his service in Minsk. ́Liubov Girs is represented chiefly by diaries from 1901-1918, particularly on Odessa in 1905-1906; Stolypin's murder in 1911; and Nizhny Novgorod in 1917. Among the printed materials are announcements of Gir's accession to the Minsk governorship in 1914-1915.

Obolenskīĭ, A. V., kni︠a︡zʹ, 1877-1969

The photographs, taken before 1917, belonged to the Obshchestvo Okhrany Pami︠a︡tnikov Iskusstva i Stariny, and are mostly of Georgian religious art and architecture. The printed materials consist of a map of the Caucasus region and of Obolenskiĭ's memoirs: "Moi vospominanii︠a︡" (1953), and "Moi vospominanii︠a︡ i razmyshlenii︠a︡" (1961). Memoirs were cataloged and transfered to SEEC: see SEEC 1641gb (1953 edition) and SEEC 1642gb (1961 edtition).

I︠A︡khontov, Arkadiĭ Nikolaevich, 1878-1938

The papers consist of correspondence and notes. The correspondence is made up of letters to I︠A︡khontov concerning his memoirs about the Council of Ministers from pre-revolutionary officials, including Vladimir Kokovt︠s︡ev, Pavel Ignatév, and Vsevolod Shakhovskoĭ. The notes are minutes taken at the meetings of the Council of Ministers; these exist as both the original handwritten notes and as typed copies. Finally, there is a brief memoir by I︠A︡khontov concerning World War I, and a printed copy of the announcement by Nicholas II that World War I had been declared.

Nikolśkiĭ, Boris Alexandrovich, d. 1969

The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, subject files, questionnaires, photographs, and printed materials. Cataloged correspondents are Ilín, Anton Denikin, Ivan Shmelev, Boris Zaĭt︠s︡ev, and Kirill Zaĭt︠s︡ev. Correspondence primarily concerns the Russian embassy in Stockholm through 1920 and the Russian Christian Labor Movement (1931-1940). Manuscripts are mostly by Ivan Ilín on anti-Communist topics. Subject files generally concern conferences of the Russian Christian Labor Movement, and also contain information on the Conference Economique des Allies a Paris (1916), the Russian embassy in Stockholm, and Witte's visit to Norway in 1894. Questionnaires, photographs and printed materials mostly deal with the Russian Christian Labor movement. Printed materials contain issues 7-91 of the periodical "Novy put"́ of the Bureau of Russian Christian Workers. The great majority of this collection concerns the Russian Christian Labor Movement.

Gershun, Boris Lʹvovich, 1870-1954

Included are Gershun's manuscript memoirs, entitled "Vospominanii︠a︡ russkogo advokata" (843 p.), covering the 1890s to 1918; manuscripts and typescript of a work entitled "Essai sur la Profession dʹAdvocat"; a letter; two printed items which concern Gershun, and some newspaper clippings.

Li︠u︡bimov, Dmitrīĭ Nikolaevich, 1863-1942

Papers of Dmitrii Nikolaevich Liubimov, consisting of correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, and printed materials. Correspondents include Vasilii Maklakov and Boris Zaitsev, and there is a document signed by Boris Savinkov. Manuscripts include Liubimov's memoirs of his years in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, "Russkaia smuta nachala deviatisotykh godov (1902-1906)", and others by him on many topics, often based on his personal experiences. Liubimov scrapbooks from the emigration include notes and clippings on various topics. There are materials relating to the activities of his wife, Liudmila Ivanovna, as representative of the Russian Red Cross in Poland in 1919-1922, including correspondence and a photograph album.

Efimovskiĭ, Evgeniĭ Amvrosévich, 1884-1964

The papers consist of manuscripts, photographs, and printed materials. Among the manuscripts are his typescript memoirs entitled "Vstrechi na zhiznennom puti" (53 pp.), which discuss his youth, student days in the history faculty of Moscow University, his work in the Constitutional Democratic (Kadet) Party, and the 1917 Revolution; and manuscripts of articles, some concerning the emigre monarchist movement. There are four photographs of Efimovskiĭ. Printed materials include offprints of his articles.