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Bennigsen, A. P., graf

Papers of Adam Pavlovich Benningsen and his wife Feofanii︠a︡ Vladimirovna Benningsen. This collection contains a substantial number of letters which Adam Benningsen wrote to his wife while serving with the White armies in South Russia during 1919-1921. The bulk of the collection consists of manuscripts by Adam Benningsen: a lengthy memoir of his service in the Tsar's army in World War I and in the White armies in the Civil War; diaries and draft memoirs relating to the same period; memoirs of the fall of France in 1940 and of his own imprisonment, apparently by the Germans, during World War II; and two short manuscripts containing theological reflections. A short memoir of the Revolution by Feofanii︠a︡ Benningsen ("Iz zapisok grafini F. V. Benningsen," 1917)., a collection of White Army poems and songs, and a hand-produced satirical journal emanating from the White Army's camp at Gallipoli (1921) complete the collection. Correspondence: Series of letters from A. P. Benningsen to F. V. Benningsen (1919-1920) and other letters from A. P. Benningsen to F. V. Benningsen (1919-1921). Manuscripts: Diary of Adam P. Benningsen (22 July-4 September, 1914; "Iz zapisok grafini F. V. Benningsen" (1917); Prison diary of A. P. Benningsen (1943); "Razvei gore v golom pole", No. 15, (Gallipoli, 16 June, 1921); Religious reflections of Adam P. Benningsen. Notebooks: Memoirs of Adam P. Benningsen (1914-1921?), 4 notebooks, continuous pagination; Drafts of memoirs and diaries by Adam P. Benningsen; Memoirs of the fall of France by Adam P. Benningsen ("May 1940"); Theological reflections by Adam P. Benningsen. Songs and poems of the White army

Volzhanin-Nizhegorodet︠s︡, A. A. (Aleksandr Alekseevich), 1896-

Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs and printed materials of Volzhanin. The correspondence includes two letters from Aleksandra Tolstai︠a︡. The manuscripts are all by Volzhanin himself, and include memoirs describing his World War I military service, his service in the White Army in Siberia, his arrest and imprisonment until about 1937, his service with the Germans during World War II, and his eventual emigration to the United States. Other manuscripts deal with noted figures in Russian history, the emigre press, and literature. There are a few photographs of Volzhanin and a number of clippings.

Makhonin, Aleksandr Ivanovich, 1889-

The collection contains a manuscript (10 p.) entitled"Velikai︠a︡ kni︠a︡gini︠a︡ Anastasii︠a︡" and a memoir (54 p.) that deals with Makhonin's education at the Naval Engineering Academy in Kronstadt, Makhonin's service in the navy during World War I, his mission to England to inspect the production of war materials for Russia, his service in the Volunteer Army in the south of Russia during the Civil War, his work with the American Red Cross in Crimea, and information on General Krasnov's Cossack Army, which collaborated with the Germans during World War II.

Messner, Evgeniĭ Ėduardovich, 1891-1975

The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts by Messner and others, memoirs by Messner, photographs and printed materials. Manuscripts by Messner include a typescript (275 p.) entitled "Nekotorye prichiny porazhenii︠a︡ Germanii v voĭnu 1939-1945 g.g." Messner's memoirs (3293 p. and 350 p.) cover the years 1914-1973. Included among them are clippings, photographs, mimeographed materials and pamphlets. The majority of his memoirs concern World War I and the Civil War. Photographs are mostly copies. Printed materials consist mostly of clippings of articles by Messner in South American monarchist periodicals.

Tereshchenko, Nikolaĭ Ivanovich, 189?-

Memoirs of Tereshchenko. These extensive, uncollated manuscript memoirs discuss Tereshchenko's service in the Russian army in World War I; inthe White Army in the Ukraine and southern Russia in the Civil War; in the French Foreign Legion in the 1920's; and, in World War II, with German auxiliary forces, the NTS, and the Vlasov movement.

Makhrov, Petr Semenovich, 1877-1964

Papers of Petr S. Makhrov, consisting primarily of extensive manuscript memoirs. Emigrating to France, he became a leading figure in the "Soviet patriotic" movement during and after World War II. His memoirs, in thousands of pages, discuss all aspects of his career. The papers also include correspondence, documents, photographs, and printed materials. There are orders (prikazy) from World War I and the Civil War, and reports and telegrams from his time in Poland. There is a copy of "Russkie v Gallipoli" autographed by Wrangel, and a photograph album entitled "Russkai︠a︡ armii︠a︡ na Balkanakh." Also included is the 1841 report of the director of the Imperial Military Academy in St. Petersburg, General Sukhozanet.

Zambrzhit︠s︡kiĭ, V. A. (Viktor Aleksandrovich), 1880-1960

Manuscripts of Zambrzhitskiĭ. The manuscripts primarily are studies of World War II, including events in North Africa, France, the Balkans and Finland. Also discussed is the psychological preparation of the Soviet Army and the image of World War II as a world revolution. In addition, there are two brief memoirs on World War I ("Ocherki bylogo") and on an army mutiny in Kiev in 1907 ("Sapernyĭ bunt").