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Leĭman, Konstantin Stepanovich

The collection consists of manuscripts and memoirs dealing with the history of the 97th Livland Infantry Regiment and the Vilnius Military Academy. The memoirs concern the 6th Hussar Regiment of Major-General Iakov P. Kuliev, and Colonel Nikolai Nikolaevich Alekseev, commander of the 97th Livland Regiment. Included in the manuscript on the 97th Livland Regiment are photographs, drawings and clippings.

Svi︠e︡chin, Mikhail, 1876-1969

Svechin's memoirs (3 volumes, dated Nice, 1956-1958) deal with his childhood and military education as well as with his military career from 1905 to 1920. He discusses his training at the Nikolaevskoe kavaleriĭskoe uchilishche and his service in the Russo-Japanese War, World War I and the 1917 Revolution. With regard to the Civil War, Svechin recounts White Army campaigns in the Don region and his association with Generals Krasnov, Wrangel and Hetman Skoropadskiĭ. Svechin also makes brief mention of his emigration to Europe. A number of photographs appear throughout the text. The collection also includes books on military science by Svechin's brother Aleksandr Andreevich who remained in the Soviet Union and actively participated in the formation of the Soviet Army. Also included is a subject file on the fate of A.A. Svechin in the purges of the 1930's.

Skobelev, Mikhail Dmitrievich, 1843-1882

The papers consist of Skobelev's correspondence, manuscripts, documents, subject files, and printed materials. There are awards and documents of Skobelev, his father (Dmitrii Ivanovich), and his grandfather (Ivan Nikitich), both of whom were also generals. These documents include ones signed by Russian Tsars Alexander I, Nicholas I, Paul I, and Alexander II, and by two Kings of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm IV and Wilhelm I. The correspondence primarily dates from 1870-1890 and consists mainly of letters received by Mikhail Skobelev and copies of letters which he wrote. The manuscripts include essays on military affairs, some of which are by Skobelev. There are subject files concerning the Akhal-Tekinski expedition (1880-1881) and the Russo-Turkish War. Among the printed materials are clippings and maps.

Osipov, Mikhail Petrovich

The collection consists of a photograph of Sergeĭ M. Lifaŕ correspondence, a diary, manuscripts and memoirs, subject files, documents, military service records and questionnaires, membership registers of the Union of the Knights of St. George (Soi︠u︡z georgievskikh kavalerov), photographs and printed materials. The collection mostly concerns the Russian General-Military Union and the Union of the Knights of St. George. The diary is by Lev L. De-vit on the Civil War. Subject files include materials on the Union of the Knights of St. George and Major-General Ippolit V. Savit︠s︡kiĭ. Service records, military service questionnaires, membership records and photographs deal with members of both organizations. Printed materials include mimeographed bulletins of these organizations and a book listing the recipients of the Order of St. George, dated November 26, 1916.

Voronkov, Nikolaĭ P., 1883-

Manuscripts by Voronkov. One manuscript is a short (6 p.), handwritten, autobiographical essay, in which Voronkov mentions his military education, his service in the Russian Imperial Army, his management of a military factory in WWI, and his emigration after the Civil War. The other manuscript"Svi︠a︡tai︠a︡ Ruś" consists of 80 poems written by Voronkov primarily about Imperial Russia, Russian Orthodoxy and the Romanov family. The collection also includes a copy of a Russian emigre newspaper published in Argentina ("Nasha Strana" 15 Feb. 1966) that contains an article about Voronkov's poems.

Onoprienko family

The papers consist of correspondence, documents, a photograph, and printed materials. The correspondence is to Vera Vasilʹevna Onoprienko, Pavel's wife, and to Sofiia Pavlovna Onoprienko. Documents primarily deal with Pavel Vasil'evich Onoprienko and his tenure as aide to the Russian military agent in Paris. Among the documents there is an affidavit dated 1906 dealing with privy councillor Vasilii Semenovich Adikaevskii of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. There is a group photograph with Vladimir Onoprienko from the Russo-Turkish War.

Chizhov, Pavel Nikolaevich, 1882-1961

The bulk of the collection consists of memoirs and manuscripts on historical military themes by Pavel Nikolaevich Chizhov. The memoirs deal with such topics as Chizhov's military education, his military service (garrison duty in Warsaw, the Far East, World War I, and the Civil War in the south), and his life in the emigration.