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Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955.
Papers of the physicist. Letter for Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, 1947; and 11 p. undated research paper, "On Rotationally Symmetric Stationary Gravitational Fields," in German.
Leffingwell, Albert, 1845-1916
The collection consists of original home recordings on wax cylinders intentionally done by Dr. Albert Leffingwell to preserve some family memories. Voices of three generations of family members are recorded.
Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.
Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Records includes Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Records (office files, board of directors records, financial records, programs and projects, and publications); Albert Schweitzer Hospital records (communications, medical reports, publications, hospital construction including photographs, blueprints, and financial records, U.S. A.I.D. grant, subject files); Association internationale de l'Hôpital Albert Schweitzer (communications, subject files, publications); Albert Schweitzer Center records (communications and publications); Schweitzer Memorabilia (Albert Schweitzer documents, Helene Schweitzer documents, Schweitzer-related materials, material by and about Schweitzer in various languages). Correspondents include Erica Anderson, Theodor Binder, Jorge Bird, Julius Seelye Bixler, E. Gaine Cannon, Frank Catchpool, Norman Cousins, A.R.T. Denues, Lee and Dottie Ellerbrock, Ford Foundation, Maurice Frey, Lawrence Gussman, Hermann Hagedore, Jerome Hill, Homer A. Jack, Charles Joy, George T. Keating, Reinhard N. Lahde, Leif Erikson Foundation, Charles Lowe, Hans Margolius, Emmy Martin, Louis Mayer, William Maul Measey, William Larimer Mellon, Joseph F. Montague, Edouard Nies-Berger, Simon Obame-Bikoro, Leslie Paffrath, Laura Person, R.P. Dominique Pire, Fergus Pope, Thomas D. Rees, Myrta Ross, Ali Silver, Ruth Sloan, Keith Smith, Isaac N.P. Stokes, Margaret S. Tenbrinck, Paul Dudley White, Andre Wick, V. McKinley Wiles, and Elizabeth L. Young.
Bache, A. D.(Alexander Dallas), 1806-1867.
Papers of the American physicist, Superintendent of the United States Coast Survey, 1843-1867. Grandson of Benjamin Franklin. Eight outgoing letters, including five to explorer and physicist I.I. Hayes; with one each to explorer Charles Wilkes and politician Millard Fillmore.