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Remizov, Alekseĭ, 1877-1957

Most of the manuscripts are from the late 1940s. They are chiefly organized into collections of memoirs, essays, and dreams. Many were published, albeit in somewhat different form and order, in Remizov's later books, such as "Pli︠a︡shuschiĭ demon" "Myshkina dudochka" and "Martyn Zadeka." Some of the manuscripts are in one or more handwritten drafts; some are in typescript, or consist of corrected clippings appended to pieces of paper; and some are rather chaotic notes and scraps. Also included are clippings and offprints of several of Remizov's shorter works.

Shpoli︠a︡nskiĭ, Aminad Petrovich, approximately 1888-1957

The papers include correspondence, manuscripts, and printed materials. Correspondence consists of letters from a number of important cultural figures in the emigration, including: Ivan Bunin, Zinaida Guppius, Aleksandr Kuprin, Pavel Mili︠u︡kov, Alekseĭ Remizov, Nadezhda Teffi, and Alekseĭ Tolstoĭ; there are also one or two letters each from Konstantin Balḿont, Dmitriĭ Merezhkovskiĭ, Ili︠́a︡ Repin, Fedor Shali︠a︡pin, and Marina T︠S︡vetaeva. There are manuscripts of several works by Shpoli︠a︡nskiĭ, including his memoirs, "Poezd na tretém puti" (New York, 1954).

Damanskai͡a, A. (Avgusta), 1885-

There are letters from Russian emigre writers such as Mark Aldanov, Ekaterina Kuskova, Mikhail Osorgin, and Alekseĭ Remizov, and by western authors, including Henri Barbusse and Alexander Roda Roda. Manuscripts include memoirs, stories, and notebooks of Damanskai︠a︡. Printed materials consist of clippings of her articles, and one book by her entitled "Kartochnye domiki sovetskogo stroitelśtva" (1920).

Savchenko, Ilʹi︠a︡ Grigorʹevich, 1889-

The papers of Il'ia Grigor'evich Savchenko (1889-1961). The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, caricatures, and materials relating to a number of Russian émigré organizations. The materials relating to émigré organizations include correspondence, financial records, and mimeographed textbooks prepared by the professors of the Russkii iuridicheskii fakul'tet v Prage (Russian Juridical Institute in Prague), and correspondence and printed materials of the Soiuz ob"edinenii russkikh okonchivshikh vysshie uchebnye asvedeniia (OROVUZ; Union of Societies of Russians Who Have Graduated from Institutes of Higher Education), which Savchenko headed. In addition, there are materials relating to other émigré groups in Europe and the United States with which Savchenko was associated.

Tėffi, N. A. (Nadezhda Aleksandrovna), 1872-1952
Correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, drawings, sheet-music and printed material of Teffi (Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Lokhvitskaia, married name Buchinskaia; 1872-1952. Тэффи, Надежда Александровна Лохвицкая, в замужестве Бучинская), a Russian émigré writer.
Unkovskīĭ, V. (Vladimīr), 1888-1964

Correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs and printed materials of Unkovskiĭ. The correspondence includes letters from such individuals as Emile Baës, Vladimir Burt︠s︡ev, Nikolaĭ Evreĭnov, Galina Kuznet︠s︡ova, Boris Lazarevskiĭ, Alekseĭ Remizov, Ivan Shmelov, Boris Zaĭt︠s︡ev, and Leonid Zurov. Nearly all the manuscripts are by Unkovskiĭ, and include essays, stories, and excerpts from his memoirs, many of which were published in emigre journals. There are a number of scrapbooks containing clippings of his articles. In addition, the collection contains galleys of books by Unkovskiĭ, and copies of some of his full-length works, including "Ikary" (1942) and "Andreĭ Klinskiĭ" (1940).

Zernov family

Correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, subject files, and printed materials of members of the Zernov family, especially Nikolaĭ M. Zernov. Correspondence includes letters from Nikolaĭ Berdi︠a︡ev, Archimandrite Kiprian, Alekseĭ Remizov, Vasiliĭ Zenḱovskiĭ, and copies of many letters from Gustave Kullmann to his wife Marii︠a︡, nʹee Zernova. Manuscripts include: memoirs by Sofii︠a︡ A. Zernova about her childhood, youth, and family; Sofii︠a︡ M. Zernova's albums, poems, diaries and memoirs about the Civil War and the emigration in Europe; manuscripts by Nikolaĭ Zernov on religious and literary themes; a report by a Lt. Shokotov on his White Army detached service in 1917-1919; a brief manuscript by Vladimir M. Zernov claiming that syphillis was a contributing factor in Lenin's death; and manuscripts and speeches by Kullmann. Subject files include biographical information collected by Nikolaĭ Zernov on many emigre Orthodox churchmen and religious writers, and materials relating to Kullmann and the Zernov family.