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Borman, Arkadiĭ, 1891-1974

Typescript memoirs of Arkadiĭ A. Borman, entitled "Vospominanii︠a︡ o strashnykh godakh 1917-1918" (278 p.), and concern his activities during the Revolution and early Civil War. Also included are published English and Russian versions of a portion of his memoirs, concerning Petr Struve's escape from Soviet Russia in 1918.

Vechorin, E. A. (Evgenīĭ Aleksandrovich), 1884-1969

Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, subject files, and printed materials of Evgenii Aleksandrovich Vechorin, chiefly concerning alumni of the St. Petersburg Polytechnical Institute. The catalogued correspondence includes letters from Nikolai Andreev, Petr Savitskii, Igor ́Sikorskii, Gleb Struve, and Alfred Swann, and other prominent figures. Much of the arranged correspondence is from fellow graduates of the Institute, and concerns alumni affairs. Most of the manuscripts are likewise by fellow graduates; many are memoirs, such as those by Vechorin himself, while others concern technical subjects. Among the subject files are biographical sketches of Institute graduates and files on such individuals as Petr Savitskii, Igor ́Sikorskii, and Alfred Swann. There are several photographs taken at the Institute ca. 1900 as well as photographs of Vechorin and his colleagues after emigration. The printed materials include clippings and excerpts, miscellaneous journals, and books by Vechorin and S. P. Timoshenko.

Vernadsky, George, 1887-1973

Correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, subject files, printed materials, and memorabilia of historian George Vernadsky (Georgii Vladimirovich Vernadskii; 1887-1973). Most of the collection consists of his personal and professional papers, circa 1918-1973. Sizable groups of materials also concern members of his family, especially his wife Nina (1884-1971); his father, scientist Vladimir I. Vernadskii (1863-1945); his mother Nataliia E. Vernadskaia (1860-1943); and his sister Nina V. Toll' (1898-circa 1976).

Kutyrina, I︠U︡lii︠a︡ Aleksandrovna, 1891-1979

The papers, which primarily concern Shmelev, consist of correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, and printed materials. The correspondence includes photocopies of letters from Petr Struve to Ivan Shmelev, and of letters from Shmelev to one Aleksandr Ivanovich. Manuscripts consist of Kutyrina's memoirs and essays about Shmelev; these draw heavily on correspondence of Shmelev, Ivan Bunin, Konstantin Balḿont, and Thomas Mann. Also included are Kutyrina's memoirs about the October 1917 Revolution in Moscow. Printed materials consist of books by Kutyrina's husband, the writer Ivan Novgorod-Severskiĭ.

Kovalevskiĭ, M. M. (Maksim Maksimovich), 1851-1916

The papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts, documents, and printed materials. Correspondence includes 82 letters from Maksim Kovalevskiĭ to the mathematician Sofii︠a︡ Kovalevskai︠a︡; 69 letters from Petr Lavrov to Kovalevskiĭ; and letters to Kovalevskiĭ from Anton Chekhov (typed copies), Nikolaĭ Mikhaĭlovskiĭ, Pavel Mili︠u︡kov, Petr Struve, and Ivan Turgenev (typed copy). Manuscripts consist of Kovalevskiĭ's handwritten memoirs, with a typed copy and some printed excerpts. Documents consist of Kovalevskiĭ's diplomas from the University of Berlin (1873), the Russian Imperial Academy of Sciences (1899), and the Deputazione Veneta di Storia Patria (1901).

Bernat︠s︡kīĭ, M. V. (Mikhail Vladimirovich), 1876-

Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, subject files, and printed materials. Cataloged correspondence consists of letters by Petr Struve. There are Bernatskii's memoirs of 1917, and copies of several publications by him. Subject files concern: the finances of the Provisional Government and of the Whites in the South and in Siberia and the Far East; and the settlement of White Army veterans in European countries in the 1920s.

Yudenich, Nikolay Nikolayevich, 1862-1933

Papers include correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, subject files, maps, and printed materials. Cataloged correspondents include Georgiĭ Lv́ov, Anton Kartashev, and Petr Struve. The correspondence concerns to a large extent I︠U︡denich's aid to fellow emigres in France during the 1920s and 1930s. Manuscripts include a memoir about I︠U︡denich by his widow, Aleksandra, and I︠U︡denich's diary from 1919. Included also are two sets of the files of the Northwestern Army from 1919-20, and additional subject files concerning the Civil War. There are financial records of both the Northwestern Army and of I︠U︡denich himself. The photographs are of the Caucasian front, which I︠U︡denich commanded in 1914-17. Maps are of both the Caucasian front in World War I and of the Baltic region and the campaigns of the Northwestern Army.

Ivanov, Georgiĭ Matveevich

Correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, and printed materials of Baroness Sofii︠a︡ I. Taube, writer and editor in Russia and the emigration who wrote under the name Sofii︠a︡ Anichkova. Among her books was "Zagadka Lenina." While in Russia before the 1920s, she edited such literary periodicals as "Skazki zhizni" and "Almanakh." There are single letters in the collection from Georgiĭ Ivanov, Aleksandr Kuprin, Petr Struve, and other writers. Manuscripts consist primarily of writings by Anichkova-Taube, including her memoirs of literary life in Petrograd in 1917-24: "Vechera poetov v gody bedstvii." Other manuscript items and drawings by other writers also concern these "poets' evenings." Also included are memoirs by her husband Emmanuil N. Taube about Czechoslovakia at the end of World War II. There are numerous photographs of Anichkova-Taube. Printed materials consist of her books, books inscribed to her, scattered issues of periodicals which she edited or in which she published, and newspaper clippings.