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Civil War Collection,

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Buffalo History Museum.

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Contains civil war period documents and materials reflective of the Western New York area.

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Collection Details

"Experts agree that it took a plentiful supply of the Four M's: Men, Money, Material, and Morale. Erie County, New York played a part if the victory by contributing its share of the 4 M's to the Union Cause."

-- Brown, R. C. (1973). Erie County and the Civil War. Adventures in Western New York History, v. 18. [Buffalo, N.Y.]: Buffalo History Museum. Available online.

Muster rolls, histories, diaries and other official and personal papers concerning various New York regiments and naval operations, including the 3rd, 20th, 21st, 49th, 94th, 100th, ll6th and 179th Infantry; 11th and 12th Cavalry; 1st Light Artillery (Wiedrich's Battery), 12th Light Artillery, 27th Light Artillery (Eaton's Battery), and 16th Heavy Artillery, as well as some non-New York military units. Also included are passes used by Samuel Wilkeson for reporting for the New York Tribune, 1861; personal letters, 1840-1882; Confederate muster rolls and other records; documentation of war dead, particularly from Orleans County, New York.; muster and descriptive rolls of Erie County: W.T. Anderson collection of Civil War autographs, communications and maps; reminiscences by Madison Buell and W.W. Potter, M.D.; and other materials, including autographs, emblems, soldiers' ballots and excerpts from diaries and letters of Elizabeth Knowles.

This collection is arranged in fourteen series:
I. New York Infantry Regiments
II. New York Cavalry Regiments
III. New York Artillery Regiments
IV. Sharpshooters and Mounted Rifles Units
V. Naval Activities
VI. Non-New York Military Regiments
VII. Samuel Wilkeson Papers
VIII. Personal Letters
IX. Confederate Manuscripts
X. Records of War Dead
XI. Muster and Descriptive Rolls for Erie County
XII. Reminiscences
XIII. W.A. Anderson Collection
XIV. Diary Excerpts, Autographs, Emblems, and Papers Concerning Unidentified Regiments
I-IV arranged consecutively by regiment number.

Collection Access & Use

The Civil War Collection, 1840-1929, is open for research.

Copyright of papers in the collection may be held by their authors, or the authors' heirs or assigns. Researchers must obtain the written permission of the holder(s) of copyright and the Buffalo History Museum before publishing quotations from materials in the collection.

[Description and dates], Box/folder number, Mss. C00-3, Civil War Collection, 1840-1929 (bulk 1861-1865), Research Library, Buffalo History Museum.

Collection Subjects & Formats

Series I.: New York Infantry Regiments,

Box-folder: 1.1

Date: circa 1860- 1861

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 1.2

Date: 1863

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 1.3

Date: 1861-1929

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 1.4

Date: 1861-1929

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 1.5

Date: 1861-1929

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 1.6-1.7

Date: 1861-1929

Box-folder: 1.8

21st Regiment-Company B

Box-folder: 1.9

21st Regiment-muster rolls,

Box-folder: 1.10

Date: 1863

Box-folder: 2.1

21st Regiment, N.Y. - miscellaneous

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 2.2

21st Regiment, N.Y.V.-Diary of Charles E. Johnson

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 2.3

Date: 1864-1866

Box-folder: 2.4-2.6

Date: 1864-1865

Box-folder: 3.1

Date: 1861-1865

Scope and Content

Includes papers of Captain James Brown (General): Commander of Third Regiment, Company B (Excelsior or Sickles Brigade)

Box-folder: 3.2

Date: 1861-1865

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 3.3

Date: 1915-1918

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 3.4

Date: 1861-1862

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 3.5

100th Regiment, N.Y.V., Company K (Eagle Brigade)

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 3.6

100th Regiment, N.Y.V., Diary of George N. Stoddard

Box-folder: 3.7

100th Regiment, N.Y.V., Warren Granger letterbook (mainly concerning 100th Regiment)

Box-folder: 3.8

Date: 1864-1867

Box-folder: 3.9

Date: circa 1864

Box-folder: 3.10

Other New York infantry regiments (11th, 23rd, 33rd, 35th, 44th, 74th, 98th, 155th)

Series II.: New York Cavalry Regiments,

Box-folder: 3.10A

Date: 1863

Box-folder: 3.11

Date: 1864

Box-folder: 3.12

Date: 1865

Box-folder: 3.13

Other New York Cavalry regiments (2nd, 5th, 16th)

Series III.: Artillery Regiments,

Box-folder: 3.14

Date: 1861-1889

Box-folder: 3.15

Date: circa 1862-1908

Box-folder: 4.0

Date: 1865

Box-folder: 4.1

Date: circa 1861-1908

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 4.2

Date: January 1861-April 1865

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 4.3

Date: April 1865-May 1867

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 4.4

Date: 1865-1866

Scope and Content

First Regiment United States Sharpshooters: Special Order Folder #4 his command by Colonel Hiram Berdan 1861

Series IV.: Sharpshooters and Mounted Rifle Units,

Box-folder: 4.5

Date: 1864

Scope and Content

Soldier's Power of Attorney: Absent voters (Sol-Folder #5 diets) - Jerry P. Fairman of 2nd Regiment of New York Mounted Rifles, October 15, 1864 [Manuscript enclosed as miscellaneous material - duplication]

Box-folder: 4.6

Date: 1861

Scope and Content

Series V.: Naval Activities,

Box-folder: 4.7


Box-folder: 4.8

Date: 1864-1865

Series VI.: Non-New York Military Regiments,

Box-folder: 4.9


Series VII.: Samuel Wilkeson Papers

Box-folder: 4.10

Date: 1861

Series VIII.: Personal Letters

Box-folder: 4.11

circa 1840-1865 (includes letters of Carl Matteson)

Box-folder: 4.12

1861-1865, 1882 and undated

Series IX.: Confederate Manuscripts,

Box-folder: 5.1

Date: 1861-1865

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 5.1A

Date: 1861-1863

Series X.: Records of War Dead,

Box-folder: 5.2

Date: 1865-1875

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 5.3

Lists of war dead from Orleans County

Scope and Content

Series XI.: Muster and Descriptive Rolls for Erie County,

Box-folder: 5.4

Date: 1861-1862

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 5.5

Date: 1865

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 5.6

Date: 1864-1865

Scope and Content

Box-folder: 5.7

Date: 1862-1864

Series XII.: Reminiscences,

Box-folder: 5.8

Date: 1887-1891

Box-folder: 5.9

"Three Years with the Army of the Potomac: A Personal Military History,"

Date: 1888

Series XIII.: W.T. Anderson Collection,

Box-folder: 6.1

Date: 1861- 1865

Box-folder: 6.2

Date: 1861

Series XIV.: Diary Excerpts, Autographs, Emblems, and Papers Concerning Unidentified Regiments and Soldiers

Box-folder: 6.3

Date: 1861-1863

Box-folder: 6.4

Date: undated

Box-folder: 6.5

Date: April-May 1863

Box-folder: 6.6

John Ketchum collection of Civil War emblems

Box-folder: 6.7

Mounted specimens of Civil War envelopes and emblems

Box-folder: 6.8

Miscellaneous (War record of Edward Annis Merrill, [1864] passes; ballets; scripture passages; subscription coupons: letters; etc.)