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Kagan, Abram Saulovich, 1888-1984

Papers include Kagan's correspondence, photographs, printed materials and audio tapes. All letters in the collection date from 1938-39, when he had moved his Petropolis operations to Brussels; there are items by Vladislav Khodasevich, Vladimir Nabokov, and Mikhail Osorgin, and others. Among the photographs are pictures of Ivan Bunin, Konstantin Fedin, and Evgeniĭ Zami︠a︡tin. Printed materials consist chiefly of books published by his firms; some of the books are inscribed, for example by Nikolaĭ Berdi︠a︡ev and Lev Karsavin. Included is a lengthy taped interview of Kagan by Marc Raeff in which Kagan discuses his life and publishing activities.

Damanskai͡a, A. (Avgusta), 1885-

There are letters from Russian emigre writers such as Mark Aldanov, Ekaterina Kuskova, Mikhail Osorgin, and Alekseĭ Remizov, and by western authors, including Henri Barbusse and Alexander Roda Roda. Manuscripts include memoirs, stories, and notebooks of Damanskai︠a︡. Printed materials consist of clippings of her articles, and one book by her entitled "Kartochnye domiki sovetskogo stroitelśtva" (1920).

Sarach, Boris Markovich, 1879-

The collection consists of two sets of correspondence: letters from the writer Mikhail Osorgin to Sarach, and copies of letters written by Sarach to Nikolaĭ P. Vakar during the German occupation of Paris. Sarach remained in Paris during this period, and his letters to Vakar recount -- in a rather cryptic fashion -- the activities of "Poslednie Novosti" associates and such events as apartment searches and censorship. There is an explanatory letter by V.P. Velḿin on the letters by Sarach.

Soi︠u︡z russkikh pisateleĭ i zhurnalistov v Parizhe

Correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, organizational records, and accounts of the Soi︠u︡z Russkikh Pisateleĭ i Zhurnalistov v Parizhe (Union of Russian Writers and Journalists in Paris). The correspondence (ca. 1920-1951) primarily deals with organizational subsidies and events, and includes letters from such writers as Mark Aldanov, Ivan Bunin, Mikhail Fedorov, Mikhail Osorgin, Alekseĭ Remizov, Nadezhda Teffi, Marina T︠S︡vetaeva and Boris Zaĭt︠s︡ev (the president of the organization) among others. There are manuscripts by Vladimir Zeeler and Sofii︠a︡ Anichkova-Taube as well as photographs of several members of the organization. The financial records include receipts for subsidies and general financial statements covering the 1920-1950 period. The organizational records concern Union balls, publications, and other activities. There are also folders of miscellaneous notes and clippings.

Nikitin, Vasiliĭ Petrovich, 1885-1960

The papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts, notes, documents, photographs, subject files, and printed materials. Among the correspondents are Louis Marin, Mikhail Osorgin, Alekseĭ Remizov, Boris Ubegaun, George Vernadsky, and the "Eurasianists" Petr Savitskiĭ and Petr Suvchinskiĭ; there is one letter from Nikolaĭ Marr. There is the manuscript of Nikitin's memoirs, "Arabeski: pochemu i︠a︡ stal vostochnikom?" There are extensive notes of lectures by Nikolaĭ Berdi︠a︡ev in 1925. Numerous photographs date from Nikitin's service in Iran. Subject files concern the Eurasian movement (evraziĭstvo), and the Committee "For Return to the Homeland" ("Za Vozvrashchenie na Rodinu"). Printed materials largely consist of Nikitin's own writings.