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Bennigsen, A. P., graf

Papers of Adam Pavlovich Benningsen and his wife Feofanii︠a︡ Vladimirovna Benningsen. This collection contains a substantial number of letters which Adam Benningsen wrote to his wife while serving with the White armies in South Russia during 1919-1921. The bulk of the collection consists of manuscripts by Adam Benningsen: a lengthy memoir of his service in the Tsar's army in World War I and in the White armies in the Civil War; diaries and draft memoirs relating to the same period; memoirs of the fall of France in 1940 and of his own imprisonment, apparently by the Germans, during World War II; and two short manuscripts containing theological reflections. A short memoir of the Revolution by Feofanii︠a︡ Benningsen ("Iz zapisok grafini F. V. Benningsen," 1917)., a collection of White Army poems and songs, and a hand-produced satirical journal emanating from the White Army's camp at Gallipoli (1921) complete the collection. Correspondence: Series of letters from A. P. Benningsen to F. V. Benningsen (1919-1920) and other letters from A. P. Benningsen to F. V. Benningsen (1919-1921). Manuscripts: Diary of Adam P. Benningsen (22 July-4 September, 1914; "Iz zapisok grafini F. V. Benningsen" (1917); Prison diary of A. P. Benningsen (1943); "Razvei gore v golom pole", No. 15, (Gallipoli, 16 June, 1921); Religious reflections of Adam P. Benningsen. Notebooks: Memoirs of Adam P. Benningsen (1914-1921?), 4 notebooks, continuous pagination; Drafts of memoirs and diaries by Adam P. Benningsen; Memoirs of the fall of France by Adam P. Benningsen ("May 1940"); Theological reflections by Adam P. Benningsen. Songs and poems of the White army

Bogaevskiĭ, A. P. (Afrikan Petrovich), 1873-1934

Correspondence, manuscripts, subject files, and printed materials of Afrikan P. Bogaevskiĭ. The bulk of the collection concerns emigre Cossacks in Europe, but there are also materials from the Civil War. There are letters from such White Generals as Petr Krasnov, Aleksandr Kutepov, and Petr Wrangel, and many letters from various persons to Bogaevskiĭ's widow after his death. Manuscripts include Bogaevskiĭ's addresses ("obrashchenii︠a︡") to the emigre Cossacks and his memoirs about the Cuban campaign of 1918. Subject files concern the Civil War, emigre Cossacks and related matters. Printed materials touch on Bogaevskiĭ's death and funeral.

Volzhanin-Nizhegorodet︠s︡, A. A. (Aleksandr Alekseevich), 1896-

Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs and printed materials of Volzhanin. The correspondence includes two letters from Aleksandra Tolstai︠a︡. The manuscripts are all by Volzhanin himself, and include memoirs describing his World War I military service, his service in the White Army in Siberia, his arrest and imprisonment until about 1937, his service with the Germans during World War II, and his eventual emigration to the United States. Other manuscripts deal with noted figures in Russian history, the emigre press, and literature. There are a few photographs of Volzhanin and a number of clippings.

Volzhenskiĭ, Aleksandr Mitrofanovich

Correspondence and manuscripts of Volzhenskii. The correspondence dates from the 1920's and primarily concerns Red Cross affairs in Harbin and Japan. There is an untitled manuscript by an anonymous author concerning collectivization in the Saratov area, and there are reports discussing Red Cross activities during the Civil War in the Far East and the Crimea. Also included is a photograph and an engraving.

Kutepov, Aleksandr Pavlovich, 1882-1930

Correspondence consists chiefly of consolatory letters to his wife after his abduction; there are also letters to Kutepov from other White generals, such as Petr Wrangel and Pavel Shatilov. The financial records appear to be of the Military Union in 1924-29. Subject files concern such topics as Ataman Semenov and the Civil War in the Far East, the Civil War in the south, and the remnants of the White Army in Gallipoli and Bulgaria in 1921-22. Printed materials include emigre books and periodicals, a number of them concerning the Eurasian movement (evraziĭstvo).

Lukin, Aleksandr Petrovich

The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, military reports and clippings. The majority of the collection consists of clippings from the emigre newspapers "Poslednie Novosti" and "Illi︠u︡strovannai︠a︡ Rossii︠a︡," and mostly contain Lukin's memoirs about his service in the Black Sea Fleet. The manuscripts are largely comprised of Lukin's memoirs and include a manuscript (20 p.) on the Krondstadt uprising, "Vo vlasti Kronshtadtskikh matrosov." There is also a manuscript (28 p.) by the widow of Admiral Viren entitled "O sobytii︠a︡kh v Kronshtadte."

Brusilov, Alekseĭ Alekseevich, 1853-1926

Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, and printed materials of General Aleksiei Alekseevich Brusilov and his wife Nadezhda Vladimirovna. The correspondence is largely copies of their letters from 1914-1918 and her correspondence after his death. The manuscripts include part of his memoirs and several of her minor manuscripts, including an incomplete memoir. There are family photographs as well as photographs of Brusilov in military dress. Printed materials relate to Brusilov's career in the Imperial and Red armies and his rehabilitation by the Soviets in the Khrushchev era.

Girs, A. F. (Alekseĭ Fedorovich), 1871-1958

One letter, manuscripts, and printed materials of Aleksei Fedorovich Girs and of his wife, Liubov' Aleksandrovna Girs. The letter, dated 1914, when Girs was governor of Minsk, is addressed to N. A. Maklakov. Aleksei Gir's memoirs cover such topics as his service in Estland; Petr Stolypin; the "Jewish question;" Tsar Nicholas II; and independent Estonia, where he lived in 1918-1924. There are also two reports by Girs from the time of his service in Minsk. ́Liubov Girs is represented chiefly by diaries from 1901-1918, particularly on Odessa in 1905-1906; Stolypin's murder in 1911; and Nizhny Novgorod in 1917. Among the printed materials are announcements of Gir's accession to the Minsk governorship in 1914-1915.

Wardwell, Allen, 1873-1953

Papers of Wardwell. These papers chiefly concern the 1917-1918 American Red Cross Mission to Russia, in which Wardwell served, and his involvement in efforts to support trade with and aid to Russia in 1919-1924; he was chairman of the Russian Famine Fund in that period. There are a few items concerning the 1941 W.A. Harriman-Lord Beaverbrook mission to Russia, in which Wardwell participated. Materials on the Red Cross Mission are chiefly from May-October 1918, when Wardwell commanded it; they consist of correspondence, reports, documents, many photographs, and transcribed excerpts from Wardwell's diary and letters home. Major correspondents include Georgiĭ Chicherin, Lev Trot︠s︡kiĭ, and Raymond Robins. Records of Wardwell's efforts in regard to Russia in 1919-1924 consist of extensive correspondence files with prominent Americans, such as Robins and Herbert Hoover, manuscripts, related printed materials, and Wardwell's diary of his trip to Russia in the fall of 1922.