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Berg, Aaron W., 1903-1978

Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, memorabilia, and printed materials concerning Berg's lifelong interest in and work for his alma mater. Berg served the University in many capacities such as vice-president and president of the Alumni Association of Columbia College, 1954-1958, and member of the board of directors of the Alumni Federation of Columbia University, 1946-1958. The correspondence deals chiefly with alumni affairs; some of the major correspondents include Harry J. Carman, Lawrence Chamberlain, Frank S. Hogan, Mr & Mrs Richard Rodgers, and Arthur Hays Sulzberger. Among the photographs are two signed by Dwight D. Eisenhower. Also included is a typescript memoir of Berg's three years as a student in the Columbia School of Law (1927). Berg collaborated with three other students on this memoir. Aaron Berg's correspondence with Dwight D. Eisenhower is at the Eisenhower Library. Also included are literary autographs and manuscripts purchased on the Aaron Berg Fund.

Slover, Abraham Alstyne, 1806-1877

Papers of Abraham Alstyne Slover, consisting mostly of his undergraduate writings and memorabilia. Included in this material are one volume of notes on Prof. John McVickar's lectures on "The History of Literature" March-July 1825, seven notebooks of Slover's verse and prose, and the manuscripts of several public lectures with newspaper accounts of them. There is also a family Bible containing genealogical records, chiefly births, marriages, and deaths in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Bennigsen, A. P., graf

Papers of Adam Pavlovich Benningsen and his wife Feofanii︠a︡ Vladimirovna Benningsen. This collection contains a substantial number of letters which Adam Benningsen wrote to his wife while serving with the White armies in South Russia during 1919-1921. The bulk of the collection consists of manuscripts by Adam Benningsen: a lengthy memoir of his service in the Tsar's army in World War I and in the White armies in the Civil War; diaries and draft memoirs relating to the same period; memoirs of the fall of France in 1940 and of his own imprisonment, apparently by the Germans, during World War II; and two short manuscripts containing theological reflections. A short memoir of the Revolution by Feofanii︠a︡ Benningsen ("Iz zapisok grafini F. V. Benningsen," 1917)., a collection of White Army poems and songs, and a hand-produced satirical journal emanating from the White Army's camp at Gallipoli (1921) complete the collection. Correspondence: Series of letters from A. P. Benningsen to F. V. Benningsen (1919-1920) and other letters from A. P. Benningsen to F. V. Benningsen (1919-1921). Manuscripts: Diary of Adam P. Benningsen (22 July-4 September, 1914; "Iz zapisok grafini F. V. Benningsen" (1917); Prison diary of A. P. Benningsen (1943); "Razvei gore v golom pole", No. 15, (Gallipoli, 16 June, 1921); Religious reflections of Adam P. Benningsen. Notebooks: Memoirs of Adam P. Benningsen (1914-1921?), 4 notebooks, continuous pagination; Drafts of memoirs and diaries by Adam P. Benningsen; Memoirs of the fall of France by Adam P. Benningsen ("May 1940"); Theological reflections by Adam P. Benningsen. Songs and poems of the White army

Housman, A. E (Alfred Edward), 1859-1936

Correspondence by and relating to Housman and to his brother, Laurence Housman. Nearly all of the letters were written to Cyril Clemens, who was working on a proposed biography of A.E. Housman. The collection includes six letters from A.E. Housman and an important group of 94 letters from Laurence Housman, which contain comments on his brother's life and activities, religious beliefs, reading, and manuscripts. There are 45 letters from relatives and persons closely related to A.E. Housman, among them his sisters, Clemence Housman and Katharine E. Symons, his publisher, Grant Richards, and his associates at Oxford University, James T. Nance and Alfred W. Pollard. Also included in the collection are twelve manuscripts, the most noteworthy of which are two signed poems by Laurence Housman and a 4-line verse in Lord Dunsany's holograph entitled "A. E. Housman.".

Lermontov, Mikhail I︠U︡rʹevich, 1814-1841

A collection of three albums containing poetry and drawings, many by the Russian poet Mikhail I. Lermantov. Album 1, 1808-1822, belonged to Elizaveta Arkadievna Annenkova-Vereshchagina. It contains poems by Russian and French poets. Some of the verses by Russian poets are copies; others are autographs. Many poems have penciled annotations identifying the poets who wrote them. These notes were added at a later date and their accuracy can not be trusted. In addition to verses, this album contains numerous drawings, none of which have been attributed to or identified as works of Lermontov. Other poets whose works are identified include N. Vakhrameev, Ivan Dmitriev, Dawidoff, A. Guselnikov, Zhukosky, Popov, Vasily Kapnist, Princess Nadzhda Golitsnya, and S. Martinoff.

Golśhteĭn, Aleksandra Vasilévna, 1850-1937

Most of the collection consists of letters to Golśteĭn; there are some as well to her second husband, Vladimir A. Gol'shtein. The materials reflect Gol'shtein ties to Russian liberalism and populism and also to both French and Russian art and literature. There are groups of cataloged letters from Renʹe Arcos (15), Mykhailo Drahomaniv (52), Andrʹe Fontainas (31), Renʹe Ghil (32), Viacheslav Ivanov (17), Petr Lavrov (49), Vladimir Vernadskii (20), and Maksimilian Voloshin (29). There are also items by Jurgis Baltrušaitis, Henri Martin Barzun, Henri Bergson, Ivan Bunin, Sergei Diagilev, Paul Fort, Vladislav Khodasevich, Aristide Maillol, and Odilon Redon. Manuscripts are chiefly by Golśhteĭn, and include her memoirs on Drahomaniv. There are also poems by Voloshin and by Konstantin Bal'mont. Subject files deal with such topics as the Russian famine of 1891-92 and the Russian Liberation Committee at the time of the Civil War. There is a copy of Gol'shtein's book, "Serf Life in Russia."