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Works Progress Administration Historical Records Survey,

Buffalo History Museum.

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United States. Works Progress Administration (N.Y.)

37 manuscript boxes

(18.5 linear feet)


Survey forms, field notes, bulletins and correspondence for a survey of state and local historical records (government and church records, manuscripts, maps and photographs) conducted initially by the State Historical Society but after 1935 by the Works Progress Administration.

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Collection Details

The Works Progress Administration of the New Deal conducted the Historical Records Survey from 1935-1943. Its mission was "discovery, preservation, and listing of basic materials for research in the history of the United States."

Survey forms, field notes, bulletins and correspondence for a survey of state and local historical records (government and church records, manuscripts, maps and photographs) conducted initially by the State Historical Society but after 1935 by the Works Progress Administration. New York counties covered are Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, Genesee, Niagara, Orleans and Wyoming.

This collection is arranged in five series:
I. Survey Records by Country
II. Maps and Photographs By County
III. Manuscript Collections (Libraries and Museums)
IV. Church Records Inventory
V. Works Progress Administration Administrative Files.
Alphabetical arrangement by county, then by city or town.

Collection Access & Use

Works Progress Administration Historical Records Survey, 1936-1942, is open for research.

Copyright of papers in the collection may be held by their authors, or the authors' heirs or assigns. Researchers must obtain the written permission of the holder(s) of copyright and the Buffalo History Museum before publishing quotations from materials in the collection.

[Description and dates], Box/folder number, Mss. C77-6, Works Progress Administration Historical Records Survey, 1936-1942 (bulk 1936-1937), Research Library, Buffalo History Museum Archives.

Collection Subjects & Formats

Series I.: Survey Records By County

Subseries : Allegany County

Box-folder: 1.1

Allen, Alfred, Angelica, Cuba, Fillmore, Friendship, Wellsville

Subseries : Cattaraugus County

Box-folder: 1.2-1.3


Box-folder: 1.4


Box-folder: 1.5


Box-folder: 1.6


Box-folder: 1.7

Cold Spring, Conewango

Box-folder: 1.8


Box-folder: 1.9

East Otto, East Randolph

Box-folder: 1.10


Box-folder: 1.11


Box-folder: 1.12


Box-folder: 1.13


Box-folder: 2.1


Box-folder: 2.2

Great Valley, Hinsdale

Box-folder: 2.3

Humphrey, Ischua

Box-folder: 2.4

Leon, Limestone

Box-folder: 2.5

Little Valley

Box-folder: 2.6

Lyndon, Machias

Box-folder: 2.7

Napoli, New Albion

Box-folder: 2.8-2.9


Box-folder: 3.1

Onoville, Otto

Box-folder: 3.2


Box-folder: 3.3

Persia, Portville

Box-folder: 3.4

Quaker Bridge, Randolph

Box-folder: 3.5

Red House

Box-folder: 3.6


Box-folder: 3.7

South Dayton

Box-folder: 3.8

South Valley, West Valley, Yorkshire

Subseries : Chautauqua County

Box-folder: 4.1

Administrative material

Box-folder: 4.2

History of Chautauqua County

Box-folder: 4.3

Arkwright, Bemus Point, Brocton, Busti, Carroll, Cassadaga

Box-folder: 4.4

Celoron, Charlotte, Chautauqua, Cherry Creek, Clymer

Box-folder: 4.5

Dunkirk, Ellery, Ellicott

Box-folder: 4.6

Ellington, Falconer, Forestville, Fredonia, French Creek, Gerry

Box-folder: 4.7

Hamlet, Hanover, Harmony

Box-folder: 5.1


Box-folder: 5.2

Kiantone, Lakewood, Mayville, Mina, North Harmony, Panama, Poland

Box-folder: 5.3

Pomfret, Portland, Ripley, Sheridan

Box-folder: 5.4

Sherman, Silver Creek, Sinclairville, Stockton

Box-folder: 5.5

Villanova, Westfield

Subseries : Erie County

Box-folder: 6.1

Administrative material - miscellaneous

Box-folder: 6.2

Administrative material - Civilian Defense Activities

Box-folder: 6.3

Histories of Erie County towns, cities, villages

Box-folder: 6.4-6.5

History - various chapters - rough drafts

Box-folder: 6.6

Akron, Alden

Box-folder: 6.7

Angola, Blasdell, Blossom, Boston, Brant

Box-folder: 7.1

Erie County Board of Supervisors

Box-folder: 7.2

Erie County Clerk: Superior Court, Court of Sessions

Box-folder: 7.3

Erie County Clerk: Office Holding, Register, Real Property

Box-folder: 7.4

Erie County Clerk: Licenses, Personal Property, Motor Vehicle licenses, Vital statistics

Box-folder: 7.5-7A.2

Erie County Clerk: miscellaneous

Box-folder: 7A.3

Supreme Court, Chancery Court, Oyer and Terminer, Court of Common Pleas, Circuit Court

Box-folder: 7A.4

Commissioner of Jurors, Children's Court

Box-folder: 7A.5

Surrogate Court, District Attorney

Box-folder: 8.1

County Court, County Attorney

Box-folder: 8.2

Board of Elections

Box-folder: 8.3

County Treasurer

Box-folder: 8.4

County Auditor

Box-folder: 8.5

County Sheriff, County Jail

Box-folder: 9.1

City: Department of Health, Department of Public Welfare

Box-folder: 9.2

County Highway Department

Box-folder: 9.3

County Public Health Nursing Service, County Medical Examiner, County Board of Equalization, County Hall, County Purchasing Department

Box-folder: 9.4

County Probation Department, County Farm Bureau, County Park Commission, County Morgue, County Veterinarian

Box-folder: 9.5

Executive, City Clerk, City Court, Department of Law

Box-folder: 9.6

City Treasurer, Department of Assessment, Comptroller

Box-folder: 10.1

Department of Audit and Control

Box-folder: 10.2

Police Department

Box-folder: 10.3

Fire Department

Box-folder: 10.4

Board of Education

Box-folder: 11.1

Buffalo: Department of Public Works

Box-folder: 11.2

Buffalo: Department of Charities and Corrections

Box-folder: 11.3

Buffalo: Sealer of Weights and Measures, Planning Board, Department of Grade Crossings and Terminals, Department of Parks, Home Demonstration Bureau, Sewer Authority, Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

Box-folder: 11.4


Box-folder: 11.5


Box-folder: 11.6

Colden, Collins, Concord

Box-folder: 11.7

Crittenden, Depew, East Aurora

Box-folder: 12.1


Box-folder: 12.2

Eden, Eggertsville, Elma, Evans

Box-folder: 12.3

Farnham, Gowanda, Grand Island

Box-folder: 12.4

Hamburg, Holland

Box-folder: 12.5


Box-folder: 13.1


Box-folder: 13.2

Lakeview, Lancaster

Box-folder: 13.3

Langford, Marilla, Millgrove

Box-folder: 13.4

North Collins, Orchard Park

Box-folder: 13.5

Patchin, Sardinia

Box-folder: 14.1

Sloan, Springbrook, Springville

Box-folder: 14.2


Box-folder: 14.3

Wales, Wende

Box-folder: 14.4


Box-folder: 14.5

Williamsville, Woodlawn

Subseries : Genesee County

Box-folder: 15.1

Administrative materials

Box-folder: 15.2

Buildings - history

Box-folder: 15.3

Alabama, Alexander, Attica

Box-folder: 15.4-15.4A

Batavia: County Clerk

Box-folder: 15.5

Batavia: Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, County Treasurer

Box-folder: 15.6

Batavia: Surrogate's Office, County Sheriff, Commissioner of Elections

Box-folder: 15.7

Batavia: Superintendent of Highways, District Attorney, Justice of the Peace, Town Clerk, Holland Land Office

Box-folder: 16.1

Batavia: Commissioner of Public Welfare

Box-folder: 16.2

Batavia: County Home, Supervisor of Old Age Relief, Police Department, Fire Department, Department of Weights and Measures, County Farm Bureau, County Agent of Children's Court

Box-folder: 16.3

Batavia: Coroner, City Health Officer, County Nurse, County Laboratory, County Automobile Bureau, County Veterinarian, Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

Box-folder: 16.4

Batavia: City Clerk's Office, City Treasurer, Police Station, City Hall

Box-folder: 16.5

Basom, Bergen

Box-folder: 16.6

Bethany, Byron, Corfu

Box-folder: 16.7

Darien, Elba

Box-folder: 16.8


Box-folder: 17.1


Box-folder: 17.2

Pembroke, Stafford

Subseries : Niagara County

Box-folder: 18.1

Administrative records and church lists

Box-folder: 18.2

Barker, Cambria

Box-folder: 18.3

Johnson's Creek, Lewiston

Box-folder: 18.4-18.5

Lockport: County Court House

Box-folder: 18.6-18.7

Lockport: County Clerk

Box-folder: 19.1

Lockport: Assessor's Office, Sheriff, Board of Elections, County Welfare Department, Police Department

Box-folder: 19.2

Lockport: Fire Department, Sealer of Weights and Measures, County Sanatorium, County Veterinarian, County Nurse

Box-folder: 19.3

Lockport: City Clerk

Box-folder: 19.4

Lockport: City Treasurer, City Engineer, Water Department, Town Clerk

Box-folder: 19.5

Middleport, Newfane, Niagara

Box-folder: 19.6

Wheatfield, Wilson, Youngstown

Box-folder: 20.1-20.3

Niagara Falls

Box-folder: 20.4

North Tonawanda

Box-folder: 20.5

Pendleton, Porter, Ransomville, Royalton Center, Somerset

Box-folder: 20.6

Wheatfield, Wilson, Youngstown

Subseries : Orleans County

Box-folder: 21.1

County Map and Brief History

Box-folder: 21.2-21.5


Box-folder: 21.6

Albion Town Clerk

Box-folder: 21.7

Albion Village Clerk

Box-folder: 21.8

Albion: Surrogate's Office, Superintendent of Highways

Box-folder: 22.1

Albion: County Treasurer's Office

Box-folder: 22.2-22.3


Box-folder: 22.4

Clarendon, Fancher, Holley, Hulberton, Kendall

Box-folder: 22.5

Kent, Lyndonville, Medina

Box-folder: 22.6

Ridgeway, Shelby, Waterport

Subseries : Wyoming County

Box-folder: 23.1

Administrative material

Box-folder: 23.2

Arcade, Attica, Bennington

Box-folder: 23.3

Castile, Covington, Eagle, Gainesville

Box-folder: 23.4

Genesee Falls, Java

Box-folder: 23.5

Middlebury, Orangeville, Perry

Box-folder: 24.1

Pike, Portageville, Sheldon, Silver Springs

Box-folder: 24.2

Warsaw: Justice of the Peace, County Treasurer

Box-folder: 24.3

Warsaw: Surrogate's Office, County Attorney

Box-folder: 24.4

Warsaw: Sheriff, Commissioner of Election, Board of Elections

Box-folder: 24.5

Warsaw: County Highway Department, Commissioner of Public Welfare, Board of Child Welfare, Chief of Police, Sealer of Weights and Measures

Box-folder: 24.6

Warsaw: Supervisor, Board of Supervisors

Box-folder: 25.1-25.3

Warsaw: County Clerk's Office

Box-folder: 25.4

Warsaw: Health Officer, County Hospital, Public Health Nursing, County Laboratory, County Farm Bureau, Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, Motor Vehicle Bureau

Box-folder: 25.5

Warsaw: Town Clerk, Village Clerk; Wethersfield, Wyoming

Series II.: Maps and Photographs, By County

Box-folder: 26.1-26.2

Cattaraugus County

Box-folder: 26.3-26.4

Erie County

Box-folder: 26.5-26.6

Genesee County

Box-folder: 27.1

Niagara County

Box-folder: 27.2-27.3

Orleans County

Box-folder: 27.4

Wyoming County

Series III.: Manuscript Collections (Libraries and Museums)

Box-folder: 28.1

Miscellaneous administrative materials

Box-folder: 28.2

Allegany County

Box-folder: 28.3

Cattaraugus County

Box-folder: 28.4

Chautauqua County

Box-folder: 28.5

Erie County: Buffalo Historical Society

Box-folder: 28.5A

Erie County: Buffalo Historical Society (paintings, statues)

Box-folder: 28.6

Erie County: Buffalo Public Library

Box-folder: 28.7

Erie County: Grosvenor Library

Box-folder: 28.8

Erie County: Other repositories

Box-folder: 28.9

Genesee County

Box-folder: 28.10

Niagara County

Box-folder: 28.11-28.12

Olreans County

Series IV.: Church Records Inventory

Subseries : Allegany and Cattaraugus Counties

Box-folder: 29.0

Checklist of Religious Bodies

Box-folder: 29.1

Allegany County - Catholic

Box-folder: 29.2

Allegany County - Non-Catholic

Box-folder: 29.3

Cattaraugus County - Catholic

Box-folder: 29.4

Cattaraugus County - Non-Catholic

Box-folder: 29.5

Cattaraugus County - Non-Catholic

Subseries : Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, and Erie Counties

Box-folder: 30.1

Cattaraugus County - Non-Catholic

Box-folder: 30.2

Cattaraugus County - Non-Catholic

Box-folder: 30.3

Chautauqua County - Catholic

Box-folder: 30.4

Chautauqua County - Non-Catholic

Box-folder: 30.5-30.7

Erie County - - Buffalo - Baptist

Box-folder: 31.1

Erie County - Buffalo - Catholic

Box-folder: 31.2

Erie County - Buffalo - Catholic

Box-folder: 31.3

Erie County (excluding Buffalo) - Catholic

Box-folder: 31.4-31.5

Erie County - Buffalo - Non-Catholic

Box-folder: 32.1

Erie County (excluding Buffalo) - Non-Catholic

Box-folder: 32.2

Genesee County - Catholic

Box-folder: 32.3

Genesee County - Non-Catholic

Box-folder: 32.4

Niagara County - Catholic

Box-folder: 32.5

Niagara County - Non-Catholic

Box-folder: 33.1

Orleans County - Catholic

Box-folder: 33.2

Orleans County - Non-Catholic

Box-folder: 33.3

Orleans County - Non-Catholic

Box-folder: 33.4

Wyoming County - Catholic

Box-folder: 33.5-33.6

Wyoming County - Non-Catholic

Series V.: Administrative Files

Box-folder: 34.1

List of countries with their cities, towns and villages

Box-folder: 34.2

Miscellaneous bulletins, letters, and reports

Box-folder: 34.3

Miscellaneous bulletins and letters

Box-folder: 34.4

1942 survey: building forms, various places

Box-folder: 34.5

Working papers - miscellaneous

Box-folder: 34.6

Manuscript survey bulletins

Box-folder: 34.7

Manuscript survey correspondence

Box-folder: 34.8

Church survey correspondence and histories

Box-folder: 34.9

Histories of Episcopal Church Societies

Box-folder: 34.10

Blank survey forms

Box-folder: 34.11

Histories of Western New York - rough drafts

Box-folder: 34.12

Miscellaneous notes and transcripts