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Zvereva, Larissa Dmitrievna, 1893-

Two typed memoirs of Zvereva. The larger (49 p.) discusses her family, childhood, and youth up to the time she emigrated. She discusses in some detail rural life around the turn of the century, including her father's estate and the 1905 revolution in the area. The shorter memoir (6 p.) concerns the aftermath of the murder of King Alexander of Yugoslavia in 1934. Also included are a handdrawn diagram and a photograph of Zvereva's father's house.

Zubov, V. P. (Valentin Platonovich), graf, 1885-1969

The collection includes V. P. Zubov's memoirs "Souvenirs de la revolution russe (1917-1925)"; Zubov's biography of Paul I "La fin de l'Empereur Paul". There is also the original manuscript of "Istoriia zhizni Ivana Iakubovskago" (ca. 1850) by Ivan Iakubovskii, and Zubov's foreword, comments and name index prepared for publication of the manuscript. There are two books and one offprint by Zubov in the collection: Zar Paul I: Mensch un Schicksal; Karlik favorita: Istoriia zhizni Ivana Iakubovskogo; and a portion of Zubov's memoirs about the Institut istorii iskusstv, from almanac "Mosty".

Zi︠a︡blov, Alekseĭ Alekseevich, 1862-1923

Papers of Zi︠a︡blov. Included is a copy of a letter from Moscow in 1919 by Zi︠a︡blov to his daughter, manuscripts, documents, photographs, and other miscellaneous items. Manuscripts include Zi︠a︡blov's travel diary of a trip from Moscow to the Black Sea and the Crimea in 1886, his memoirs, and lectures on engineering. The memoirs discuss his childhood and education (he graduated from Moskovskoe Tekhnicheskoe Uchilishche (Moscow Technical Institute)) in 1887; his work as a teacher and engineer; the 1905 revolution in Kolomna, where he was director of a machine works; and his continued engineering career through World War I and the early Soviet period. There are family photographs and photographs of unidentified groups, including Zi︠a︡blov, standing around locomotives. Also included is a pamphlet by Zi︠a︡blov"K voprosu o nemet︠s︡kom zasilí: Illi︠u︡strat︠s︡ii iz parovozostroĭtelńoĭ praktiki" (Petrograd, 1919).

Zheleznov, Nikolaĭ Vasilʹevich, approximately 1890-1957

Memoirs of Zheleznov. The memoirs, in ten handwritten notebooks and one typed copy, cover the years 1915-1918, and give a detailed account of the formation of the 13th army during World War I, as well as a description of the commanders in charge at that time. Other issues described include : the situation at the Northern Front in the fall of 1915 (Riga-Dvinsk), the Romanian front, the formation of Latvian units in the 13th army, and the army's disintegration in 1917. The memoirs end with the author's participation in the White Army movement in South Russia.

Zernov family

Correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, subject files, and printed materials of members of the Zernov family, especially Nikolaĭ M. Zernov. Correspondence includes letters from Nikolaĭ Berdi︠a︡ev, Archimandrite Kiprian, Alekseĭ Remizov, Vasiliĭ Zenḱovskiĭ, and copies of many letters from Gustave Kullmann to his wife Marii︠a︡, nʹee Zernova. Manuscripts include: memoirs by Sofii︠a︡ A. Zernova about her childhood, youth, and family; Sofii︠a︡ M. Zernova's albums, poems, diaries and memoirs about the Civil War and the emigration in Europe; manuscripts by Nikolaĭ Zernov on religious and literary themes; a report by a Lt. Shokotov on his White Army detached service in 1917-1919; a brief manuscript by Vladimir M. Zernov claiming that syphillis was a contributing factor in Lenin's death; and manuscripts and speeches by Kullmann. Subject files include biographical information collected by Nikolaĭ Zernov on many emigre Orthodox churchmen and religious writers, and materials relating to Kullmann and the Zernov family.

Zenʹkovskiĭ, V. V. (Vasiliĭ Vasilʹevich), 1881-1962

Typescript memoirs of Zenḱovskiĭ. This collection consists of ten memoirs by Zenḱovskiĭ. In them he discusses such topics as his participation in the 1918 Ukrainian government; his participation in the life of the Russian Orthodox Church in Western Europe from the 1920's to the 1960's; and his participation in the Russian Christian Student Movement.

Zenʹkovskiĭ, A. V. (Aleksandr V.)

Manuscripts, chiefly memoirs, of Zenḱovskiĭ. In these manuscripts are discussed, in particular, Petr Stolypin; the Kiev zemstvo; the 1917 revolution; the Ukraine in 1918, including a zemstvo congress in Kiev; and the Civil War in 1919-1920, when Zenḱovskiĭ worked provisioning the White Army and civilians in the Crimea.