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Bogaevskiĭ, A. P. (Afrikan Petrovich), 1873-1934

Correspondence, manuscripts, subject files, and printed materials of Afrikan P. Bogaevskiĭ. The bulk of the collection concerns emigre Cossacks in Europe, but there are also materials from the Civil War. There are letters from such White Generals as Petr Krasnov, Aleksandr Kutepov, and Petr Wrangel, and many letters from various persons to Bogaevskiĭ's widow after his death. Manuscripts include Bogaevskiĭ's addresses ("obrashchenii︠a︡") to the emigre Cossacks and his memoirs about the Cuban campaign of 1918. Subject files concern the Civil War, emigre Cossacks and related matters. Printed materials touch on Bogaevskiĭ's death and funeral.

Bashmakov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, 1858-1943

These papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts, documents, subject files, photographs, and printed materials. Most of the collection concerns Bashmakov's ethnographical work in France in the 1920s and 1930s, including correspondence, many manuscripts, lectures, notes, and copies of his publications. Subject files concern emigre monarchism in France, and the death of Father Georgiĭ Spasskiĭ. There are copies of the Russian version of Bashmakova's memoirs, "Perezhitoe." Cataloged correspondence in the collection consists of letters from Petr Krasnov and one or two items each from Henry Field, Evgeniĭ Miller, Petr Wrangel, and Boris Zaĭt︠s︡ev. There are also photographic slides representing ethnographical types from the Caucasus.

Orlov, Georgiĭ Aleksandrovich, 1895-1964

The collection consists of correspondence, a diary, manuscripts, memoirs, notes, a subject file, photographs and printed materials. Correspondence is primarilly addressed to Orlov and his wife. Manuscripts and memoirs, chiefly by Orlov, deal with Civil War topics. Orlov's diary covers the years 1918-1921. Notes are on World War II, and the subject file concerns the death of Orlov. Photographs include a group picture of a Gallipoli Society meeting in Prague. Printed materials include clippings, mimeographed materials, pamphlets and copies of periodicals, all relating to the Gallipoli Society.

Rozen, Konstantin Nikolaevich, 1883-approximately 1950

The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts and memoirs, documents, minutes of meetings, financial records, photographs, maps, and printed materials. Cataloged correspondents include Grand Duke Nikolaĭ Nikolaevich and General Petr Wrangel. Manuscripts include memoirs by Konstantin Rozen on his military service from 1902-1917, and a memoir by F. N. Bui︠a︡k entitled "Vospominanii︠a︡ starogo kavalergarda 1885-1902." Subject files are on Kadry Voĭsk Ofit︠s︡erov (Cadres of Military Officers) in Belgrade and Soi︠u︡z Russkikh Ofit︠s︡erov (Union of Russian Officers), emigre Russian military organizations. Documents concern Rozen's family and estate in Vitebsk province. Minutes of meetings concern the Kavalergardskai︠a︡ Semi︠́a︡ (Cavalry Guard Family). Financial records cover the fundraising activities of Soi︠u︡z Russkikh Ofit︠s︡erov and the estate. Photographs are of the estate, and maps are of the Vitebsk region and the estate grounds. Printed materials concern the estate and the above mentioned military organizations, and include copies of the news bulletin"Vestnik Kavalergardskoĭ Semí.".

Svi︠e︡chin, Mikhail, 1876-1969

Svechin's memoirs (3 volumes, dated Nice, 1956-1958) deal with his childhood and military education as well as with his military career from 1905 to 1920. He discusses his training at the Nikolaevskoe kavaleriĭskoe uchilishche and his service in the Russo-Japanese War, World War I and the 1917 Revolution. With regard to the Civil War, Svechin recounts White Army campaigns in the Don region and his association with Generals Krasnov, Wrangel and Hetman Skoropadskiĭ. Svechin also makes brief mention of his emigration to Europe. A number of photographs appear throughout the text. The collection also includes books on military science by Svechin's brother Aleksandr Andreevich who remained in the Soviet Union and actively participated in the formation of the Soviet Army. Also included is a subject file on the fate of A.A. Svechin in the purges of the 1930's.

Makhrov, Petr Semenovich, 1877-1964

Papers of Petr S. Makhrov, consisting primarily of extensive manuscript memoirs. Emigrating to France, he became a leading figure in the "Soviet patriotic" movement during and after World War II. His memoirs, in thousands of pages, discuss all aspects of his career. The papers also include correspondence, documents, photographs, and printed materials. There are orders (prikazy) from World War I and the Civil War, and reports and telegrams from his time in Poland. There is a copy of "Russkie v Gallipoli" autographed by Wrangel, and a photograph album entitled "Russkai︠a︡ armii︠a︡ na Balkanakh." Also included is the 1841 report of the director of the Imperial Military Academy in St. Petersburg, General Sukhozanet.

Botkin, Sergeĭ Dmitrievich, 1869-1945

Correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, subject files, and printed materials. The bulk of the correspondence consists of copies of reports and dispatches sent by Botkin to the Council of Ambassadors (in Paris) in 1919-1935. Also included are many letters to Botkin by Baron V. Osten-Saken, and Botkin's letterbooks for 1930-1934. Manuscripts include Botkin's memoirs. Extensive subject files concern Russian prisoners of war in World War I, the Civil War in the Baltic region, and the emigration in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s. Also included are miscellaneous materials relating to the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the 19th and early 20th centuries, including consular correspondence, departmental circulars, passports, and texts of treaties. There is a letter signed by the painter Orest Kiprenskii, and letters and documents signed by such officials as Aleksandr Izvol'skii, V. N. Lamzdorf, Ivan Paskevich, Sergei Sazonov, and Sergei Uvarov. These items were collected by Botkin.

Soi︠u︡z byvshikh russkikh sudebnykh dei︠a︡teleĭ vo Frant︠s︡ii

The records of the Soiuz byvshikh russkikh sudebnykh deiatelei vo Frantsii (Association of Former Russian Magistrates in France) from its inception in 1925 through 1970. The most frequently recurring materials are: correspondence, both general and specifically related to membership drives and fund-raising activities; minutes and organization memoranda; legal briefs on behalf of clients settling disputes before arbitration panels; and mimeo and printed materials, especially clippings. Included among the correspondence are several letters from Generals Denikin, Miller and Vrangel.