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Bogaevskiĭ, A. P. (Afrikan Petrovich), 1873-1934

Correspondence, manuscripts, subject files, and printed materials of Afrikan P. Bogaevskiĭ. The bulk of the collection concerns emigre Cossacks in Europe, but there are also materials from the Civil War. There are letters from such White Generals as Petr Krasnov, Aleksandr Kutepov, and Petr Wrangel, and many letters from various persons to Bogaevskiĭ's widow after his death. Manuscripts include Bogaevskiĭ's addresses ("obrashchenii︠a︡") to the emigre Cossacks and his memoirs about the Cuban campaign of 1918. Subject files concern the Civil War, emigre Cossacks and related matters. Printed materials touch on Bogaevskiĭ's death and funeral.

Bolʹto, Aleksandr Gvidonovich, 1896?-1972

Papers that largely consist of Bol' to's memoirs, entitled "Puti i pereput'ia" (ca. 500 p.), which discuss his childhood on an estate near Vilnius, education, World War I, the Revolution and Civil War, and the emigration in Europe and Africa up to 1937. Also included are photocopies of a number of his personal documents, and a typescript of various reminiscences entitled "Takaia byla starina.".

Rozhdestvenskiĭ, Aleksandr Nikolaevich, 1883-1968?

The collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, documents, photographs, and printed materials. The correspondence chiefly covers from the 1920s to the 1960s. Manuscripts include an extensive autobiography; a memoir about his work before World War I as a prosecutor in the Tbilisi region"Desi︠a︡t ́let sluzhby v prokurskom nadzore na Kavkaze;" and notes and manuscripts on many topics, including history and his years in Georgia and the emigration. Included are Rozhdestvenskiĭ's personal documents from both Russia and the emigration, and photographs of him and of members of emigre organizations. Among the printed materials are clippings and several early twentieth century political pamphlets.

Kutepov, Aleksandr Pavlovich, 1882-1930

Correspondence consists chiefly of consolatory letters to his wife after his abduction; there are also letters to Kutepov from other White generals, such as Petr Wrangel and Pavel Shatilov. The financial records appear to be of the Military Union in 1924-29. Subject files concern such topics as Ataman Semenov and the Civil War in the Far East, the Civil War in the south, and the remnants of the White Army in Gallipoli and Bulgaria in 1921-22. Printed materials include emigre books and periodicals, a number of them concerning the Eurasian movement (evraziĭstvo).

Vladimir Kirillovich, grand duke, 1876-1938

Most of the materials are from the years after World War II, and concern the organizations with which Lampe was affiliated. There is correspondence from members of the Romanov family, especially Grand Prince Vladimir Kirillovich, and from Alekseĭ Arkhangelśkiĭ, Ivan Ilín, Vasiliĭ Orekhov, and others of Lampe's emigre military and monarchist colleagues. Photographs deal with such topics as the Romanov family, the Civil War, the emigration, World War II, and with Lampe himself. Besides the post-1945 materials in the collection, smaller groups of materials concern 18th and 19th century Russian military history (including a letter signed by General Aleksandr Suvorov), the interwar period, and ROVS in Germany during World War Il.

Brusilov, Alekseĭ Alekseevich, 1853-1926

Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, and printed materials of General Aleksiei Alekseevich Brusilov and his wife Nadezhda Vladimirovna. The correspondence is largely copies of their letters from 1914-1918 and her correspondence after his death. The manuscripts include part of his memoirs and several of her minor manuscripts, including an incomplete memoir. There are family photographs as well as photographs of Brusilov in military dress. Printed materials relate to Brusilov's career in the Imperial and Red armies and his rehabilitation by the Soviets in the Khrushchev era.

Arkhangelʹskiĭ, Alekseĭ Petrovich, 1872-1959

Papers of General Alekseĭ Petrovich Arkhangelśkiĭ, consisting of correspondence, manuscripts, financial records, membership lists, photographs and miscellaneous printed materials. Most of the documents in the collection pertain to the activities of ROVS and its divisions and member organizations, especially its Fifth Section (Belgium), in the late 1920s and the 1930s and 1940s. The correspondence (1924-1954) is primarily between Arkhangelśkiĭ and other military officers, including A.I. Denikin, P.P.N. Krasnov, E.K. Miller, P.N. Wrangel, V.K. Vitkovskiĭ, I.A. Kholḿsen, P.A. Kusonskiĭ, P.K. Kondzerovskiĭ, E.S. Imnadze, etc. The manuscripts encompass official orders and pronouncements, information bulletins, speeches, announcements, manifestos, emigre military course instruction manuals and reports. Many of the latter deal with Soviet internal affairs and foreign policy. The collection also includes photographs, chiefly of White Army personnel in Yugoslavia in the early 1920s, miscellaneous printed materials, ROVS financial records for the period 1924-1926, various membership lists as well as 24 separate subject files, including materials on the founding of ROVS Fifth Section, ROVS activities in North America, Australia, and the Far East, the ROVS Court of Honor, the Russian Defense Corps (Russkiĭ Okhranyĭ Korpus) in Yugoslavia in World War II, the "Vnutrenni︠a︡i︠a︡ Linii︠a︡" and others.

Freedericksz, Aleksandr von, -1953

Collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, diaries, and printed materials. There are letters and telegrams from Field Marshal Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim of Finland; two brief memoirs, one by E.L. Miller about Freederichsz and his wife, the other by the wife, entitled"Le salon de ma tante, la Baronne de Witte;" Freedericksz's diaries from 1938-40; and newspaper clippings about Mannerheim.