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Kiselevskiĭ , Georgiĭ Mitrofanovich, 1880 or 1881-1969

Manuscripts of, and historical documents collected by, Georgiĭ M. Kiselevskiĭ. Kiselevskiĭ's brief typed memoirs discuss his youth, service in the Imperial Ministry of Communications before World War I, and life as an emigre in Europe and Latin America. His diary from 1919-1920 covers the period when he served in the White Northwestern Army. Also included is a photograph and membership lists relating to emigre engineers' associations. Among the historical documents which Kiselevskiĭ collected are patents and edicts issued by the following Russian rulers: Alekseĭ Mikhaĭlovich (ruled 1645-76); Peter I (1682-1725); Catherine I (1725-27); Anna Ivanovna (1730-40); Ivan VI (1740-41); Catherine II (1762-96); and Alexander I (1801-25). Co-signers of certain of these documents are A.A. Arakcheev, V.V. Dolgorukiĭ, B.C. von Minikh, and A.D. Menshikov. Also included are over 50 miscellaneous receipts and other documents from the period 1732-1872. In addition there is a printed roll (stolbet︠s︡) depicting the order of march at Alexander I's funeral (1825).

Rodichev family

The papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts, documents, subject files, photographs, and printed materials, and chiefly concern the post-1917 emigration; the Rodichevs settled in Switzerland. There is a great deal of family correspondence, including letters from Fedor I. Rodichev to his wife and daughter, letters from their niece Nina Vernadsky (Mrs. George), and from relatives in Soviet Russia in the 1920s and 1930s. There are many letters by Fedor I. Rodichev to Ivan and Anastasii︠a︡ Petrunkevich, and to Natalii︠a︡ Herzen fille. There are also letters to the Rodichevs from such Kadet leaders as Nikolaĭ Astrov, I︠O︡sif Gessen, Vasiliĭ Maklakov, Pavel Mili︠u︡kov, Sofii︠a︡ Panina, and Ivan Petrunkevich, and items by Aleksandr I. Herzen, Nikolaĭ Ogarev, and Ignacy Jan Paderewski. Manuscripts include memoirs and other writings, with many notes and fragments, written by Fedor Rodichev while in exile. There is also Aleksandra Rodicheva's biography of her father, and materials used by Kermit McKenzie to prepare his edition of Fedor Rodichev's memoirs. Subject files concern such topics as the Russian Civil War, the emigration, and the Rodichev and Herzen families. Among the photographs, which are chiefly of the Rodichevs and their friends and relatives, are two portraits of Giuseppe Garibaldi. Printed materials include clippings and offprints of works by Fedor Rodichev, and some books by, or relating to, members of the Herzen family.

Semenovskiĭ Polk

The bulk of the collection concerns the last three decades of the Regiment's existence and the emigration. Cataloged items consist of 3 photographs of Tsar Nicholas II and a receipt signed by one Captain Lanta, dated 1720. The correspondence is almost all after 1917. The manuscripts include a history of the Regiment from its formation and some other historical pieces by Viktor I. Meshchaninov. Most of the other manuscripts -- chiefly officers' memoirs -- concern the period of WWI, the Revolution, and the Civil War. Of other materials relating to the Imperial epoch, mention may be made of the lists of members of the Regiment since its formation compiled by some regimental historian; biographical sketches of many officers; field orders, topographical maps, certificates awarding medals, etc. The Association of former officers generated much material: accounts, minutes, souvenirs of commemorative dinners, etc. A rich store of photographs forms part of the collection. These include both individual and group portraits of members of the Regiment and of the Imperial family. Especially fine photos of the last 2 tsars, their families, and various urban landscapes are found in the album "Photographies du comte Nostitz.".

Daragan, Dmitriĭ Iosifovich, 1884-

Collection includes correspondence of family and personal letters from 1902-1973, including typed excerpts of letters written by Daragan to his wife from the Murmansk-Arkhangelśk region during 1919-20. The remainder of the correspondence deals with Daragan's business and naval and religious topics. Manuscripts consist primarily of Daragan's memoirs of his youth, family and naval experiences in northern Russia. There are family documents, the earliest of which dates from 1762, and family financial records. Other printed materials include two pre-World War I theater programs from St. Petersburg and Moscow. There are also photographs of the Daragan family, dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Renwick Family

This collection is primarily concerned with Prof. James Renwick and his professional correspondence and papers, both as Professor of Natural Philosophy (Physics) at Columbia College and as a leading engineer. Many certificates of membership in honorary societies are included. There are letters from Washington Irving (1783-1859) to Prof. Renwick and to his mother, Jane Jeffrey Renwick, pertaining to contemporary events and Irving's own activities. The letters to Mrs. Renwick are about the travels and experiences of Irving and Renwick abroad. The collection also covers the affairs of the Prof. Renwick's grandfather, including documents concerning his land grants in New York State, and those of James Armstrong Renwick, including his valedictory address at Columbia College in 1876 and his class reunion in 1916. There are many legal documents, letters, and manuscripts of various members of the Renwick and Brevoort families; among these are Prof. Renwick's notes on his family genealogy and a memoir of Jane Jeffrey Renwick. Correspondents include Clement Clarke Moore, John A. Dix, Martin Van Buren, Secretary of State John Forsyth, and Secretary of the Navy James K. Paulding. There is one letter from Sir Edward Sabine (1788-1883), President of the Royal Society, giving his views on the American Civil War.

Litvinov, Alekseĭ Alekseevich, 1890-1972?

The collection consists of manuscripts and documents. It includes a manuscript (16 p.) by Litvinov on the Civil War in Kiev in 1918; and a handwritten autobiography (36 p.) by Aleksandr Narkizovich Litvinov, a colonel in the Imperial Guard Izmailov Regiment (Leĭb-Gvardiĭ Izmaĭlovskiĭ Polk). Documents mostly concern Litvinov family history and span the years 1794-1918. Cataloged materials consist of two documents signed by Alexander I (1802, 1808), and one signed by Nicholas I (1834).

Leĭb Gvardiĭ Finli︠a︡ndskiĭ Polk

Materials relating to the history of the Finland Regiment of the Imperial Russian Guards and to the activities of the emigre Finland Regiment Association (Obe̋dinenie Finli︠a︡ndskago Polka), an organization of former officers of the regiment, including correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, and printed materials. Although the regiment was founded in 1806, almost all the materials date from the 20th century. The voluminous correspondence largely consists of letters to Dmitriĭ I. Khodnev and leaders of the regimental association in the emigration. Manuscripts include a long memoir by Khodnev concerning his service in the regiment

Bashmakov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, 1858-1943

These papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts, documents, subject files, photographs, and printed materials. Most of the collection concerns Bashmakov's ethnographical work in France in the 1920s and 1930s, including correspondence, many manuscripts, lectures, notes, and copies of his publications. Subject files concern emigre monarchism in France, and the death of Father Georgiĭ Spasskiĭ. There are copies of the Russian version of Bashmakova's memoirs, "Perezhitoe." Cataloged correspondence in the collection consists of letters from Petr Krasnov and one or two items each from Henry Field, Evgeniĭ Miller, Petr Wrangel, and Boris Zaĭt︠s︡ev. There are also photographic slides representing ethnographical types from the Caucasus.

Russia. Armii︠a︡ . Leĭb-gvardii Izmaĭlovskiĭ polk

Correspondence, manuscripts, notes, photographs, and printed materials concerning the Leĭb-Gvardiĭ Izmaĭlovskiĭ Polk (the Izmaĭlov Regiment of the Imperial Guard), and of its emigre veterans' association, the Soi︠u︡z Izmaĭlovt︠s︡ev (Union of "Izmaĭlovt︠s︡y"). There are materials concerning the War of 1812, the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78, World War I, the Civil War, and the emigration. Most memoirs by veterans of the regiment cover World War I and the Civil War. There are biographical notes on members of the regiment from its formation in the 1700s into the 20th century, and also photographs and engravings. Printed materials include histories of the regiment, the oldest dating from 1830, and 14 bound volumes of the "Izmaĭlovskai︠a︡ Starina" (1930-40).