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Vanderpoel, Aaron J., 1825-1887

The incoming correspondence of Vanderpoel, containing letters from friends, clients, and colleagues and dealing with personal and legal matters. Correspondents include Henry M. Alexander, William Allen Butler, John P. and William V. S. Beekman, G. W. Bulkey, Joseph H. Choate, Frederic R. Coudert, Lewis L. Delafield, Jay Gould, William D. F. Maurice, Edward Pierpont, J. Bryce Smith, John Van Alen, John and Thomas Van Buren, and Henry Vanorden. Letters of a personal and business nature from various family members include several from Aaron and John Vanderpoel and Lewis Oakley, his uncles, and from Henry C. Van Schaack, his father-in-law. There are approximately twelve manuscripts of essays and speeches by A. J. Vanderpoel while he attended Kinderhook Academy and New York University, as well as a few by other family members. Various documents including mortgages, deeds, indentures, agreements, and court records relate to Vanderpoel's law practice and to family property.

Berg, Aaron W., 1903-1978

Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, memorabilia, and printed materials concerning Berg's lifelong interest in and work for his alma mater. Berg served the University in many capacities such as vice-president and president of the Alumni Association of Columbia College, 1954-1958, and member of the board of directors of the Alumni Federation of Columbia University, 1946-1958. The correspondence deals chiefly with alumni affairs; some of the major correspondents include Harry J. Carman, Lawrence Chamberlain, Frank S. Hogan, Mr & Mrs Richard Rodgers, and Arthur Hays Sulzberger. Among the photographs are two signed by Dwight D. Eisenhower. Also included is a typescript memoir of Berg's three years as a student in the Columbia School of Law (1927). Berg collaborated with three other students on this memoir. Aaron Berg's correspondence with Dwight D. Eisenhower is at the Eisenhower Library. Also included are literary autographs and manuscripts purchased on the Aaron Berg Fund.

Schiller, A. Arthur, 1902-1977

Correspondence, manuscripts, notes, notebooks, photographs, printed materials, computer print-outs and tapes, key-punched cards, and card files of Schiller. The collection includes correspondence with his professional colleagues, foundations, and learned societies, and some personal correspondence. There are manuscripts and drafts of his books, articles, book reviews, lectures, and abstracts, his papers as a student, notebooks of readings and drafts, appointment books, mimeographed course materials, photostats, photographs, and materials relating to his computer studies of Roman law texts. Correspondents include Sir Harold Idris Bell, W.W. Buckland, W.E. Crum, Gilbert Highet, H.F. Jolowicz, Owen Lattimore, and Harold Medina.

Hamilton, Alexander, 1757-1804

Correspondence, typescripts, photocopies, microfilms, card files, and notes of the Alexander Hamilton Papers Publication Project, 1955-1981. The correspondence files of the editor, Harold C. Syrett, and his staff concerning the operations, activities, gathering of data, photocopies, and microfilm reproductions of letters, manuscripts, and documents by, to, and about Alexander Hamilton and selected and edited for publication by Columbia University Press as THE PAPERS OF ALEXANDER HAMILTON (New York, 1961-1970). Also, the corrected typescript copies of texts to be published, photocopies of letters, manuscripts, and documents by, to, and about Alexander Hamilton; microfilms of manuscript materials in a variety of repositories; and photocopies of newspaper articles relating to Hamilton.

Cardozo, Benjamin N (Benjamin Nathan), 1870-1938

Correspondence, manuscripts, notes, clippings, and photographs of or relating to Cardozo, including his lecture notes as a student at Columbia, 1885-1889, and his commonplace books. Also, four boxes of printed and manuscript material collected by George S. Hellman while writing BENJAMIN N. CARDOZO, AMERICAN JUDGE; and photocopies of letters, manuscripts, and notebooks of original Cardozo papers in the Cardozo School of Law Library. Materials re. his estate and will have been added.

Cole, Charles Buckingham, 1865-1925

Seven volumes of notes used by Cole for his course in Common Law and Equity Pleading at the New York Law School. These notes indicate that he discussed a large variety of legal topics in his classes. Each volume contains about 250 pages of notes, and in some of the volumes, clippings from legal texts are pasted in and loose pages of notes are tipped in. Also, A HANDBOOK OF INFORMATION and CATALOGUE for the New York Law School plus a few letters pertaining to Cole's classes.

Hughes, Charles Evans, 1862-1948

Correspondence, manuscripts, documents, reports, and printed material of Hughes. The papers cover primarily the period following Hughes' defeat in the 1916 presidential election up to his appointment as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in 1930; in most files there is a gap from March 1921 to March 1925, when Hughes was Secretary of State. Some materials relate to the law firm of Hughes, Rounds, Schurman and Dwight (later Hughes, Schurman and Dwight), but primarily concern Hughes' philanthropies and activities in professional organizations. Among these latter associations are the American Bar Association, the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, the Legal Aid Society, and the New York State Bar Association. Records for a number of Hughes' cultural, educational, and international philanthropies, such as the Armenian National Union of America and the George Washington Memorial Association, are included as are materials on his participation in the 1918-1924 aircraft investigation, the Sixth Pan American Conference (Havana, 1928), and the Permanent Court of International Justice, the Hague.

Whitman, Charles S., 1868-1947

The collection consists of addresses, press releases, memoranda proclamations, and other papers by and in regard to Charles Seymour Whitman (1868-1347) who was the District Attorney of New York County from 1910 to 1914 and Governor of New York State from 1915 to 1918. The material ranges in date from 1910 to 1937. The material is confined for the most part to drafts of the Governor's speeches to various groups on such subjects as the NEW YORK STATE PENAL CODE, unification of state laws, public health, education, and agriculture. Also, a typed memorandum on Whitman's ancestry and a few miscellaneous items. There are not papers or correspondence of a personal nature in the collection. The material is mostly in typescript. There is also a microfilm of Lt. Charles F. Becker's testimony in the Rosenthal murder case.

King, Cyrus, 1772-1817

College speeches, notebooks and class exercises relating to King's undergraduate years at Columbia, letters written to and by King during his period in London, documents and incoming correspondence relating to his legal practice, correspondence from his career in Congress, speeches and petitions relating to Maine politics, and materials relating to statehood for the District of Maine, the War of 1812, and related contemporary events. The majority of the correspondence consists of letters written to King by various people, but there are also a number of letters, documents, and miscellaneous papers written by King in the collection.