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Anneliese Sitarz papers

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Inclusive Date: 1950 - 2008

Sitarz, Anneliese, 1928-

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Personal papers of U.S. pediatrician Annaliese Lotte Sitarz, an alumna (M.D. 1950) and faculty member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. She had a distinguished career in pediatric oncology with much of her clinical work based at Babies Hospital, later known as New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, while also consulting at Overlook and Harlem Hospitals. She was a founding investigator of the Children’s Cancer Study Group, a cooperative group established by the National Institutes of Health to study childhood cancers. She was first appointed to the Department of Pediatrics in the College of Physicians & Surgeons in 1957 and received tenure as Assistant Professor in 1973.

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Processed by Jennifer Ulrich June-July 2017. Files were re-foldered; duplicates discarded.

Born in 1928 in Medellín, Colombia to Hans Sitarz and Elisabeth (née Knoll), Anneliese Lotte Sitarz moved to the United States as a child and later attended Bryn Mawr College (AB 1950) and Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons (MD 1954). She interned at Children’s Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts (1954-1955) and held her residency in pediatrics at Babies Hospital (1955-1957) – later known as New York- Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital – an affiliate of the Department of Pediatrics at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S). Sitarz had a distinguished career in pediatric oncology with much of her clinical work based at Babies Hospital, while also consulting at Overlook and Harlem Hospitals.

She was a founding investigator of the Children’s Cancer Study Group (CCG or CCSG), a cooperative group established by the National Institutes of Health to study childhood cancers. Sitarz was awarded a Fellowship in pediatric hematology by the NIH (1957-1961) with a focus in childhood leukemia treatments. She was subsequently awarded an Advanced Clinical Fellowship by the American Cancer Society (1962-1965). According to her personal papers, she was an investigator for the CCG for many years (1960-1990s) and was appointed in 1996 to the study committee for the CCG-3005 study, “Minimal therapy of disseminated low and intermediate risk NBL for infants, 12 months.”

On April 25, 1986, Michael Katz, Director of the Pediatric Service and Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics, wrote to Sitarz informing her of changes in her duties as a clinical professor and physician, stripping her of some of her clinical responsibilities. This included her removal as an attending physician and status change to private practitioner of pediatric hematology and oncology – a decision made in consultation with Dr. Sergio Piomelli, Director for the Division of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, Presbyterian Hospital.

Although Sitarz contested her case internally and via legal action, her status was not reinstated. Regardless, she continued to contribute to the fields of pediatric oncology and hematology and treated patients for the duration of her career. She received tenure as Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics in 1973 and as full professor in 1983.

Sitarz died in Maplewood, New Jersey on October 3, 2015 at the age of 87.

Correspondence, patient records, meeting minutes, grant applications, legal documents, photographs, membership records, flyers, clippings, academic papers and reprints authored by Sitarz and others, along with other material documenting the career of Annaliese Sitarz. The bulk consists of correspondence from her work as a physician in the Department of Pediatrics, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital; Babies Hospital; and the Overlook Hospital. In addition there is much relating to her personnel grievance and legal challenge as tenured Associate Professor of (Clinical) Pediatrics for the Department of Medicine, College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Her work at Babies Hospital is documented in collected printed material, announcements, and other mementos, such as the scripts from the hospital’s Christmas shows (1955-1961). Records from the Babies Hospital Alumni Association reflect Sitarz’s role as Treasurer (2001-2005).

Correspondence labeled “Politics” by Sitarz documents her relationship with the Department of Pediatrics and may overlap in topic with folders arranged under “Personnel complaint.” The latter contains affidavits, legal briefs, patient records, notes, and additional correspondence between Sitarz; her attorneys Vladeck, Waldman, Elias & Engelhard, P.C.; the Department of Pediatrics, College of Physicians and Surgeons; and Presbyterian Hospital. These documents were arranged by Sitarz and directly relate to the grievance filed with administrators at Columbia University.

Letters written by patient’s parents endorsing Sitarz as a physician are arranged chronologically as “correspondence: patients” but some correspondence can be found with patient records and other documents within her “personnel complaint” files, specifically addressing patient cases under scrutiny by Dr. Piomelli and the Pediatrics Division. The bulk of correspondence from patients (or the parents of) are personal in nature, containing greeting and holiday cards, newspaper clippings, family photographs, wedding invitations, funeral announcements, and some handmade cards from children. One folder contains a Bar Mitzvah yarmulke.

Research is documented in grant applications and tumor study reports (1961-1965), academic papers, and the Children’s Cancer Group, referred as the CC Study Group (1957-1969). Flyers, articles, correspondence, minutes and other material document her involvement with Parents Caring for Children with Cancer Group.

Material documenting her role as professor is lacking but for one folder of teaching and studentrelated materials and correspondence relating to her lectures given to the Continuing Medical Education (CME) program at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

Writings consist primarily of reprints of journal articles authored by Sitarz and others, with some manuscripts and notes. Professional organization files also include abstracts and publications, in addition to membership records.

There is one folder of photographs depicting Sitarz and group portraits. Photographic prints and negatives used for illustrations also accompany some journal articles.

Arranged alphabetically with no series.

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Anneliese Sitarz Papers, Archives & Special Collections, Columbia University Health Sciences Library.

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File: Babies Hospital: General

Date: 1963 - 2004

Box-folder: 1.1

File: Babies Hospital Alumni Association

Date: 2001 - 2002

Box-folder: 1.2

File: Babies Hospital Alumni Association

Date: 2002 - 2005

Box-folder: 1.3

File: Babies Hospital announcements

Date: 1990s

Box-folder: 1.4

File: Babies Hospital Christmas Shows

Date: 1955

Box-folder: 1.5

File: Babies Hospital Christmas Shows

Date: 1957 - 1961

Box-folder: 1.6

File: Biographical

Date: 1979 - 2006

Box-folder: 1.7

File: Berlin-Frankfurt-Münster protocol for B-cell Leukemia protocols

Date: 1981 - 1999

Box-folder: 1.8

File: Children's Cancer Study Group (CCSG): Criteria revisions and information

Date: 1957 - 1969

Box-folder: 1.9

File: Children's Cancer Study Group (CCSG)

Date: 1966 - 1981

Box-folder: 2.1

File: CCSG: Psychological factors

Date: 1978

Box-folder: 2.2

File: Columbia University Medical Center: General

Date: 1982 - 1999

Box-folder: 2.3

Box-folder: 12.4

File: Correspondence: General

Date: 1960 - 2004

Box-folder: 2.4

Box-folder: 2.5

Box-folder: 2.6

Box-folder: 2.7

File: Correspondence: General

Date: 1965 - 1982

Box-folder: 13.1

File: Correspondence: Appointment letters

Date: 1970 - 1990

Box-folder: 3.1

File: Correspondence: Appointments and professional memberships

Date: 1972 - 1991

Box-folder: 3.2

Box-folder: 3.3

File: Correspondence: Lectures given and Continuing Medical Education (CME), Columbia University

Date: 1963 - 2004

Box-folder: 3.4

Box-folder: 3.5

Box-folder: 3.6

Box-folder: 3.7

Box-folder: 12.5

File: Correspondence: Overlook Hospital

Date: 1975 - 1981

Box-folder: 4.1

File: Correspondence: Overlook Hospital

Date: 1975 - 2001

Box-folder: 4.2

File: Correspondence: Parent Support group

Date: 1997

Box-folder: 13.2

File: Correspondence: Patient-related

Date: 1958 - 2001

Box-folder: 4.3

Box-folder: 4.4

Box-folder: 4.5

File: Correspondence: Patients

Date: undated

: 13.3

File: Correspondence: Patients - Scrapbook

Date: 1950 - 1990

Box-folder: 13.4

File: Correspondence: Patients

Date: 1957 - 1990

Box-folder: 13.5

Box-folder: 13.6

Box-folder: 13.7

Box-folder: 13.8

Box-folder: 13.9

Box-folder: 13.10

Box-folder: 13.11

Box-folder: 13.12

Box-folder: 13.13

Box-folder: 13.14

Box-folder: 13.15

Box-folder: 13.16

Box-folder: 13.17

Box-folder: 13.18

Box-folder: 13.19

Box-folder: 13.20

Box-folder: 13.21

Box-folder: 13.22

Box-folder: 13.23

Box-folder: 13.24

Box-folder: 13.25

Box-folder: 13.26

Box-folder: 13.27

Box-folder: 13.28

Box-folder: 13.29

Box-folder: 13.30

Box-folder: 13.31

Box-folder: 13.32

Box-folder: 13.33

Box-folder: 13.34

Box-folder: 13.35

Box-folder: 13.36

Box-folder: 13.37

Box-folder: 13.38

Box-folder: 13.39

Box-folder: 13.40

File: Correspondence: Patients

Date: 1984 - 2008

Box: 14

File: Correspondence: "Politics"

Date: 1973 - 1992

Box: 5

Box-folder: 6.1

File: Correspondence: Publishers

Date: 1959 - 1990

Box-folder: 6.2

File: Correspondence: Employment terms, Columbia University

Date: 1975 - 1976

Box-folder: 6.3

File: Correspondence: Patient endorsements

Date: 1986

Box-folder: 6.4

File: Correspondence: Tenure

Date: 1975 - 1978

Box-folder: 6.5

File: Correspondence: "Thank you" letters

Date: 1971 - 2000

Box-folder: 6.6

File: Grant Applications

Date: 1961 - 1965

Box-folder: 6.7

File: HIV procedures and forms

Date: 1989 - 1998

Box-folder: 6.8

File: Lane W. Adams Award

Date: 1992

Box-folder: 6.9

File: Malpractice suit: Kinloch vs. Sitarz

Date: 1996 - 1999

Box-folder: 6.10

File: P&S Alumni Fund contributions, Columbia University

Date: 1961 - 2004

Box-folder: 6.11

File: Parents Caring for Children with Cancer (PCCC) group

Date: 1995 - 2000

Box-folder: 6.12

Box-folder: 7.1

File: Personnel complaint correspondence, Department of Pediatrics, College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University

Date: 1975 - 2000

Box-folder: 7.2

Box-folder: 7.3

Box-folder: 7.4

Box-folder: 7.5

Box-folder: 7.6

Box-folder: 7.7

Box-folder: 8.1

File: Personnel complaint correspondence: patient's parents

Date: 1985 - 1993

Box-folder: 8.2

File: Personnel complaint: "Chronology of events 1978-2000

Date: 2000

Box-folder: 8.3

File: Personnel complaint: Affidavit

Date: September 2, 1987

Box-folder: 8.4

File: Personnel complaint: Appeal brief

Date: July, 1987

Box-folder: 8.5

File: Personnel complaint: Medical Board hearing transcript

Date: June 16, 1987

Box-folder: 8.6

File: Personnel complaint: Documents for Medical Board hearing

Date: June, 1987

Box-folder: 8.7

File: Personnel complaint: Reply brief

Date: August, 1987

Box-folder: 8.8

File: Personnel complaint: Affidavits

Date: November, 1986

Box-folder: 8.9

File: Personnel complaint: Patient records

Date: 1972, 1982-1987

Box-folder: 8.10

File: Personnel complaint: Patient records and other topics

Date: 1986

Box-folder: 9.1

File: Photographs: Sitarz and group portraits

Date: 1963, 1981, 1996

Box-folder: 9.2

File: Professional organizations: American Association for Cancer Research, Inc.

Date: 1964 - 1994

Box-folder: 9.3

File: Professional organizations: American Board of Pediatrics, Inc., Sub-board in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Date: undated

Box-folder: 9.4

File: Professional organizations: American Board of Pediatrics, review of exam questions

Date: 1992 - 1994

Box-folder: 9.5

File: Professional organizations: American Society of Clinical Oncology

Date: 1976 - 1986

Box-folder: 9.6

File: Professional organizations: American Society of Hematology

Date: 1961 - 2001

Box-folder: 9.7

File: Professional organizations: International Society of Hematology

Date: 1967 - 1996

Box-folder: 9.9

File: Professional organizations: Leukemia Society of America, Inc.

Date: 1976, 1982

Box-folder: 9.10

File: Professional organizations: Medical Society of the County of New York

Date: 1965 - 1991

Box-folder: 9.11

File: Professional organizations: New York Academy of Sciences

Date: 1960, 1996

Box-folder: 9.12

File: Professional organizations: Society for Pediatric Research

Date: 1962 - 1974

Box-folder: 9.13

File: Research files: Anemia

Date: 1980 - 2001

Box-folder: 9.14

File: Society of Practitioners of the Columbia Presbyetrian Medical Center

Date: 1978 - 1988

Box-folder: 9.15

Box-folder: 9.16

File: Staff honors and memorials

Date: 1963 - 2000

Box-folder: 9.17

File: Security-related, Staff committees, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center

Date: 1973 - 1980

Box-folder: 9.18

File: Security-related, Staff committees, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center

Date: 1973 - 1980

Box-folder: 10.1

Box-folder: 10.2

File: Teaching and student related materials

Date: 1959 - 1978

Box-folder: 10.3

File: Tenure and faculty status: Female professors

Date: 1975 - 1990

Box-folder: 10.4

Box-folder: 10.5

File: Tumor study: Triple therapy pilot study protocol and reports

Date: 1961 - 1965

Box-folder: 10.6

File: Wolff, James A.: regarding

Date: 1984 - 1996

Box-folder: 10.7

File: Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare applications

Date: circa 1984-2005

Box-folder: 10.8

Box-folder: 10.9

File: Writings: General

Date: 1982 - 1991

: 11.1

File: Writings: Babies Hospital affiliated authors

Date: 1933 - 1969

Box-folder: 11.2

Box-folder: 11.3

Box-folder: 11.4

File: Writings: Children Cancer Study Group articles

Date: 1964-1976, 1996

Box-folder: 11.5

File: Writings: Regarding "Lead poinsoning in 6 months old infant"

Date: 1974

Box-folder: 11.6

File: Writings: "Acute lymphocytic leukemia masquerading as acute osteomyelitis: a report of two cases," manuscript

Date: 1979

Box-folder: 11.7

File: Writings: Therapy for acute lymphobiastic leukemia

Date: 1980 - 1982

Box-folder: 11.8

File: Writings: "Children's Cancer Study Group (CCSG) study of venous access devices: an analysis of insertions and causes for removal," article

Date: 1990 - 1991

Box-folder: 11.9

File: Writings: "Management of Isoimmune neonatal thrombocytopenia," article

Date: 1974 - 1976

Box-folder: 11.10

File: Writings: "Foreign body of the palate: a case report," Pediatrics v.38.2 (August 1966)

Date: 1955 - 1966

Box-folder: 11.11

File: Writings: "Complete maturation of neuroblastoma with bonemetastases in documented stages," Journal of Pediatric Surgery, v.10.4 (August 1975)

Date: 1974 - 1975

Box-folder: 11.12

File: Writings: "Incidence of CNS Leukemia in children with all or AUL receiving cytoxan of dibromadulcitol for remission maintenance"

Date: 1973-1974, 1992

: 11.13

File: Writings: Triple drug therapy in children articles

Date: 1965 - 1966

Box-folder: 11.14

File: Writings: Academic papers and articles by Sitarz

Date: 1959 - 1974

: 11.15

File: Writings: Articles and reprints authored by Sitarz

Date: 1960 - 1996

Box-folder: 12.1

File: Writings: Articles authored by Sitarz

Date: 1976 - 1992

Box-folder: 12.2

File: Writings: Articles and reprints authored by others

Date: 1956 - 1997

Box-folder: 12.3

File: Professional organizations: The Harvey Society

Date: 1969 - 2001

Box-folder: 9.8