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Stakhovich, A.A (Aleksandr Aleksandrovich)

Manuscripts and printed material of Stakhovich. The manuscripts include Stakhovich's memoirs as well as miscellaneous notes and copies of military circulars; the printed material is comprised of clippings, broadsides and booklets. The bulk of the documentation pertains to White Army activities in Siberia and the Far East.

Volzhanin-Nizhegorodet︠s︡, A. A. (Aleksandr Alekseevich), 1896-

Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs and printed materials of Volzhanin. The correspondence includes two letters from Aleksandra Tolstai︠a︡. The manuscripts are all by Volzhanin himself, and include memoirs describing his World War I military service, his service in the White Army in Siberia, his arrest and imprisonment until about 1937, his service with the Germans during World War II, and his eventual emigration to the United States. Other manuscripts deal with noted figures in Russian history, the emigre press, and literature. There are a few photographs of Volzhanin and a number of clippings.

Gasler, Aleksandr Nikolaevich, 1880-approximately 1965

The collection consists primarily of Gasler's 26-part manuscript memoirs (ca. 1,350 p.), which discuss his family, his military career, World War I, the emigration in France, and interwar Latvia. The collection also includes Gasler's service record and passport, several postcards, and several clippings.

Iskander, Aleksandr Nikolaevich, 1889-1957

The collection consists mostly of Iskander's memoirs, including a typescript entitled "Videnii︠a︡ proshlogo" (457 p.), which discusses his years in Turkestan during the Civil War. There are also several notebooks containing other memoirs by Iskander. In addition, there are clippings about him, and several photographs, including one of Iskander's father.

Rozhdestvenskiĭ, Aleksandr Nikolaevich, 1883-1968?

The collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, and printed materials. The correspondence chiefly covers from the 1920s to the 1960s. Manuscripts include an extensive autobiography; a memoir about his work before World War I as a prosecutor in the Tbilisi region"Desi︠a︡t ́let sluzhby v prokurskom nadzore na Kavkaze;" and notes and manuscripts on many topics, including history and his years in Georgia and the emigration. Included are Rozhdestvenskiĭ's personal documents from both Russia and the emigration, and photographs of him and of members of emigre organizations. Among the printed materials are clippings and several early twentieth century political pamphlets.

Bragin, Aleksandr Pavlovich, 1878-

The collection consists primarily of manuscripts by Bragin, including his memoirs, which describe his military service during the Boxer Rebellion, the Russo-Japanese War, World War I, the 1917 Revolution and the Civil War. The documents and subject file relate to his service as head of the White military mission to Iran in 1920. Printed materials are largely clippings from and copies of emigre periodicals, with articles by Bragin.

Lukin, Aleksandr Petrovich

The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, military reports and clippings. The majority of the collection consists of clippings from the emigre newspapers "Poslednie Novosti" and "Illi︠u︡strovannai︠a︡ Rossii︠a︡," and mostly contain Lukin's memoirs about his service in the Black Sea Fleet. The manuscripts are largely comprised of Lukin's memoirs and include a manuscript (20 p.) on the Krondstadt uprising, "Vo vlasti Kronshtadtskikh matrosov." There is also a manuscript (28 p.) by the widow of Admiral Viren entitled "O sobytii︠a︡kh v Kronshtadte."

Fon-Shvart︠s︡, A. V. (Aleksi︠e︡ĭ Vladimīrovich), 1874-1953

The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, a photograph (Trabzon, 1914-1915) and clippings. The correspondence dates from 1914-1915 and includes letters both to and from Shvart︠s︡, mostly dealing with World War I campaigns in the Trabzon region. There are military telegrams from 1914-1915 concerning events in Ivangorod, Kars and Stalʹt︠s︣ev. Shvart︠s︡' biography of Alexander III is the first volume of a planned two-volume work. It chronicles the 1845-1881 period and includes excerpts from a variety of contemporary sources, (approximently 200 pages of uncollated text) primarily describe World War I events on the Baltic, Belorussian and Caucasian fronts. "Na fronte i v tynu" is an excerpt from the memoirs of Antonina V. Shvart︠s︡, his wife. The clippings concern events in the Trabzon region during 1916.

Freedericksz, Aleksandr von, -1953

Collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, diaries, and printed materials. There are letters and telegrams from Field Marshal Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim of Finland; two brief memoirs, one by E.L. Miller about Freederichsz and his wife, the other by the wife, entitled"Le salon de ma tante, la Baronne de Witte;" Freedericksz's diaries from 1938-40; and newspaper clippings about Mannerheim.