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Center for Technology and Government

State University of New York at Albany

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State University of New York at Albany. Center for Technology in Government

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Records of university-sponsored applied research center that examines and aids the adoption of technological innovation in government.

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Processed in 2016 by unprocessed.

Annual Reports were collected from the Center for Technology in Government website using automated scripts.

The materials are located onsite in the department.

Founded in 1993, the Center for Technology in Government works with governmental agencies and corporate partners to improve the use of technology in government. The Center is funded from the University at Albany, SUNY, with the support of grants and awards from federal funding agencies. The Center supports the academic mission of the university by sponsoring courses and internships, working in particular with the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy.

Collection includes the published annual reports of the Center for Technology in Government, available as digital objects.

The collection includes separate series for Web Archives and Annual Reports.

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Identification of specific item, series, box, folder, Center for Technology in Government, 1994-2013. M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University at Albany, State University of New York (hereafter referred to as the Center for Technology in Government).

Collection Subjects & Formats

Series 1: Website of the Center for Technology in Government

Series 2: Annual Reports

Size: 19 Digital Files

Inclusive Date: 1994-2013

1994 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 1994 July 1

PDF: 1

Extent: 321.08 KB

1995 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 1995 July 1

PDF: 2

Extent: 365.57 KB

1996 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 1996 July 1

PDF: 3

Extent: 825.13 KB

1997 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 1997 July 1

PDF: 4

Extent: 387.23 KB

1998 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 1998 July 1

PDF: 5

Extent: 759.59 KB

1999 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 1999 July 1

PDF: 6

Extent: 875.81 KB

2000 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 2000 July 1

PDF: 7

Extent: 492.95 KB

2001 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 2001 July 1

PDF: 8

Extent: 887.81 KB

2002 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 2002 July 1

PDF: 9

Extent: 577.85 KB

2003 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 2003 July 1

PDF: 10

Extent: 2.92 MB

2004 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 2004 July 1

PDF: 11

Extent: 401.96 KB

2005 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 2005 July 1

PDF: 12

Extent: 389.35 KB

2006 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 2006 July 1

PDF: 13

Extent: 750.91 KB

2007 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 2007 July 1

PDF: 14

Extent: 325.36 KB

2008 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 2009 July 24

PDF: 15

Extent: 497.66 KB

2009 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 2010 August 6

PDF: 16

Extent: 1.84 MB

2010 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 2011 September 6

PDF: 17

Extent: 1.32 MB

2011 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 2012 September 17

PDF: 18

Extent: 1.5 MB

2012 Annual Report

Inclusive Date: 2013 November 15

PDF: 19

Extent: 3.17 MB